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  1. I never said for them to give me a new surprise? If I made it sound like I wanted one I didn't mean to.
  2. I don't believe the game crashing, a force close without warning, is my fault. I do understand there is a 2 minute(?) delay on you logging out and your ship logging out, but is it really my fault that it crashed? I was under the (wrong) assumption that game crash for me, ship probably crashed with it. Is that my fault? Is that insane to believe?
  3. I did file a crash report, and i do miss that beautiful ship
  4. So I was sailing around, like you do. All of a sudden my game crashes. I take the time that was forced onto me to get food, and a drink. I come back and I am sunk and in the port of Kingston-Port Royal. Maybe I was thrown into combat and died, but regardless I had no way of preventing that. I lost my prize Teak-White Oak Surprise. This is one of many times glitches have ruined my experience, difference is I lost a great ship that I was in love with. Anyone else have tips to prevent these, or any relatable experiences with losing something great that was out of your control?
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