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  1. Shouldn't be new to you that @admin wants us to give up jobs and social live just to play Naval Action. I will stay playing until release... and then i will see how far i can get wich ~10h Playtime a Week. I think i'll get annoyed because it is impossible to log in, have 45-90min of PvP fun and go back to life. To me it looks impossible to even get resources for one proper ship weekly, so eventually i get rid of ships. I think, that would be the time to listen to my girlfriend and stop playing forever (she says i lost control over my life with NA).
  2. Hi! Might be a dumbass question, but i never tried changing "game data" before... I use Bumsebiene's Translation as an Orientation for a personalized Version of german language file; i just paste his translation and originally provided Version side by side and decide wich one to use, or to write an own Text. Now it seems like both versions use a different amount of lines somewhere, leading to a different number of lines. Is that a Problem? E.g. does "Slot/RUDDER" have to be placed in Line 276, or can it also be placed in line 275? I don't know how a Computer Game works 🤫
  3. Hi! Nice, despite that German Translation is quite imperfect. Some translations feel like "Google translator didn't know what to do" or "i reject germans using english words at all" (i think most german players talk about "Battle Rating" routinely, so there is no need to implement a new word like "Kampfwert", give it the Appreviation "KW" and confuse everybody). I really would like to help with that. I started work on german language file yesterday... copied the original one, renamed the new one "German 2" and started struggling with that bulky excel sheet (holy sh**, 5000 lines will take some hours). Okay, i got how it works, you have a given text field and you define what text it will show. Sometimes i am not sure about "did i ever see this text iname?" or "what does this want to tell me?". Question is: How do i get it ingame? "German 2" didn't show up in language options yet. I want to try it
  4. Well, Carronades were meant to be fast-reloading, devastating short-range-guns. So basically, if they are short-range monsters, they behave as they should. So if they seem OP, just give them shorter ranges. They are less danger to captains who stay out of their range, but they are punishments for captains coming too close. I also think there shouldn't be carronades on ships that vanished before carronades came into being. If you say "but Ingermanland could have been equipped with carros if it lived longer", then i say "concerning weight, some fancy guy could also have been able to equip a l'Ocean with 68lb-Carros on main and lower gun decks...".
  5. Quite funny... GB is bigger and more powerful than Prussia... by how much? Three times? Four? Even more? And as Members of the stronger Nation discover the smaller one is able to withstand them quite annoyingly, they publicly complain about their tactics and set bountys on their Ports so they don't have to cap them by themselfes*. Quite ironic, huh? I, as an indisputable observer, would expect the larger Nation to deal with some "unorthodox tactics" applied by the smaller...🧐 Hey, you are free to set a PB timer to a time when most Prussian Players are unable to capture Ports. You are free to stay out of PB and wait what's coming. You are free to send just one 6th-rate-driving new Player in there, do PvP somewhere else and hope for the best. Nobody forced you to capture those two uneconomic Ports in the middle of a small, but smart Nation, nobody forces you to defend them with the best Players you have, nobody forces you to give up gaming time for that. So why you complain? Du you expect everybody to just let you capture his Ports and be fine with that? *(I understand: capturing might be annoying if somebody does not want to get captured... leave that to the casual noobs...) EDIT: If somebody wants to increase Hostility cooldown to 3-4 days, i would not complain.
  6. When you want to sell a ship in port... and you hit "to auction", then it says "ship nead zu be repaired" instead of "needs to be repaired"
  7. Quite annoying: To build something with Dubloons, you need to have them in Warehouse. To "Transport" yourself to another Port, you have to have some in your Chest. Please change the first one, so always your Dubloons to buy something are taken from the Chest
  8. And the In-Port Wind indicator everybody was asking for still didn't appear.
  9. Or Players say "oh look, there is PvP.... but i can't afford going there, takes too much time. So i better log off". Please think about all the players who just want to have 60-90min of a nice game and return to real life.
  10. Good news is: Random Fire Mode still exists. I can't imagine how bad fighting would be without it. /sarcasm off
  11. Looks great so far. Yet i am struggling with making out wich function is hided behind wich button. Question @admin Did i miss the right Button, or do i really have to pay some fee to see what Ressources i have in the Warehouse of another Outpost? Nevertheless, i don't get the point of passenger fees. Either you make sure PvP will be only fo full-time-Players, or you have them very cheap so it doesn't affect anything. One more Question: What's the purpose on "you don't get the possibility to have your Shipyard back"?
  12. PvE-Server: No pain, no gain, no risk, no fun PvP-Server: Pain, gain, risk & fun
  13. Why you think so? Outposts are of crucial importance to bring Players together for fighting. How often do i read "Enemy Player at X (Harbor name)" and think: too bad i dont have an Outpost there. Looking at Map: Next Outpost is at Y, and by the time i sail from Y to X, the enemy has sailed far, far away. You would make that Problem even worse by reducing outpost number. Or do you wish to force every Player (without Alts) into "decide between Crafter, Trader or Fighter... you don't get a chance to try all of them"? (and thereby forcing more players to have Alts?) I really would enjoy to have maybe 10 or even 12 Outposts. To be able to join fights, to be able to compete on Contracts, so to have more fun playing.
  14. @dark lord rediii You knew about the Possibility to bring small ships into PBs and let them cap the Circles. But you did not bring some own fast, small ships to counter that. So the better Tactic made Prussia win the battle, despite the fact they had the worse Guiding and not so many skilled Players in their Main Fleet. You may learn from it (like "next time we'll think more about Tactics and Fleet composition"), or you can complain about not having won and Players using the Variety of the Game, wich sounds a like a little Child stamping on the Ground an shouting "but i want candies!". Anyway: I totally agree with the ones who want to ban all DLC Ships from Port Battles, at least as long they have no non-DLC Counterparts with same BR and equal Capabilities. It is Pay to Win at the Moment. But to this Discussion: It was not the Existing of the Requin, it was simply one Party thinking about small ships and one not.
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