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  1. not entirely sure... I know that the French used gun count rather than rates... and generally used the term... Man of War... so... a 5th rate with 36 guns would be called... a 36 gun Man O War... and a 100 gun First rate ship of the line would be called... a !00 Gun Man O War. The USA adopted this as well later on... mostly because of qualms with Imperial Britain and their alliances with the French.
  2. LOL so funny. We also have the Ship-Sloop Rattlesnake... just to throw one in their.
  3. Yes perhaps... however. the rating system in game is similar to the British rating system... gun count and tonnage should be included in calculating a true ship of the line... in this game 3rd rate, 2nd rate and 1st rate are considered ships of the line... you can use a 4th rate like a true ship of the line... but its structure and armor thickness will be inferior most of the time.
  4. Agreed, not sure of a solution though... I will save my opinion for another time I think.
  5. Yes... I believe they will ad more paints to DLC later... after the colors are applied to models.... after all I know we want the paints to look correct.
  6. Well said sir, well said indeed.
  7. I would agree with you, especially if you want to try a ship out that is super rare... to see if you like it. Some super rare ships are not that good for sailing... some of them are for collectors. This is of course assuming you would be afraid to lose it... many different personalities out their you know.
  8. I say just give me all the slots right away... the rank grind should be more real than the ship grind... Rank is where I get promoted... it doesn't make sense to me that a ship gets promoted... but hey its the Devs game... it will be what they want in the end. Three cheers to the frigates and their gallant Captains!
  9. I am a hard core PVPer… I go to the Peace server because I have buddies that went their... also I can try to encourage them to join me on the War server... Three cheers to the frigates and their gallant Captains.
  10. Well, it seems to me that you are implying that playing on PVE server is not having the brain ON. This smells a deliberate try to flame or troll to derail the thread, but I'm not a moderator so my opinion is not relevant. I think he is just a PVE hater... many of them on PVP server... If not... he is probably just tired of hearing complaining continually from a crowd of players that have received so much content added since day 0 of game development... Anyway... just something to consider.
  11. also... some Peace server players would like to PVP once in a while... a simple attack function where the attacked player has to consent by choosing to engage would work well... many of the peace server players would like to PVP... they just don't want to get ganked is all. So a less libral approach to PVP on the PVE server... when someone gets attacked... the attacked player then could choose... ENGAGE or... EVADE applications... if the player is running goods... he/she will likely EVADE... if in a warship the player may... ENGAGE... if the player doesn't want PVP on the peace server... there are plenty of NPCs available to kill also... Just a thought. Three cheers to the frigates and their gallant Captains.
  12. This I second as well... a simple request for 1v1 battle instead of an open world battle... interesting and creative says I.
  13. Maybe we should merge... welcome everyone to the one great Naval Action game... high risk... high rewards.
  14. over 300 players get on during the weekend... sometimes over 400. Some days less some days more... it just depends on when players feel like getting on and hunting. Some players on the PVE server are newer and may migrate to the PVP server after they have learned a bit more about mechanics... either way... newer players should be advised to do the tutorials and complete the Final Exam. They will be in more ship shape then for a hostile PVP environment. I know these newer players are really itching for combat.
  15. The Le Requin is a pirating ship... its all its good for and I like it that way... Remember … the Xebec is best at picking on foes much smaller than herself.
  16. Yes, yes , yes… we need something like this. We had this when we had the Combat Arena a long time ago...I like the idea of having this as a place available in the open world. Perhaps players that join offer an amount of dabloons or reals and the other player has to match... winner takes all. Would be good fun and the fighting arena would be high stakes, and high competition.
  17. this will take some practice in timing... but you can do it.
  18. yep already started to work on this. Its an old oversight. It is really really an oversight that currently is taking longer to level building second rates now (if you take into account LH) awesome... nice , excellent.
  19. I am also a crafter... and I agree whole heartily with this... I really feel that something like this should be implemented... please lets get rid of crafting RNG.
  20. What goes around comes around...
  21. Yes, the fleet ship should turn away from the location of the enemy in instance toi escape and gain wind to get out... for now the best thing to do is to get between the opponent and your trade ship... engage opponent... set your fleet ship you want to escape to stop... then tell it to run away after you push your opponent into the wind... you will need a fast but cheap ship for this... this has worked nearly every time for me... the likelihood of you losing your own ship is good... but if the goods escape with the trader then itsd worth it... its like paying for suicide security. Kamikazie attack!
  22. They are being creative, trying to keep their ports using in game mechanics... if you do arranged battles for fun it would be different... but this is a war game... and war is fought on many more levels than just combat. Their is espianoge, secrecy, trade wars, and area denial in addition to the tactical game. I don't find it stupid, players are just trying to keep their winnings from the conqueror nations that's all.
  23. Agreed, I would like to see a said fort shooting at everything... what a fiasco! This would be fun.
  24. To answer this I will ask you a question... is it right that we as players know the thickness of the ship designs in game? The AI is fighting more intelligently … huh, good on em then I say. Maybe there can be a random selection regarding the quality of AI we fight when doing missions or fighting open world NPCs. Just to toss it up a bit.
  25. This would have to be in order to remove rage ganking by defeated players.
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