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  1. Cortés, o Corsário

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Can't wait. That UI is soooo sexy! Love it.
  2. Cortés, o Corsário

    Name 5 things you would like to see in NA

    5. Diplomacy between Nations, a leader elected by popular demand (voted by the community to each nation) or an NPC. The nation being able to offer alliances, go to war, be neutral; A newspaper available in-game with global news. The newspaper would be a way to understand what's going on in the world. 4. Customizable ships; able to name your own ship, ship color (trim, hull, bottom, sails). 3. Career, I guess. Start from the bottom until you reach the last rank in the hierarchy. Once you become an officer of your own Nation, your actions would impact your career. If you attack civilian ships, merchant ships, you would become a pirate and therefore, be exiled from your Nation and hunted down by it's Navy. 2. Nation pointless attacks on other nation NPC's would be considered an act of war amonst them. Hence the 5° idea of diplomacy between nations. If your nation is not at war against anyone, why would it be ok to attack them without consequences? It also gives us a purpose to look forward too, be a part of something bigger than just clans and selfish or even pointless battles anyway. An announcement from the king, saying our nation is at war against Spain/Russia/Netherlands/USA, etc, would be a really nice touch to the world we play in. If the king is just simply an NPC, the diplomacy system would work like Pirates of the Burning Sea does. You're a part of a Nation, the more you attack other nations ships, the more hated you'll be towards that Nation, putting yourself in hostile situations once you get close enough to a Capital, city belonging to that nation. 1. A Reputation system. The more achievements you achieve, success, the more heroic and patriotic you'll be towards your nation. The more fearsome and violent you become, the more NPCs and other nation players will fear you aswell. A line between positive and negative, from -1 to -100 to 1 and 100. Become well known in the newspaper as people will most likely be talking about your doings in the world. I know everything sounds like PVE contents, but let's face it, this game can be more than just a naval combat game. You guys once were called a naval combat game, but the moment you guys presented us, players, with open world, quests, crafting, economy and other possibilities, you guys became an open world game, and that gents, needs content, background, lore, fun and more. The reason why players don't hold on to this game it's because they come here looking for something deeper than PVP. There will be PVP, always will, but it shouldn't be the focus on this game. I've seen a lot of topics around PVPers and PVEers trying to figure it out a way to put an end to the losses on our player base, but it's mainly because there's nothing to hold on to other than PVPing, and that's not something to look forward to. Not everyone in this game wants to battle every single time they jump into the game, some of those players want to sail merchant ships, make a buck, craft, build, exchange, sell, some of them wants to go on missions, battle fleets, sink some ships, other players wants to go on a treasure hunt, hunt down treasure ships and plunder, but others wants to serve the navy, become officers, start from the bottom and reach the top, people want content to base their playstyle around it. Anyway, that's my opinion and point of view, I won't argue if someone sees it different than I do, so I'll leave it at that. Oh, and here is an idea for PVPvE. There's a thing called PVP flag, once you activate it, you can battle whoever you want, as long as they also have the PVP flag enabled. If a player doesn't want to PVP, he'll be able to play the game without frustration.
  3. Cortés, o Corsário

    Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    Unfortunetly, with our player base numbers, it's most likely not possible to have another nation added. It would divide even more our player base.
  4. Cortés, o Corsário

    The opinion of a newb

    Most of what was said here is actually what I've been through or thought about this game for a long time, well done DarkVane, indeed. I'm also new to this game, I've participated in a Port Battle, Fleet battle against other nation and I got crushed in the middle of everything. The first time I joined the Caribbean server, I was thrown to the wolves about three times and survived, but it made me realize that I wasn't ready. Most of the battles I participated were because a player or few players from my nation and clan "didn't like" the player from the other nation. I once got trapped by some players from another nation as soon as I attacked a Traders brig from France, they were hunting down low levels to bully and call themselves "good pvpers", but I managed to sink one of them and got away. Anyway, Naval Action is not a casual game for casual players, and I am a casual player, I consider myself that because I like the aspect of roleplaying and playing my own style, instead of playing just for the pleasure of shutting a player's mouth that usually talks shit about everyone and everything, or going to war with a nation just because I simply don't like the players from that nation, that's just childish.
  5. Cortés, o Corsário

