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  1. Pretty flawed logic anyways, I can't be forced to go through the same boring grind / pseudo "content" twice just to please some whiners who couldn't be bothered during the first round that actually helped improving the game. If books are wiped too, I'll simply wish the devs all the best with their project and future endeavours and look for another game. I won't even leave a negative review ( tho not a positive either with such lack of respect for loyal EA testers ) , others will surely do it however... I have said it several times and I will say it again. Book wipe would have nothing to do with new players. It's just a bunch of moaners who couldn't be bothered to put time into the game prior to release and let others do the testing / help with development and now they claim it would be "unfair to new players", when in reality they think it would not be fair to themselves... but it is, they didn't put in the time during EA and the loyal testers did. They simply begrudge loyal testers for getting to keep their books, when they clearly earned and deserve them. Nothing but pathetic. The rank xp wipe was a rather deceitful and shady move but in my opinion it can be forgiven, because it makes sense. Nobody should start with enough crew for a SOL or multiple indiamen on day 1 of release. So the rank xp wipe is understandable. Book wipe makes no sense at all and would just piss off the loyal playerbase even more.
  2. Well, not like you can not adjust / lower profits? Seemed like a nice mission type for new players. Low profit but hard to get killed in ships like lynx.
  3. What is wrong with letter delivery? Kinda seemed nice to have a quest type that is perfect for ships like lynx...
  4. I dare say impossible for anyone who truely and sincerely knows the value of his lifetime. Not because the task is impossible but because repeating it would make you a fool who does not understand the value of their time. I really loathe the book grind and its role as pseudo "content" but I went through it because I love the game. That being said there is no good reason to wipe books, other than possibly pleasing the whiners who couldn't be bothered to put any significant amount of time into the game prior to release to help improve it. I can not take anyone asking for book wipe serious anyways, unless I could be 100% certain they have all books unlocked on at least one account. Just another whinger, who thinks loyal testers should be punished for helping gamelabs getting the game release ready instead of only showing up when the game is already finished and polished. If a book wipe would make any good sense, it would be a slap to the face but understandable... like rank xp wipe. But it doesn't. From every one of these posts you hear the same blabbering.... "new players... clean slate... because it's release...". What a steaming pile of BS.
  5. "Fair" is EA testers putting in hundreds of hours prior to release while getting nothing but a non exclusive DLC to show for it and still have some tosser moan about how it is "not fair" that they at least get to keep their well earned books. And always the "new player" as empty excuse... simply sickening. As if new players stood any chance against veterans in combat, regardless of who has what books. I'm sure it will also help new players on their quest for the rarer books when they can move to the end of the line, because everyone has to look for them again and new players will have the least to offer for the books, effectively making it harder for them to get the books. The rank xp wipe makes perfect sense, the book wipe not. I really hope admin has enough integrity to at least keep his word on the books being saved.
  6. It does a favor to me for sure. Of course that's because I actually intensively tested the game prior to release and thus earned the books, so I have no reason to cry for a wipe on them.
  7. I think the real reason they removed it was because pirates are the 2nd most populated nation and it hello kittyed over new players too much. There actually was a bunch of neckbeards that camped MT and bullied and sank low rank players that tried to leave port. Since many of them were new players and black on black did not give rewards, it can be considered pure griefing. I'm not surprised the devs wanted to put a stop to it... the game has enough negative reviews already, without pathetic sealclubbers as such. What they should have done instead is leave the pirates as "Republic of Pirates" ( disney pirates / just another nation ) and add outlaw / real pirates without access to RvR but special perks like black on black. No abuse of the mechanic for RvR ( because they can't participate anyways ) and no more bullying JackSp4rr0w69 out of the game. Problem solved.
  8. Well, to be fair, when you compare the number of his subscribers to the actual playerbase of NA, he has a lot. #feelsbadman
  9. Sounds like a nerf to fireships? Basically less control over the "fire shock" status on your ship, unless you shoot your own fireships I guess... I'd really like to see more effective fireships, not complete BS where they can suicide bomb you with a lynx but rather make fireships more potent. Have fireships ever been used in a portbattle between two potent high skill clans to any success? When was the last time? Not meant as rhetorical question, I actually don't know but I have never seen a epic RvR win due to fireship tactics, which I find rather sad... Things like mortar brig and fireships really add more depth to combat and mix things up a bit, I think those playstyles should be rewarded more and take more skill. Higher risk / skill but also higher reward / damage.
  10. If you want to give the game another shot, there is really no good reason to not wait for the final release wipe, since it should be fairly soon™. You could of course mess a little around and see what has changed but it is still being tweaked. Keep in mind everything except learned books ( unless admin double backs on that claim that only recently was made again too ) will be wiped, so you have to consider time spent in game before the wipe carefully. You could of course always blast some DLC ships now, if you own those...
  11. Well, it sounds great in theory: Good ships are valuable and have to be earned, thus making them special and rare. The reality in a mmo game plays out a bit different however: The better ships are only valuable, special and rare for those players that can not sink a dozen hours into the game every day. So on top of the skill / experience gap, they add or vastly increased the gear gap between between hardcore and casual / new players. In a game that is so grindy and time consuming already, anything that makes it harder to get a decent ship, which can be lost so easily, especially when you are a low skill player, is pure poison for the total player population. The hardcore players can not only get better gear far more easily and in higher quantity, they also lose a lot less than casual, low skill and new players. A mmo, especially if it is as niche as Naval Action, is simply not sustainable with only 200 hardcore players - at some point they bought all DLCs and get tired of the empty map. There should be more purely cosmetic long term progress / rewards and DLCs, to help keep the game alive - in terms of revenue and players. Maybe even both? How about a DLC that allows you to unlock a special paint for a ship, once you maxed out the ship knowledge with only PvP xp? I also think it was a bad decision to remove ship notes from PvP rewards. They were far more expensive than crafted ships and with lower chance for exceptional builds, but at least it allowed people to get decent ships even as solo players and without access to rare woods. It was balanced and helped dedicated PvP players with limited time, like me. The less options and ways they give players to get decent ships that they want to sail, the less players there will be.
  12. Rank xp will be wiped and according to admin, we get to keep learned books and will get the Pandora DLC for free for testing. Keep in mind the same promise about books was made for xp too for years, so I'd hold off until release. Yeah, for this long testing period I expected a bit more myself aswell to be honest ( like a paint or flag at least ). Not even sure I will get the Yacht, which I would be very happy with... but at least I will most likely be able to buy it as DLC.
  13. Just scratch the xp gain for M&C rank. Rank xp getting wiped only for M&C rank being available through exam on day 1 for veterans only? Makes no sense at all. Also what you said. Either way there is no point in the exam granting rank, other than making the release easier for veterans ( which I think is exactly the opposite of the point of wiping rank xp? ).
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