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  1. I am finding the Gettysburg episode infuriating from the Union side...no matter how well I do on the first 4 days, I still end up with a few tattered brigades at Pickett's Charge. Still got defeated even though I killed twice as many of the AI's Rebs and held everything except a greyed out flag at the center. Since in this "campaign" I am only saving the victories I have won every battle, even Fredricksburg, and am wondering why this gives me absolutely no advantage.
  2. Is there a solution for the problem of artillery units misunderstanding orders to fire AT a target for an order to move TO that location?
  3. After numerous attempts at a victory (Brigadier level) I gave up and decided that for the Union side, Fredricksburg was that "can't win 'em all" idea that the game instructions mentioned. The best I could do was a draw while inflicting about 8K more casualties on the Confederates than I received. I did this by attacking the Confederate right and left flanks while leaving the center alone. An interesting side-note: because none of the icons can leave the screen I managed to trap Stuart's cavalry in the lower right corner of the screen and destroyed all but two of his companies.
  4. Just a thought: Are there any plans afoot to allow players to view how the real battles unfolded? I generally go to Wikipedia to read up on the battles before fighting them here. I am thinking this would be a boon to both players and students of Civil War history.
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