    Little things you'd like to see

    Strong ocean waves in OW and battles. Open and closing functional cannon hatches through a button, self-explanatory. Be able to become a privateer as a Neutral or Pirate player, receiving the letter of marque from the nation of choice (you won't fly the flag of the nation, but privateer will show when someone clicks on your ship before battle ([Clan][rank] Privateer [name of the player]). Pirates should be able to desguise themselves with a national flag of any nation. To get the flag, you simply need to defeat a ship of said nation and upon inspecting the ship, the flag would be presented as an item in the inventory of the sunk ship. Be able to customize ship colors and sails, avoid colorful ones, stick to wood, dark wood, light wood, white, blue, red, yellow, brown and other colors that was used on ships. Helms that actually turn and you can actually see someone sailing the ship (doesn't have to be a character, just a npc like the ones reloading the canons). Different choices of spyglass, new players would get a much more poor spyglass with limited visualization of what's in front of him, spyglass quality should be sold in ports, the ones we have right now zooms too much and spyglasses in that era wasn't that much effective as it is in this game, breaks immersion. The possibility of surrender in a battle without firing a gun. NPCs with lower ship rates should give up more often against ships of higher rates, be able to see a NPC or player hoisting a white flag of surrender would be f** amazing. NPCs should be more afraid of piracy in this era, as we all know how history is. Merchant ships wouldn't battle against someone they fear, kinda like a reputation system, where the more you battle NPCs or players, the more fearsome you will become (this would help out PVE servers A LOT!). In case of nation players, if you belong to a nation, it wouldn' be recommended to fight merchant ships, as it would give you a bad reputation, as they weren't outlaws, but if your nation is at war against another, that one nation NPCs would be vunerable. If you're an officer and you do battle merchant ships from other nations, you would get negative reputation, being exiled from the nation you are currently in and become a pirate, changing your original nation to the pirate nation instantly after a couple of warnings. Getting caught battling merchant ships, traders or other nation ships, you can go to prison or even hang.
  6. Cortés, o Corsário

    Treasure fleets

    Why bother.. this type of event should be secret at all cost, as they were in real life. For someone to find out the exact location of a treasure ship securing treasure for certain nation, the player should first find hints or coordinates of that location, kinda similar to what was shown in Black Sails, when they tracked down the Urca de Lima and was surprised by a Spanish warship guarding the treasure, as the Urca de Lima crew was gathering the treasure on the beach. It doesn't have to be announced globally or show on the global map it's location. The player with the loot also shouldn't be highlighted to be attacked by other players. This should be more realistic, if you wanna hunt treasure ships, there would be ways to find out, like quests; It doesn't have to be an impossible task, a Galleon with the treasure being escorted by a warship (ship of the line or 2nd and 3rd rate ships. Once the player get to the location and spot the galleon, he tags it, enters battle and try to win it, also, if the galleon with the treasure sink, the player won't get anything, so people will have to pay attention to the battle and secure the cargo instead of going bloodthirsty towards the convo. After the battle is finished, the event simply disappears and respawn after a cd, on a totally random location, under a random nation flag, starting all over again. There should be merchant routes around the map. Not everyone wants to be a navy officer, I know a lot of players that just simply wants to play as privateer, treasure hunter or pirate for that matter.
  7. Cortés, o Corsário

    Flags, Ensigns, Banners

    Portuguese flag Would be nice to be able to fly the Portuguese flag, even though the nation won't be added into the game.
  8. Cortés, o Corsário

    See a Europe Map for Naval Action...it would be nice... isn´t it ?

    The real portuguese flag from 1706–1750 I would really love to play as Portugal, I still don't understand why there isn't Portugal in NA right now. It would've been nice to include the Cape Verde in the map. Spain should be this one: Or this one: Since we're talking about 1740, the flag you guys are using as examples in the latest map didn't come out until 1785–1873 / 1875–1931, so...
  9. Cortés, o Corsário

    Naval Action -- Mediterranean

    And be able to play as Portugal? hello kitty yes! I still don't know why Portugal isn't in this game already, there is a lot of wars that involved Portugal in it. I would definetly love to sail under the Royal Portuguese flag, all the way.
  10. Cortés, o Corsário

    Skull & Bones, by Ubisoft

    Black flag was an awesome experience in hand when I first started playing it. I always hated the fact that it had such strong influence with the whole Assassin's Creed thingy all around the gameplay, I enjoyed the pirate experience, being able to hunt sharks, whales and other animals, exploring islands and discovering treasures and stuff like that. The most part of being a "pirate" in those games were actually being able to hunt for treasures and some other freedoms to do whatever you wanted to do around the open world. Skull and Bones, although it's goingn to be based off Black Flag as a new IP, they took a lot of these awesome experiences to only naval combat, which for me, isn't an issue, but might aswell add some other compartments of the old BF to the new game, would be definetly refreshing. I would love to be able to create my own character aswell, I would love to be able to choose between privateering and piracy, be able to sail under a navy flag instead of being a pirate all the way. Things like that would give so much more to the game itself and to the future community of the game that differs from just being a spin-off of Assassin's Creed Black Flag, I would hate to see this game as being only ship to ship battle, with no possibility to explore the world that they so much say it's going to be "huge" and "full of surprises". Also, ship customization can be something very very good for the game, lots of choosable types of different ships for each class they showed in the pre-alpha gameplay, will be really nice if there'd be quite a number of choices you can get. I'm very excited to try it out, I just hope it doesn't crash my expectations like they always do with their games, that's one of the reasons why I hate Ubisoft so much.