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  1. Have been waiting outside Habana all weekend.No fights Finaly found some spanish 1st rates in the bahamas. gg
  2. Found a hole in the border of the map. If you do the mistake of sailling through you get stuck behind the border wall. I did not know trump was a game designer X = 819230,7 Z= -207852,6.
  3. The only thing I said about the fake PB was how pathetic it was. I agree that its an issue thats need fixing. I did not say that you where stupid for saying the hostilty raising was fixed. I said you where you stupid thinking we had a chance to stop the hostility. I will also leave it her as trying to talk with you is a pain.
  4. I think you don't understand sarcasm, it's not a get out of jail card when someone calls you on your bullshit.
  5. I would like to point out your stupidity . We where kinda busy with the 3 pbs that spain had set so we could not defend the hositlity. We did however defend the hostility the day before. We showed up, the prussian went away, EZ. We left agian and the prussian got to PVE , but too little time to finish the flip . It also shows how pathetic the prussians are, willing to flip a port two days in a row without having any intention of going to the PB. But thats Prussia under Banished i guess
  6. You are clearly not educated
  7. I can confirm that rediii is 1/32 native american.
  8. Was a Shame you flipped two ports then. Maybe the Great Prussian nation could have focused their forces.
  9. All i really want in life is 5/5 very fast teak/teak or teak/wo herc. Please make them tradable.
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