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  1. Portuguese Privateer

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    I don't mind losing my ships, my only concern is rank, ship knowledge, books, upgrades, warehouse content, craft xp and level xp, reals.
  2. Portuguese Privateer

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    Flags should be made loot aswell, you should be able to add the flag to your ship (kinda similar to permanent upgrades/paint), once you add it, your ship would be recognizable as a ship from that specific nation till you remove it and put it away. Once you sink a ship from said nation, you should be able to loot the flag from the wreck and also resources like hull repairs/rig repairs and rum, THIS SHOULD NOT BE RANDOM ITEMS, every ship have them, even if NPCs don't actually need them. This would make a lot more sense if players were actually enlisted as naval officers in the first place, so in pvp players sinking would lose their flag item to the other player, similar to every other item in their hold. Idk, food for thought.
  3. Portuguese Privateer

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    I still think players should be able to play as Neutrals, go to their respective nations of choice and buy the letter of marquee with doubloons or something with weight. Once you buy it, you will be able to do missions/RvR with them, but you wouldn't be able to make a PB on your own, only participate. Letter of Marquee should be something available to everyone, if you start your career as a neutral player or a pirate, you should be able to become a privateer. Once you get the letter of marquee and become a privateer, you shouldn't be able to leave the privateer life until 30 days of service or more (2 months, idk), no expiration date afterwards, once the time is up, you wouldn't be kicked off the privateer life, but you could leave if you want. Core nations should be: Great Britan, Spain, France and Netherlands... Pirates shouldn't be a nation and neutral "nation" should be merchants and privateers. If you want to become a privateer for Great Britan, you should sail down to Kingston/Port Royal and get your letter of marquee, something simple and functional, nothing too crazy. Pirate's den should be made by players, clans should get together and build a pirate's den for themselves, if they even want it. I know there's a lot of stuff that we can get from the admiralty, but pirates shouldn't be able to get them from pirate capitals, they should be able to sail to a nation capital with a fake flag, make port as a merchant ship and buy these stuff, like it happened a lot in real life. Also, pirates and neutral players shouldn't be able to craft or even sail SOLs (specially 2nds and 1st rates), those were specificly naval ships and it was a pain in the ass to sail them because you almost needed a small island to crew it. Warships big enough like 3rd rates should be able to be only capturable and not craftable to neutral/pirate players. This will make that "nation" really for hardcore players only. Also flags, oh flags, there should be tons of flags available for pirates and neutral players, specially flags from nations that is not in the game, so people can just fly them or role play in their clans with the flags of their own nations. I've been wanting to fly the Portuguese flag for so long now that I can't even begin with, and would love to be a privateer for the Great Britan sailing under the portuguese flag in my ship, this should be available from the get go, I still don't understand why is it taking so long.
  4. Portuguese Privateer

    List of ships and plans presented so far.

    i'll check it If I ever get the chance to visit the city, I live in the state of Rio, not in the city tho.
  5. Portuguese Privateer

    A Suggestion to Reduce the Number of Factions

    I've been suggesting that for a long time now. I'm still waiting for them to add the Portugal flags inside GB nation, specially because they were allieds in that era and second, Portugal had more involvement in the Caribbean than the Russians/Prussians, I still don't understand why they weren't added. I'm all forward on reducing the numbers of Nations in the game, this will bring a lot of players to 4~5 specific nations and it will feel/play like it has more players around in the map than right now. Pirates shouldn't be made with privateers, privateers were considered pirates in the eyes of the royal navy, there were a lot of pirates that became privateers, but there were privateers that didn't or wasn't pirate in the first place, there was a lot of cases where the person couldn't join the navy, built or bought a ship, gathered a crew and got the letter of marquee to go out on the sea, plunding merchant ships in the name of the crown, it was a duty. Also a lot of captains from other nations did that aswell. Bartholomew Português (the creator of the Pirate code) was a Portuguese pirate that became a privateer for the Great Britain to fight the Spanish around Campeche. I still think Pirates should be able to become privateers. Go to a nation, buy the letter of marquee with some doubloons and the person can't leave the privateer life until 30 days IRL, kinda like the name change/nation change. Once you become a privateer, you can only leave after 30 days, if you don't wanna leave, you just stay as a privateer. There should be some privateer flags with the DLC flags aswell, some kind of title aswell, so we can always tell whether the person is a Naval Officer, Pirate or a Privateer.
  6. Portuguese Privateer

    [DOWNLOAD/WIP] Portuguese PT/BR - v1.0

    Link do download para a versão 1.0 está agora disponível no tópico! Lembrem-se, leiam o arquivo "LEIA-ME" para instalarem certinho o arquivo. Caso tenham dúvidas e/ou queiram reportar algum bug, podem postar aqui no tópico mesmo. Divirtam-se.
  7. Portuguese Privateer

    look out perk

    That's a great idea.
  8. Portuguese Privateer

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    I always play solo, bro, and I get around. I'm still a Flag Captain and I usually sail a 3rd rate, sometimes I undercrew a 1st rate to get larger fleets. And no, it didn't take 3 hours, it took around 7 hours of gameplay. Some of the fleets were large, 6~7 4th rates, couple of 3rd rate fleets with 4, some LGVs and a few fleets of 1st rate. Me and a friend, some of the battles I got it by myself. Some of the loots I got 3k dubs in just one ship.
  9. Portuguese Privateer

    How has the new patch affected the pve server

    Just wish there were more 5th and 4th rate fleets, there are too many 1st/2nd and 3rd rate ships sailing around, it's just too rare to see a 5th and a 4th rate fleet, you gotta hunt for hours to find one that actually contains more than just 1 or 2. Definetly felt that the NPCs were giving more of a fight few days ago, some stuff like the turn rates and reverse speed is still a little bit bugged for my taste. Saw a 3rd rate doing almost 5kn reverse trying to give me a broadside, and once I manuvered around her, she was actually screend right by side me and gave me another broadside like it was NOTHING. Trade routes should be connected towards the most active free towns and capitals, imo.
  10. Portuguese Privateer

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    Well, that depends. Me and a friend went hunting for a couple of hours and we made aproximately almost 20k doubloons in 5 or 6 battles.
  11. If you're not gonna add the Portugal nation, then atleast add the Portuguese flag into the Great Britan faction so we can use them as an allie, like they were in real life. The Anglo-Portuguese alliance lasted a long time, probably even stands till this day, there were a lot of battles that Portugal went and did for the British, we deserve to be mentioned in the game! Portugal was active in the West Indies at that time, just not as much as the other nations, but so were a lot of nations that we currently have in-game.
  12. Royal Portuguese family arriving at the coast of Rio de Janeiro, escorted by a couple of british man of wars; Anglo-Portuguese alliance. In the picture, it shows the british man of war at the far left firing cannons to announce the arriving of the royal family.
  13. Portuguese Privateer

    French Frigate L'Hermione

    She's beautiful.
  14. Portuguese Privateer

    Little things you'd like to see

    I guess so.
  15. Portuguese Privateer

    Little things you'd like to see

    That's insane, clans are the only thing that divides the whole nation into little bit of pieces and groups of players, instead of being a whole nation in the first place. The clan comes first, than the nation, that's just ridiculous.