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  1. MetastaticDisease

    Software missing after reinstall

    I had to reinstall Windows, Steam and Naval Action. Now I am not able to open Naval Action, I get the message in the image I attached. Help?
  2. MetastaticDisease

    Software missing after reinstall

    The oncologic pirate is back at sea after 6.5 hours of update downloads and installs. Ink sir thank you for your help and patience!!!! 07
  3. MetastaticDisease

    Software missing after reinstall

    I'm not good with Windows. I thought I had fully upgraded but "checked for updates" just to be sure and there are many more. Why the heck they don't all show up when you check is beyond me.....enjoying my time staring at screen as it downloads and installs.
  4. MetastaticDisease

    Software missing after reinstall

    I've tried to install that update several times without luck. FYI I am running Windows 8.1 on a Macintosh using Bootcamp....perhaps that is causing me an issue. It is frustrating because it was working fine before reinstalling Windows and my Mac laptop is running 8.1 is not having issues. I'll keep trying to get that update installed. Would upgrading to Windows 10 solve the issue?
  5. MetastaticDisease

    Software missing after reinstall

    I show Microsoft Visual C+ 2017 Redistributable x64 and x86 installed but I am still getting the same error.
  6. MetastaticDisease

    Corrupted Book

    I attempted to build a Gunnery Encyclopedia this morning but for some reason the game is not "seeing" my L Horizon Balistique book. It is in my warehouse but in the crafting window it shows a red zero as if I don't have the book. A couple days ago I noticed that when putting two L Horizonn Balistique books into the clan warehouse they went in as separate items. They also would not "stack" in my warehouse. I traded the book to another player who also attempted to craft a Gunnery Encyclopedia and he got the same result as I, it showed a red zero in the crafting window. I would have obtained this book in a drop from sinking an NPC ship. Perhaps the file is corrupted somehow. Can I please get a replacement? Thanks!