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  1. I definetly agree, medium cannons right now are not really loved as it should be, since it has perks that should be considered a good-rate cannon for that matter. About the used cannons idea, I think it would be cool to have something like that, make it SOLs and frigates uses medium cannons and 6th~7th rates NPCs, trade ships uses used cannons. Used cannons could also be lighter to carry, hence giving a speed boost for new players aswell. Mediums a little more heavier, could add 1~2% more damage and leave the reload rate as it is. Just rename it to something else. "Medium cannons" are really getting old.
  2. Boarding and capturing a ship should reward you more than simply sinking it. in EXP, Reals and other types of rewards.
  3. I mean, not really. PVP always get content added and almost every patch is about them, PVE doesn't get the same love and yet, it's an active server. Some of my suggestions just adds up to the server style of gameplay, which basically means more content for the players there. PVP will still remain as it is, because people love to shoot other players no matter what, competitive gameplay was always a thing in games and people enjoy that. But PVE is appealing to a lot of people aswell. That's an awesome idea, but coding something like that can be hard.
  4. Only problem that I have right now is that we cannot decrease UI scale, only increase it. And yeah, I agree, it should be Port & Starboard instead of Left and Right. Also, I never understood why you guys still keep that terrible black line on the top screen with useless data information displayed. Can't it simply be turned off or something? Get a cleaner screen. Decreasing scale UI would also clean a lot more the screen. There should be an option to turn off the map in battle instance, leave just the combat UI + be able to decrease the ship knots/sails and information scale down with the menu option, like everything gets smaller.
  5. Could not agree more. PVE exchanges should also have cosmetic sales, to balance out the difference between PVP~PVE. Since we can't actually pvp, or we can simply move those rewards towards patrol rewards and missions.
  6. Yeah, but I didn't suggest allowing pvp in certain zones, that's why the only pvp content that I suggested was the consensual duel. But yeah, I get it.
  7. I didn't suggest pvp in port battles, the only pvp aspect I suggested was the consensual duel and it's more for a practice purpose than a competitive one.
  8. Made it almost impossible to gather resources on the PVE server, rather... not impossible, just way too grindy now. I haven't build a single ship after the patch now and I usually enjoyed crafting frigates for that matter, but on the PVE server, Live Oak/White Oak ships rules because they are the best meta against AIs, but now? If you don't have too many doubloons, it's a grind to find them in traders or even in shipwrecks. With the new econ model, made the game even more grind than before, things way more expensive than before and more rare aswell. Early on I saw a guy selling a Teak/WO Connie for 3M at St. Nic... 10,000 doubloons for just 1000x Live Oak or White Oak is just too much for too little. After the wipe, I sold everything I had because just before it happened, I've sold 3 ships and I gathered up to 1,7M, 2 days prior to the wipe.
  9. There's almost 130 players on right now on the PVE server. It dangles around 150 to 200 everyday.
  10. These are some suggestions that I think the PVE server should have in contrast to the PVP server, otherwise it will stay exactly like a copy & paste version of the PVP server "gamemode". 1. The possibility to see other players name and rank: With that being stated, we should be able to trade and/or message and add to friend list other players from different nations aswell. There is absolutely no need to make their information private and impossible to make contact or trade. 2. Colonization, Port Battles & Temporary admiralties: Each core nation should be able to colonize neutral/free ports/towns for a month. Only free town/neutral ports. Instead of fighting NPC from other core nations, we would participate in port battles against neutral NPCs, which doesn't belong to any core nation at all. With that being stated aswell, there could potentially be more factions to hold these free towns and defend it; Barbary Pirates, Pirates and Merchants. Hardcore nations should be able to conquer free ports aswell, but instead of holding it national for only a month, they should be able to hold it as a national port for a longer period, since they lack capitals and admiralty. Players (or clans) could and should be able to make that free town/port a temporary admiralty for themselves with limited resources. They potentially would be able to buy upgrades, books, permits and small amounts of rare woods/pve exchanges, also labour hours could be cheaper but smaller amounts available. Everything would be limited and resupplied every maintenance till the timeframe ends. Each conquered port would give the nation benefits in crafting, trading. To keep that port to your nation, when the timeframe ends, that port can only be conquered again within the next 24 hours. 3. Pirates should be able to add their own custom flags into the game: There should be a system where a player could request the developers to add their flag into the game. An area on the forum that the player would post his request, the developers would analyze it and approve it. If approved, the flag would then be added into the server as an item for the player to right-click > use and it would instantly be added to his flag page to be applied on his character/ship. 4. Treasure fleet: There should be treasure fleets spawned randomly on the server, announced globally for all players to see, not really a rare fleet, it could be announced within 3 to 4 hours each day. Once announced, players could gather forces and go to the place marked on the map. Once there, the group joins the instance and they need to sink the escorts + the galleon/merchant ship carrying the treasure (doubloons, combat medals, reals, expensive goods, rare woods, A BUNCH OF THEM). Escorts could be SOLs and frigates, nothing too hard to deal with but nothing too easy to deal with it either. 