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  1. I say yes to ship contracts... 1 vote from me... not sure why it would be bad to post in shop for... Teak/Teak Trincomale or something like that for a specific price... especially if you are a solo player just looking to buy a ship at a specific price. This would also give the port a chance at double tax... posted contract... 10% tax... filled contract... 10% tax. Not a bad idea... would beat having to always list in chat about wants... many players likely still would list in global chat for ship sales... however... still may be a good function to have.
  2. Be slow to speak and slow to wrath my friends, but quick to hear what the other may have to say, in so doing you shall spread a seed of peace. Unless it is war you want of course... then let the games begin!
  3. Yes she is very expensive... she is a Big DLC. But I like her...
  4. Yes... I agree with you on this... I think that the DLC ships should be DLC permits... what say you?
  5. Rattvisan is a well balanced ship... I would use her against any other 4th rate in game... she is not over powered in any way and I like the fact that she can mount 24 pound guns. While she is a DLC, in my book I would rate her right their with any other 4th rate in game... the 6 bow guns are cool... and if they are historically accurate then I am happy with them... if not... 2 or 4 would be efficient enough for my taste, but I will take the 6 bow guns any day. Her handling is just right in my opinion and can be tampered with by using upgrades and books... very cool ship indeed. Good work Devs! A truly nice looking model!
  6. I think it would be better also if the DLCs were Craftables that cost no Dabloons to craft. This would make sense because the game is centered around a player driven economy... all this being said, I have all the DLCs and am enjoying these ships... perhaps these DLCs will become permits instead one day... permits with a cool down. This way... the wood types and materials required would still need to be collected for building the ship and would nullify the effect of the easy DLC ship. Now there is another argument that is also valid... that, if a customer purchased a DLC ship with real money, that they could use it right away in whatever build they want every 24 hours. Its not free, we pay real money to run these ships... The DLC ships also provide the more relaxed community of this game to enjoy larger vessels than schooners and brigs. But all the same, I personally would have no issues with the DLC ships getting switched to DLC permits. Other players I am sure would have a ham with this, and this would be due expected because... after all they paid for the ship. Anyway.. this was my 1/2 cent worth. Good luck and sail safe.
  7. In game they are translated to be on their own deck... however... they are just on the rail... not sure if this impacts game mechanics yet.
  8. This is true... should always disable these if ranged fighting is occurring.
  9. Thank you for the Pandora! I have been looking forward to this neat little ship for some time now and look forward to using her... The Pandora is a great ship for open world hunting... she will be good for preying on traders and is fast enough to do some scout work. Excellent and useful little ship in my opinion. If you run Medium cannons on her... she is fully manned all the time, guns and sailing with 6 or so crew left for boarding passively... very efficient little ship. Thank you Devs! She reminds me a lot of a Surprise... perhaps with the maneuvering between a Cerberus and a Surprise. The Pandora does seem to bleed the momentum while going through the wind just a tad faster than my Surprise... but that could be due to the fact my Surprise has some good upgrades on it...
  10. Only repair when you can disengage... this works best... it takes more time but I come out of battle a bit less shredded. And make sure to use chain shot to defoliate the enemy ship early game, this is very important. Especially if the player is not very good at mast sniping.
  11. Yes, this is my combat solution too... just need to be patient and win the long game. I meen long game as... it takes maybe 30 minutes to do now what used to take 15 minutes. Just an example.... I have to sail carefully if I want to win … and if at all possible only to sail broadside if the NPC has fired already.
  12. Yes, it has always been easier to far rates lower than.... it just seems very easy to encourage the AI to follow me into the wind and get in irons or taken aback.
  13. Yeah, its easy to encourage the AI to do so... I know exactly what you are referring to.
  14. Ah, yes fir is a very bad wood... oak is doable and teak is better in my experience... I hope this helps... also, it is very important to maneuver in a way that reduces your own silouette when fighting especially at close range. In regards to using Medium Guns... I have been using them as of late on a frigate made of Oak/Oak. It is slow... but if you put basic light rudder and sir william congreives sights... plus a basic cannon pen. mod on the ship the AI becomes far easier to deal with... cannon accuracy mods will also give you a slight advantage to ranged combat... long ranged combat takes some time to master... but can be done. I won several AI mission this way... to note also one more thing... it is important to have double shot perk. What you have to do is maneuver first... into positions that encourage the AI ship to fire at you at a little bit of an angle... this helps to reduce damage taken... then fire a broadside of regular shot at medium range... say 200-300 meters away into the AI... you may have to repeat this a couple times as you will need to reduce the side structure to around 80% or so... then close range and hit the AI with double shot... already loaded from a while ago, you may have to maneuver in a way to gain a slight wind advantage, then dump the double shot into the enemy ships at point blank range... angling your ship away as soon as you fire your guns... This is imperative to reduce damage taken from AI ship. Then disengage and create distance again. Rinse dry repeat. I hope this helps you. It works very well for me. Good luck and enjoy the combat!
