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  1. If you want to play the rhetoric game we can call it stillborn then.
  2. Reviews are what they are and the dwindling player base the same for a reason. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310 The patient is dead and on life support due to multiple reasons covered multiple times.
  3. And the players have rewarded that kind of thinking with ever dropping player count.
  4. Wonder why? Just look at the changes that a certain tiny crowd keeps demanding. Since noobs learned to pick determined defender I guess that one may be removed again soon. But for the socalled self proclaimed hardcore PvPers a fight with 1-2 with a couple of AIs on their side vs a PvE fitted player is what they think is the perfect game. No wonder why the server is bleeding players like crazy. Something like 1/3rd of the entire server population are alts at this time that either fish for bottles or do AFK trading if they are out of port at all.
  5. If repairs wasn't unlimited limited chain wouldn't be so bad. If cannons couldn't snipe mast as they could with super precision, chain wouldn't be so bad.
  6. The game craves for a tiny minority of people, hence for the rest the changes are terrible. We keep hearing excuses about its due to being realistic and hardcore. yet we can choose firemode and hit like a sniper.
  7. If you get 3 missions on the other side of an island you can spend 20-45mins getting there. Think South side of Cuba for the Spanish, other side of the island for Brits, Danes, Swedes, French. So I can fully understand the issue, specially if you just wanted an hour of fun and not an hour of sailing some useless distance.
  8. Being able to singlehanded run away from 10+ other players or even defeat them in battle is more unrealistic. I find it funny how your friends quit due to that, have you ever thought about how many on the "other side" have quit due to people like you want a Hello Kitty ultra Carebear deluxe experience?
  9. So you ask for a free get out of jail card. In short, easy mode. You selected to kill someone in their reinforcement zone or close to it. Easy target, yet you don't want the trouble that follows.
  10. I would also like to see the sniping ability fire from ships removed as well. Maybe random fire only without seeing what cannon shoots next. No aim and double the dispersion.
  11. The problem is much deeper than just 1st rates. Its the entire fleet composition. Even if we got the inflation hit 1st rates stopped, it would just move down. 25 bucs etc instead of 25 oceans. Maybe the battles themselves should be limited in slot types, PBs also reworked. Say a battle could only contain 2 first rates from each side, maybe 3 or 4 2nd rates and so on. 3rd 1st rate trying to join the battle gets left outside.
  12. Now is it? We can see the demast/turn and board group isn't doing so well. If boarding wasn't so stupid and overpowered we could maybe talk about it. We have captured countless 1st rates via boarding from smaller ship and it´s not much of a skill effort.
  13. It doesn't help to cap 1st rate amounts in docks. First of all you hit crafters. Secondly people can just instant craft another. And for the third it just penalizes people that didn´t open more dock slots.
  14. That's what the surrender option is there for. Get home fast. If you want Hello Kitty mode on then we can start to backtrack on all the changes. Or you can play on the PvE server. I get you like the changes in your favour but not when it goes the other way. That´s just asking for an easy mode game.
  15. I like the idea of having to move money around and to return with any loot in form of gold and marks. Sure for the carebear crowd it may not be funny. But there is no rule that all ports should be taken. Same goes with upgrades, no captain chest and funny instant movement around. All the teleport BS kills the economy.
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