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  1. Agreed. This could have been something very interesting for RvR. I wish they would add carrying troops to enemy ports / coasts for hostility and port battles that are fought on sea and land. Probably never going to happen but it would have been great and could have added more content, especially for clans and very dedicated players.
  2. Looks really great. Is there any chance some mechanics of this could be implemented in Naval Action for RvR / Conquest in the distant future? The troop landings to attack port cities would be very awesome. Anyways UA:AoS will be a excellent game, no doubt. Sadly I have never had much interest in single-player games... however it looks so good, I will still give it a try.
  3. Sovereign

    A Controversial Subject.

    @admin I have an interesting proposition. Why not exclude redeemed DLC ships from Port Battles due to their special designation "Imported" but give DLC owners 1 permit per day or week, so they can craft a DLC ship that can actually enter PBs?
  4. Sovereign

    Travel Experience

    That would only make sense, if you got rank XP exclusively from PvP. PvE combat is rather worthless as actual battle experience that makes you a more capable captain deserving a higher rank. You could argue it is even the other way around... Why should repeated bashing of bots in the safe zone kill missions yield experience but travelling the OW not?
  5. Sovereign

    Naval Action Meme collection

  6. Sovereign

    Travel Experience

    Only reason for this could be to deceive enemy PvP players about your actual experience or to dodge high doublon teleport cost? Also admin said a while back, that we might even get higher ranks added at some point. But whatever floats your boat ship man.
  7. Sovereign

    Ruby the Reaper griefing

    @admin Would be good, if there were mechanics in place to prevent this kind of abuse. Maybe simply allow people to escape after a certain distance, if their ship has 100% hull armour and add a damage threshold, that has to be achieved with a shot to count as tag in battle. If someone does not receive x total amount of damage in y minutes, he should be free to leave. This way people can still tag others to delay them but not keep them in battle forever with no intention to fight. It is pretty stupid as it currently is, if you think about it. There are way too many hour long chases, griefers and tribunal threads about this "keeping in battle without wanting to fight" either just to troll or to keep people pinned down to be ganked after. It is way too cancerous and makes for a toxic environment. People can't be subject to griefers wasting their time, when the game is already time consuming as it is. This would also make a good tag more important. If you really want to fight, you join up close in the perfect position.
  8. Sovereign

    Travel Experience

    I would suggest increasing the travel XP for new players and add a flat one time bonus for every new port that is visited the first time. Seems like a very easy to implement and good way to encourage new players to explore the OW. What is the point of the current travel xp anyways? It is so minuscule, you might aswell remove it.
  9. This artwork is actually made and owned by Gamelabs, they could use it without any problems.
  10. Sovereign

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    I wonder what admin Santa will bring me this year.
  11. What about Hercules? I would really like to see different depth zones - more than the deep and shallow at least. Ships could be more easily balanced around it and it would be more realistic too.
  12. Sovereign

    Issues on Server selection screen - what to do

    Report Crash: NAS-1050775 Report connection test: NAS-1050779
  13. Sovereign

    Stuck at launch screen

    I have the same issue. Upon selecting the "War (Caribbean)" server, the server selection element disappears and only the map background is displayed, nothing happens. @Ink