  15. This was necessary because the AI was far too easily farmed with little to no skill required. I think this update was inevitable.
  16. I agree with this, players need to practice demasting ships and repaire/sailing timing. If one can master these points... then defeating AI is really quite easy.
  17. I don't have this issue... I sank an Essex AI with my Surprise and I won in an overwhelming way, many players don't understand that you can turn faster and remain on the enemies stern if you depower and lower your sails at the right moments.... this game requires skill to play, those that develop these skills will win regardless of mods. This is my experience... more practice makes more perfect... especially with combat. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains!
  18. Sounds good Admin & Devs…. you have worked hard on this game to make it good, I look forward to playing a final product. I cant wait to test the HMS Pandora.
  19. Yeah… especially to AFK traders... I had to poke.
  20. Not sure I agree with this... many Vet players are willing to risk their stuff... look at the Pandoras being captured on the PVP server... or that Diana that was captured on the PVP server... or the Victory that got capped the other day right outside La Tortue… the list is endless... I guess all I am trying to say is... some of us aren't really afraid of losing our ships anymore... we are kind of past that. Don't get me wrong... I do get your point... and I do know there are many players that avoid an even fight for good reason... not everyone is sitting on a keg of gold these days. In time this may change though... as they will accumulate more wealth and the risks taken will become more prolific, because the risk can be afforded. This is why economy is so important in this game. How you make your reals matters not... as long as you make them... same for dabloons.
  21. Yes... and does chain actually in the physical world cause less from a distance where the chain is falling? And... is it imperative that the chain shot damage drops off as it does when its use is very limited.... meaning, we run out so fast... we have to be surgical with the chain shot... I am not opposed to this... but it does make it far harder for the solo player to stay alive... just a thought. I understand balancing the game... however, if one type of shot is going to be limited... is it not logical to consider having all shots be limited and giving the ammo load out to the players to decide what they want to carry instead of being limited to the current ammo loadout... I know there are mods for giving extra shots of Double shot or Chain... they are called extra shot rations in game and are equipped as permanent upgrades. I still think it would be cool to be able to monitor my own shot types and amounts to be loaded. Ammo types would also open up even more stuff for the community to craft in game... more uses for iron ore and coal. But if the shot comes available in port as well for purchase... that would be cool too. This would allow players to deck out their ships for specific tasks... some ships in the fleet may load more chain shot than others... and double shot would cause you to just go through more ball ammo a bit sooner... also consider gun powders… and allowing players to load units of gunpowder on board according to or with the amounts of shot you have... this would be immersive and fun too... gun powder would have a market as a consumable, and shot types the same... These consumable goods could start in the game as just being available in port from the in engine trader..." automatically available", so that players could test this out... If considering production of such goods... one ton of iron ore and coal would make so many round balls... or chain shot. Coal and sulfer would make Gun Powder... I think this is an interesting concept and should be reviewed. Lets see what you guys think. Three cheers to the frigates and their gallant Captains. .
  22. Don't forget Oak my friend... Oak was used in the construction of many Line Ships.
  23. Yes... need to be careful what you use now... especially if you don't want the ship stricken and sinking from ball ammo impacting all that rear framework.. cannons flying powder igniting... mayhem.... may be better to use grape after the first stern raking... or at least when the stern armor is gone... this is working for me anyway...
  24. If you aim just right... your chain will travel between the sails and the yard arms... I have done this before also.... sometimes the chain shot... if too tight a convergence is used will pass between the masts... it will look a little like the chain is hitting sails... but it actually is going barely past... also if your range is too far... you may not be able to do a lot with chain as it is for now. Cheers!
  25. Yah, the 4th rates seems to be a mosh pit of older ships and ships of newer origion that may have had multiple uses... 4th rate is a very general term. Its almost as if the commanders said... this is an older 3rd rate or say 74 gun Man O War... lets make it a 4th rate and only assign 450 crew to it... it is still useful as a support ship. Just seems like this anyway.
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