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    Clan AI Fleets

    when a clan concurs a county/region capital, and one additional port of same county, they can craft ships for these AI fleets. these fleets will patrol the area and attack other players. If AI fleet wins, then spoils go to clan WH. If player wins, what ever is placed in refit slots is available. Minimum of 1 refit slot must be used. If all ports are shallow, then shallow must be used. Deep ships must have deep port, otherwise AI ship sails to clan WH port. AI ship can be attacked during that time. If clan does not have deep port, clan WH not in deep port, ship turns AI pirate and random attacks AI fleets/ players.
  2. simply, when a nation concurs a port, that port demands goods from that nation. region and county capitals are excluded from this. The higher BR for port, the higher that port consumes goods for nation that concurred them.
  3. Let’s talk about politics!!! Wait..Wait..don’t stop reading, but seriously you’ll see why the two are linked. Let’s start with basic behavior, except with pirate nation. Traders go from nation port to same nation port. Patrol fleets can either go port to port or in a pattern between ports. Can also have combat ships in fleet with traders. So with politics, exception of pirates; on Sunday, a vote should be held, during peak time, for each nation. At the end of the day, the tallies come in for each opposing nation. Players can select neutral, trade, alliance, or war, for each opposing nation. If majority select war on an opposing nation, then it will be war between nations, regardless what the opposing nation selected. Both nations must select alliance, for each other. If one or other selects trade, then a secondary vote of yes/no for trade will occur. Pirates are always at war with each nation. Letter of Marque, a.k.a. privateer. Each clan, except pirates, can issue a letter of marque to other clans, of foreign nations, including pirates. This letter will allow foreign clans to partake in port battles/war of warring nations. These letters can have expiration dates, but only exists during war between nations. The letter can only be assigned to “at war with” nation. This will allow “at peace” nation clans to fight with a nation that they are not at war with. What does this have to do with AI fleets/Ships? After the vote and maintenance, the AI ships behavior will correspond with the voted action. Trade ships “trade” with foreign ports. Patrol ships can start attacking players, if BR is within 10%, or within next BR level. Think top tier 6th versus lowest tier 5th rate. This system will also make the smuggler flag more relevant than it is. If you are not at war with a nation, but a player of that nation is a smuggler, then you can attack without repercussion. Thoughts?
  4. yes i am too grateful for that as well. if they do have a separate database server, and not a VM'd with the server handling the calculations, then they can have the DB server handle this with a DB job. just would be timed with the open world time frame. flag the queued item complete, when the labor hours are completed. but again, i do not know how they have this coded.
  5. without looking at how they currently coded it, I'll have to assume that their decision is the correct one. My database developer gut instinct says otherwise.
  6. instead of stream lining the crafting, why not have a crafting queue? The crafting queue can show how much of the crafting would take away from the crafting hours. once you confirm the queue, you can go off sailing. While sailing, your "employees" craft the items within the queue. After all, when you sail, your time is measured "days at sea".