5. Consensual duels amongst the players: Be able to challenge someone to a duel, no consequence whatsoever. You wouldn't lose your ship nor reals/loot, just a friendly duel so people can teach, play with or even test out upgrades & metas against each other. Kinda similar to what the "practice" gamemode was all about, but instead, on the go. You're on the Open World, sailing around and you could potentially duel a friendly player or a player from a different nation for a duel/challenge, you both would go to an instance, nobody could join, and you battle till the player "sinks", after that, the instance would be close and you both would be back to the open world, in your ships, back to normal. 6. The possibility to enter other nations capitals/ports without being marked as an enemy. I still don't know why this is a thing in the PVE server, but knowing that the server was almost a copy & paste version of the war server, I get it. You should be able to join other nation capitals and ports without being marked as an enemy, since in the PVE server, you're not an enemy and you can't attack players. Other hardcore nations could potentially make use of the other nations admiralty, since Russia, Danemark, Swede, Prussia and Poland don't even have capitals (if I'm not mistaken). If that's too over the top, then my suggestion of adding a "temporary admiralty" option would even out the odds for those hardcore nations. If they can't use other nations admiralty, they could potentially conquer a free town port and simply establish a temporary admiralty for them, making that port a temporary capital. 7. Getting the rank of Post Captain at the tutorial instead of the Master & Commander. I get it, it would give too much advantage for new players at the beginning, or wouldn't it? No. It wouldn't. Starting off as a Master & Commander gives you a huge advantage as a starting point, but still too limited for people that are already experienced with the game and wants to jump into the action, start doing econ runs and craft. The rank of Post Captain gives you total controle over frigates and the possibility to even undercrew heavier frigates in the 4th rate category, which is good as a starting point in my opinion. 8. Fly your own flag: If the trade & message suggestion would get approved, it would be possible to group up with different players from other nations to do fleet battles, with that being said, if you belong to a different nation, you should fly your nation's flag instead of being forced to fly their flags in the instance battle. Right now, if you join another nation's battle, you will fly their flag as if you were part of that nation and it's not how things work, is it? Anyway, that's just some suggestions that I've been keeping to myself but seeing that a lot of changes are coming to Naval Action with the latest patch and the future ones to come, PVE server really needs tons of content to be a active server. Right now we vary between 150~200 players 24/7, with the difference being between the hours of midnight till after maintenance, which dangles to 50~60. We, from the PVE server need to be more active on the forums and request more content from the developers, because it's really necessary.
  11. Capturable ships should reward you more than sinking one. If you go into battle and cap a ship, you should get more reals and xp for that than just by sinking the enemy ship. I hope this comes into the game as soon as possible, it will also give purpose for capping ships.
  12. I'm using https://www.000webhost.com/ to host my forum, one of the easiest one that I find to mess with and properly set up a forum, everything is easily tought on how to use it and what you need to make a forum, step by step. Plus, there's tutorials on youtube aswell.
  13. #Bumping This idea would be perfect if it was based in the Indian Ocean. That map/discussion that they were having about making whole Europe was ~a good idea~ but an impossible one, where if it was the Indian Ocean, smaller map, lots of coast and there would be probably almost the same amount of nations that we have currently. Indian Ocean would be a perfect pick to making a Naval Action expansion and/or a DLC with a different setting.
  14. Created my own forum, since I'm a huge fan of role playing (coming from SA-MP and other platforms). Made a forum for my clan, where I usually post information about ship buildings, items necessary, ports and what items are available there. Area to create your own character's story and showing off what you usually role play as (privateer, naval officer, merchant) and which ships do you usually sail, the name of the ship). Journeys, Captain's logs, about anything. Easy and free, just gotta search it on google how to create one and start from there, bud. Also, recruitment can be done easily in one of these.
  15. I don't know how many times I've suggested that all over the forums in the past couple of weeks/months. This should've been a system for the pirate 'nation'. Pirates could have custom flags. If the reason why it isn't a thing at the moment are "there would be all kinds of silly flags", well devs, that could easily be controlled by simply using a thread-request system where if you wanted your flag on the game, you need to fullfill a couple of requirements to do so. 1. You need to have a certain rank. 2. The flag must be completely historical (meaning no flying png wings with tremendous detailed shadows, no modernization emblems, must contain serious content, no foul images and no silly or mockering logos aswell. 3. Must have the DLC flag. 4. There could be a redeemable once you have bought the DLC flags, once redeemed, it would give you a unique item that you would have to screenshot it. 5. Post the screenshot + the flag so admins can analyze it and approve it. (Players wouldn't be able to see the thread once it's posted on the forum area designated. Only that player should fly that flag. PS: I didn't know the thread was from 2018, someone revived it and I posted it thinking it was a new thread, oh well.
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