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  1. If possible, flags should've been way bigger and longer than they are right now in-game. Flags were huge, specially in bigger ships, because all the sails usually went in front of it and you couldn't see the ships colors from the bow, as the sails would get in the way, so the flags usually were longer and bigger so even if you were from afar, you could spot the colors from a vessel and potentially identify her nationality and intentions (pennants). Other thing that I've been saying aswell is the flag texture is not exactly spot-on when you zoom-in on the stern of your ship, so I really would love to see some retexture on them, make them more battle worn aswell, a little bit more grey'd out and not so goddamn vivid colored as they are right now.
  2. Something like that would've been better, idk. This right here would give people the doubt to let a player get close to him, when he can simply approach with a trade political standing and suddenly switch it up to hostile and attack you. This will give you reason to name your ship when you craft it and redeem it from the admiralty (randomized names). This will show you how much guns and BR that shit has, and it's up to you to figure out whether that ship is a 4th rate, 5th rate or maybe a 3rd rate. But with this type of open world, where you can legit see the flag of the nation on the ship, the pennants, where you will need to use your spyglass to see the intentions of the enemy before hand, would give so much depth to the gameplay itself that I can't even begin describing. Plus, adding the letter of marque for pirates (free folk) to join up on a core nation as a privateer, would also influence the outcome of the battle, because you would get more hostility points against a nation, making them chase down merchant ships from that nation and coagulate a port from it's trade route, making that port available for Port Battles. I don't know, this game has so much potential to become something better and more balanced than before, specially now that it's released. The devs just need to listen, before stamping a suggestion as invalid. Otherwise, you may aswell close the suggestions, since they don't even care. Adding also the option of surrendering your goods in a attempt of saving your ship from getting sunk would also benefit the players that usually gets ganked and lose ship for nothing, because players don't care. You could simply surrender your goods instead of your ship and the battle would be over, raise the white flag and be done before receiving a salvo broadside from a superior ship and save your ship from damnation. Make pirates become predators, let them disguise themselves as merchants, privateers or navy officers and change between the black and the colors, to approach an enemy ship without being known as a pirate, give strategy and tactics back to the game.
  3. 1st rates should indeed be almost impossible to get (figuratively speaking as in being harder). 1st rates wasn't a ship that was sailing around constantly, they had a good reason to put a 1st rate in the high seas, and that was for bigger and important battles, 1st rates should be the weapon every clan holds for RvRs and PBs, instead, we get 25v25 1st rates and no other class, and even if there was other classes, it would be useless against 1st rates. PBs and RvRs definetly needs to be balanced out AGAIN, if the BR limit is not working, simply put a lock on the classes by amount, like Wyy suggested. 2 1st rates would be the ultimate ENOUGH in a Port Battle, the rest goes for 3rd rates, 4th rates and lighter frigates, this will bring so much diversity to battles and it wouldn't be a too hard hit in the gut, like it is losing a 1st rate.
  4. This bot gave me reason to check twitter now.
  5. Thank you! That map looks amazing. I once tried to modify the map, but failed miserably. If you ever succeed in modifying it, please, I would love to have that map in my game! xD And thank you for sharing that method, I tried modifying the flags on the resources.assets, but didn't work either. I don't know, maybe I did something wrong with it, I'll glady try that again. @Sir "The Lorax" John When I tried to modify the map, the cities/ports were out of place, probably because the map I replaced was bigger/smaller than the original one from the game, but noneless it was a replica of the same map, just different colors and different details, must've done something wrong, I'll try something new with it. Did you make that map yourself?
  6. Any ETA on when will the HMS Leopard be available, or the content itself? Or is it simply vague as "coming weeks"..
  7. If anyone's willing to share a video using this build, let me know, I would appreciate it. 1920x1080 Ultra Settings + MSAA + Reflection, everything full boost, then a custom setting to maximize fps, goal being more than 70 consistant in battle. Ryzen 5 2600 + RX 580 8gb Ryzen 7 2700 + RX 580 8gb Ryzen 5 3600 + RX 5700 8gb Ryzen 5 3600 + RX 5700xt 8gb Ryzen 5 1700 + RX 580 8gb Any intel + RX 580 would also work.
  8. 1920x1080 definetly, I don't really care for higher qualities right now, since my monitor doesn't even support it, and I don't intend to upgrade it any time soon, so 1920x1080 is basically my go to resolution.
  9. if anyone using a ryzen + rx580 build ever record/stream Naval Action, could you please leave a link to the video for me? I would really appreciate to see how that build would perform in Naval Action. Doesn't matter if you have a i5~i7 + rx580, I would still like to see how the graphics video performs. I appreciate anyone that would show this to me and whoever is interested in building a AMD PC in the future, specially to see how it performs in Naval Action.
  10. If the developers are not willing to leave the choice on the player's hand to choose their own names, perhaps a name generator would solve that? Something like randomize name until you get a fitting one for your liking, that would indeed be more precisely to the time being, since captains didn't choose their ships nor names, they were simply assigned to them whenever they needed a captain, so I don't think giving that choice to the player would be wise, most of the players are naval officers, perhaps the pirates would've been different, but having in mind that they don't even have custom flags, why would gamelabs give them the choice of naming their ships. I'm all forward for this idea, but knowing gamelabs history of throwing a thumb to the playerbase, I don't see this system coming to us at all, it would be satisfying us too much for gamelabs to accept.
  11. I still hope we get ships from the core nations first; Spain, GB, France and Netherlands. Denmark can wait.
  12. I still think clans will someday kill the nations as right now, people don't care or don't work for their nation, but their clan. One thing that we should have brought to the forums was a way to go back to our roots and focus the gameplay between nation vs nation, instead of clan vs clan, and leave clans to be some kind of merchant/crafter enterprise, which would benefit THE NATION. Players right now don't care about their nation, they serve only their clans and the bigger clans have more concern about themselves than the good of the nation, which divides the playerbase within it's nation, if you're not from my clan, I won't help you, if you want a ship, pay me, if you want upgrades, pay me, or buy it from the market. Although that system would be a great addition to the game @koltes, being able to spot the intention of an unknown ship through the spyglass, it's nation and it's captain, I don't think displaying the types of upgrades on the ship would be wise, as you don't know what goes under their builds, that's just metagaming the efforts of a player for your own gain. If the player is an ally, you should be able to read their names, but if they're not, you shouldn't be able to know who that is (captain's name). (Also, if we had a ship name system, would be awesome to see the name of the ship on the spyglass info display). Naval Action should've been focused on nation vs nation from day one, once it opened it's doors for OW. If you want to create a clan, that clan should be focused as trading companies, ship builders, crafters and other types of trades, but never a war clan. RvR should be performed under nations and alligiances, a diplomacy system needs to be present in gameplay, so we have more in-depth wars and not just simply kill or be killed gameplay, that makes the game really shallow and leave the gameplay and content to be provided by its own community, which to be honest is just wrong, and it doesn't seem to be working as we all have a lot of complaints about the game to this day. If we had some type of diplomacy, where we should be able to mark our enemies, bargain cities/towns and make up alliances to fight a bigger force, we should be able to. But for right now, the simple word from a clan leader allying themselves, instead of through their nation and game system doesn't simply work, as your clan doesn't speak for the whole nation. But that's just my opinion, you can call me crazy if you want, but I just hope you can see my point on clans being regarded as more important than your nation, which it is right now.
  13. Could you share the method/file you replaced?
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