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  1. Yes it is realy hard to play this game in the first way, the developers need a perspective change from time to time, that is obviously! That is the biggest problem. But now they build the first tutorials. That is realy good! @ developers try also to impement the cursor tooltip!
  2. In my opoinion is the main Problem, that there is no tutorial, which explains how the system work! There will be grafics needed to explain the system simply! Like the following grafic, this is good examle how to build a tree for a prduction concept and the related resources.
  3. Hallo Graf von Werle, ich bin nach einiger Zeit wieder im Spiel. Ich werde die Tage mal vorbeischauen auf eurem Server, mich vorstellen und wenns passt ein wenig mitzocken. Besten Gruß Asar
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