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  1. Weirdly enough, It's not letting me access the file in order to download it. I don't know if it's on my end or yours, can you check for me please? Edit: Nevermind, I found a MEGA link that worked.
  2. Voltando a jogar, estou pensando em dar uma baita de uma atualizada nessa tradução que eu fiz. Logo mais eu solto algumas informações mais elaboradas aqui no tópico. Obrigado a todos que fizeram o download & utilizaram da minha atualização, apesar de estar incompleta.
  3. Oh, I've been waiting for a thread like this for years now, it's finally here! Thank you.
  4. I still think Portugal would be the right choice, if the devs are thinking about adding a new nation. I know a few brazilian guys playing NA right now, met some portuguese players myself and, including me, Portugal will probably be the next Poland faction in the game, tiny nation but, there will be players in it and willing to keep the nation alive. I also wouldn't mind, at all, if the Portuguese flag would be added under the British nation. I actually suggested this a long time ago. It would be viable to have it under Britain /IF/ there is no possibility of adding it as a nation.
  5. Great guide, this will definitely help me and my clan organize ourselves even more in-depth.
  6. Would make capturing a ship from an enemy nation way more compelling, but since you can craft them, capturing ships only suits the basic instinct... Having a ship to do more battles. Also, refits... one of the biggest game changes in that era, we don't have. We can only craft and destroy, but never upgrade it or better fit it, I wonder why. And don't get me wrong, a lot of players will say that limiting ship choices per nation would limit gameplay, but you gotta ask yourself.. Would it? I mean, you would get more options to bring into a battle. Instead of sink it, you can capture it, refi
  7. I wish we would only suggest flags that were actually used around the West-Indies, tho.
  8. Open world and instance definetly needs a revamp. Weather should always be a factor in either battle or travelling. If you're caught up in a storm, you should be teleported to a instance, where you actually go through the storm like in a battle (but yourself), masts should get damage if you keep full sails lowered. Heeling should be also a thing in battle, the bigger the ship, the stable it sails, since it's weight should counter-balance the heeling. There should be more islands with different designs, maybe some mountain-wall that dives straight into the ocean, instead of it being comple
  9. Great stuff, Reverse. Some of them are actually in my playlist already, glad to see.
  10. I don't think they messed with the fireshock system, it's the same as it was, but they could probably have messed with the NPCs. Right now, if you hit the magazine more than once, it will put you straight into fireshock. I've seen firing/fireshock being triggered more easily now, but still works exactly the same way it always were. If you hit between the bottom deck and the lower deck, a little bit to the stern, it's more likely for you to hit the magazine everytime you release a broadside.
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