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  1. When I started this thread I didn't realize all the depth different nations put into it or some of the tricks they used to try and stay within the treaty. I am happy it has taken off though because I get to learn and it shows an intrest from the player base. I have not seen one clear "no this shouldn't be allowed" it's been more of what is viable and what isn't. If the developers are reading the forums this puts another option into their idea box and if they have the time and money to develop a refit system it will be interesting to see how they will handle it. Keep the ideas coming guys becau
  2. Ok granted I was in a very tight situation and I adapted. But I have not went very far into the game and was more worried about later down the road in development. Like I said I get scaling to a point but I also don't think the best way to add depth and challenge is simply give the AI more and better stuff than what you as a player can ever produce.
  3. Have we even got into the idea of a shell shattering. HE shells had a thinner wall than AP and I know at least in tank combat (which the shells was based of naval shells) sometimes if the armor was thick enough the shell would hit at a bad angle or the fuse failed and the shell would shatter against the armor. Since some things are simplified in this game, I wonder if some of the bounces we see out of the HE shells is basically them shattering?
  4. I did part of what you are talking about. I ran the walpole out and up and placed my 5th rate between it and the enemies. I ran a fighting retreat by s turning and working their sails. I'm curious about what you mean about the libra though.
  5. Granted I'm still new to this and don't have all the knowledge of the game yet so it might just be me. So I get scaling to a degree so we don't just walk all over the AI but can we keep it from getting to the point UGCW got. I did quite a bit of reorganizing to be able to afford and crew a 5th rate. I ran the mission on the British side where you had to withdraw the transport and I was surprised to see I was facing three 5th rates. I would have been fine with facing one 5th rate and then a couple of 6th rates but it's like the AI ignored the battle rating all together. I would have still faced
  6. That's what I did. I still see HE bounce. For example when they turn the stern of the ship to me to run away the lydite will still bounce more often the the High TNT. That extra bit of pen on the High TNT over the -50% of the Lydite matters.
  7. I would be ok with separation of the two. It would take some major number changes and some balances. Ships could end up weighing more once you figure in weighs from propellant, shell type, and shell filler.
  8. Right which is why I was saying some things I can see new hulls. Do we know how much cutting they had to do to mount those guns or was it a case that the holes in the hull was the same diameter?
  9. Well in the quick mission design we can have whatever foremast we choose and mount radar so it's not like the one we choose limits us on if we can install it. It just seems to limit us on weight, funds, and size. So no matter what the model looks like, as long as we have the spare weight on the ship I would think we should be able to mount that upgrade. Same with propellants. I think it would come down to what we are trying to upgrade. Some of them don't seem feasible like taking a ship with 6 inch turrets and slapping 12 inch on it but then again I don't know how big of a gun upgrade some shi
  10. So a last night I was thinking about the campaign of this game and a question arose. As we research new tech will we be able to refit existing ships we already built or will we have to start from scratch? I know there are quite a few things that you simply couldn't refit but other things like the powder or radar shouldn't be a problem to install into an existing hull. This would help to extend the life of our designs and save some money in the process. It just doesn't make much sense to create a whole new ship just because you invented a better way to propel your shells.
  11. I ran lydite on 18 inch guns and got quite a few bounces. It seems to be the TNT and High TNT that works the best for me. The lydite created a lot of fires but worked the structure down slowly. The TNT pens then exploded knocking out compartments and takes the bar down in chunks.
  12. Ok I just ran a test with 10 inch guns and lydite the one with the +50% HE damage, super heavy shells and I used it against a BB with 1900 tech. I did not see the same effects I got with the 14 inch and up with high tnt. It did bring the structure of the ship down and covered it in flames but it didn't do it in large chunks. Also with the aft of the ship facing me I seen quite a bit of rounds bouncing off where as with the bigger guns I see pens. Next test will be lydite with 14 inch to 18 inch guns.
  13. With some of the earliest ones I think they could survive. We are talking a plane capacity of only 15 on the Hosho and most of those was probably fighters. If it was kept at that level we could see one maybe two strikes before you had no capability to inflict damage to surface ships.
  14. I would like to see spotter aircraft and also have the ability to shoot them down. I'm on the fence though about the whole CV thing and ground based aircraft. I think many players though would like to see the AA guns in action and it also brings up the question of using some of the mid sized AA against lighter skinned surface vessels. Something like a 40mm and up against transports and maybe some torp boats.
  15. Arkhangelsk and Steeltrap it was an extreme range plunging fire though I don't think the game models these base fused HE. Also I think the deck had to be at least 4 inch since if I remember correctly that's what the game give us base wise when we start building a new ship. This is just a guess though since I never even had time to identify the ship. I think historically and I could be wrong the idea was to start out firing HE at long range and then switch to AP as the target got closer. I have been trying to follow that standard but with the way it sets up I devastate my targets before they ge
  16. Hanger18 I did it again today. I played the mission where it is your high tech battleship against one of theirs (I think it was called there can be only one). I ran 18 inch guns in triple mounts with High TNT and super heavy shells. I started the battle and switched to HE then sped the game up to 5x to make contact. My ship fired it's aiming shots from the two front turrets and I slowed the game back down to normal. Upon the second shot which would have been my first full salvo it destroyed the other ship. I have no clue what happened or even how and with the RNG of gunnery I have no way to r
  17. I wonder if he is talking about engaging at a range greater than his detection range and just staying there spamming shells. If that's the case this may serve him now but wont once screeners are active in the random fleets we will engage in the campaign.
  18. It might have just been what I was facing but I have used High TNT and shot nothing but HE from 14 inch guns to devastating effects. It took down as expected CLs and CAs but the real shocker was what it did to the integrity of BBs or Dreadnoughts.
  19. Others have covered some very good ideas so far and I like them. I have a simple request though. Being fairly new to the whole ship designing in this detail it's hard for me to visualize where armor starts and stops at. I know there is a description when I hover my mouse over the sections on the left. Would be quite helpful for me if it highlighted on the 3D model of the ship what sections are covered when the description pops up.
  20. Have not tried the perks part yet but just read though it. If some of that stacks up it seems you can boost your melee damage up 150% to 200%. That seems a little much to me and might end up in steam roll charges depending on how you build your Corps. Also it could end up the same if the AI is using the same bonus as you. Will take some major testing to see how so much focus on the charges affect the outcome.
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