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  1. Well, it sounds great in theory: Good ships are valuable and have to be earned, thus making them special and rare. The reality in a mmo game plays out a bit different however: The better ships are only valuable, special and rare for those players that can not sink a dozen hours into the game every day. So on top of the skill / experience gap, they add or vastly increased the gear gap between between hardcore and casual / new players. In a game that is so grindy and time consuming already, anything that makes it harder to get a decent ship, which can be lost so easily, especially when you are a low skill player, is pure poison for the total player population. The hardcore players can not only get better gear far more easily and in higher quantity, they also lose a lot less than casual, low skill and new players. A mmo, especially if it is as niche as Naval Action, is simply not sustainable with only 200 hardcore players - at some point they bought all DLCs and get tired of the empty map. There should be more purely cosmetic long term progress / rewards and DLCs, to help keep the game alive - in terms of revenue and players. Maybe even both? How about a DLC that allows you to unlock a special paint for a ship, once you maxed out the ship knowledge with only PvP xp? I also think it was a bad decision to remove ship notes from PvP rewards. They were far more expensive than crafted ships and with lower chance for exceptional builds, but at least it allowed people to get decent ships even as solo players and without access to rare woods. It was balanced and helped dedicated PvP players with limited time, like me. The less options and ways they give players to get decent ships that they want to sail, the less players there will be.
  2. Rank xp will be wiped and according to admin, we get to keep learned books and will get the Pandora DLC for free for testing. Keep in mind the same promise about books was made for xp too for years, so I'd hold off until release. Yeah, for this long testing period I expected a bit more myself aswell to be honest ( like a paint or flag at least ). Not even sure I will get the Yacht, which I would be very happy with... but at least I will most likely be able to buy it as DLC.
  3. Just scratch the xp gain for M&C rank. Rank xp getting wiped only for M&C rank being available through exam on day 1 for veterans only? Makes no sense at all. Also what you said. Either way there is no point in the exam granting rank, other than making the release easier for veterans ( which I think is exactly the opposite of the point of wiping rank xp? ).
  4. I agree with the accuracy of the guns being too high. Mast sniping isn't even hard at all, you just have to put enough time in practicing with the ship you want to use to get a feel for the gun positions. Even tho many people think high accuracy mast sniping is a sick skill, sadly it's easy AF due to the high gun accuracy.
  5. Wish I could like this several times to be honest. Exactly what I am thinking.
  6. Except for it actually was. Most people complained about this. Nobody is forced into the minor nations and the hardcore nations have a explicit warning upon character creation. Even if a completely new player would ignore the warning ( which again, would be completely retarded when he looks for a well populated and easy nation ), nothing stops them from changing nation after realizing their mistake. There is a "help" and "global" chat, even if the nation chat is empty. The hardcore nations are what pirates should have been and in my opinion a very welcome addition to the game. Currently USA and Netherlands are superfluous compared to Russia and Prussia, so if we go by popularity / player numbers as you suggest then we end up with GB, Spain, France, Pirates, Russia and maybe Sweden? USA and Netherlands are at the bottom of the list and would have to be nuked aswell. As I said I would be open to testing GB, France, Spain and maybe pirates as only playable nations to actually get all nations somewhat filled but I don't see it happen this close to release and with the flags they already sold for all nations. Pretty sure the nations we have at the moment will remain in game as they are.
  7. I and probably others aswell had suggested it several times. It does prove that they listen to the community carefully and sometimes add suggestions to the game.
  8. Thank you, glad to see it finally implemented!
  9. Everyone should have prepared, like sextant it's just a given in my opinion to keep it authentic. *Warships lumbering toward each other over the course of an hour after spotting on the horizon* Captains:"Remember lads, don't load the guns until we are at spitting distance, we are not prepared!"
  10. Well, of course they are angry when you remove their broken bullshit loadout... let them be angry, the game will be better for it. Just my opinion.
  11. A lot of people claim the herculess is useless now, which probably means it is finally a bit more balanced ( havent tried it yet ) ... was the Le Requin changed too? Anyone tried it after update?
  12. I would propose to make it impossible to build SOLs with fir, bermuda or mahogany. Basically what @Anolytic suggested already. This would achieve several goals: 1. Makes it more realistic / historically accurate, 2. Makes it impossible to build speedfreak SOLs that are able to hunt and catch any smaller ships and 3. Makes SOLs even more expensive and more of a RvR tool due to limited speed. More importantly, I would like to see different speed limits for individual ships. Only ships like the Endymion or Renomee, being famous for their unmatched speed at the time, should be able to achieve the absolute top speed of 15.5 but pay for it with less turnrate, hp or profile etc. ... Giving every ship a individual speed limit, would allow for much better balancing.
  13. Thank you for removing the scum from the caribbean sea, gotta keep them oceans clean...
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