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  1. I understand you are only speaking out of concern, but how you worded this comes across as a threat, please be careful how you word your script in the forums. The first few lines are informative... the last line is not needed to prove your point. I am only speaking to you as in concern, because players have been banned for less in the past. Lets keep our discussions as contructable as possible, and allow the devs to build the game they dreamed of. Once the game is released, some will play and some will not, in the end it will be designed in accordance to how the game labs team wants it. Happy gaming, and keep bringing in the info.
  2. Perhaps make it so that the coalitions change once in a while... or can be effected by players actions... to force coalition changes through commerce and political stunts. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains. This could be used to make great importance to open world trade/commerce in effort to gain the respect of a crown. The more the trade flowing into specific ports from enemies can contribute to turning an NPC faction in favor of another NPC faction, but its up to the players of course... the goods involved could be anything from jewels and gold... to breads and gunpowder... I could see entire clans focusing on this type of commerce to conduct global dominion efforts to their benefit. P.S. This would also insure that more traders would be out on the open seas for pirates to hunt in the open world. This would be worth the risk though because the rewards would be global influence and elite rewards.
  3. Don't worry, anything could happen, stats I am sure can be readjusted. Lets collect the data and give it to the developers, allowing them to sort out the issue in what they feel is right.
  4. Yay! we can have an actual Connie!? This is awesome!
  5. If anything is to be implemented at this point, I highly recommend not making anything more secure than it already is in game. Security through effort says I.
  6. Hmm... interesting subject... I think it should be ok to make an infinite number of tows per day if it costs the sender reals and the towed ship(s) are required to sail in game in the open world between ports... so as to encourage piracy... this way it could not be exploited to simply be cheap insurance not to lose ships. That's my two cents worth any way. Good idea provoker.
  7. Ooooo, num, num, num says I... Good on the Devs! This is something that I have been looking forward to. Cant wait to hear what the clans do with this.
  8. No, I disagree mate... its FORGED PAPERS, and its perfect for hard core piracy.
  9. I see your point, however, I use the name change forger DLC to disappear and start in a faction, then I go pirate and attack their shipping, if this is done, my nitch way of playing the game will be destroyed, I don't do it to be a pain mind you. I do this because this is a good way to represent true piracy in game... and I love it. This suggestion you have made should only be applied to friendly nationals, not enemy faction. For same faction it works, but enemy faction is redundant. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains.
  10. The only issue is in the sped up anti gank mechanic.. if we are invisible and the other enemy players are invisible to us after battle for say 2 minutes then how could they regank if you pass over the horizon.at normal speed while invisible?.. having an extended time for being engaged just seems a little redundant to me. I will post nothing more here now regarding this... please continue on topic from this point... sorry mates.
  11. @adminThis is interesting... this woul also make a lot of players happy that they could run a chance at getting a one time use version of a said DLC ship... it would also help to advertise the DLCs a little too.
  12. @adminThis is very good to see, I am in favor of a hand full of reward permits... most ships should be easily craftable at most players fingertips except the line ships. I think most 5th rates should not require a permit if the 5th rate mounts anything smaller than a 24 pound gun. Any ship that mounts a 24 pound or larger gun on its lower most gun deck should require a permit in my opinion,. But if you were to leave just say 4 or 5 specific ships as special combat rewards then that would be really cool. Just need to keep the bulk of the light frigate/privateering navy available to anyone that would wish to craft these small and fast ships. Heavy frigates(24 pound) and line ships could still require permits. In my book this would be ok.
  13. @adminConsider this... you are invisible to all player and all players are invisible to you after escaping battle for at least 1 full minute. This would insure far less successful repeated gank attempts. Seems simple and would it be possible to input this into game? If one minute is not enough just try 2 minutes then... but the two way invisibility is important. Cheers
  14. I only kitted when I was attacked in the past by over whelming numbers... but since the great chain shot nerf "kitting" as it were is next to impossible. And having limited chain shot has made it harder for the solo player to survive. I am in favor of having all shot types be manageable by the player... to choose how much ball or chain is on the ship... these numbers would be large, and ammo could be a new in game consumable. Double shot would just make you go through all your ball faster... we would have to keep track of this then and would need to be careful how we plan our escapades... could you imagine running out of ammo in a port battle and being required to board in order to win? Just a thought. This would help replicate the total carnage of battle. I personally would eat this up and enjoy this aspect in game... manageable ammos, as in... hmmm lets see, I think I need more chain for myself over ball because I know I am running a trade ship and want to survive... or, hmmm... my friends and I are going to do a port battle and we want more ball ammo and maybe 7 broadsides of chain... but no more chain than that. We could decide our shot load out and tailor the loadout to near perfection for the type of game we want to play… weather kitting is our game... or brawling. We after all cant help that the French tended to engage at longer ranges as not to risk over damaging their own ships, the British on the other hand liked their Carros historically and usually got close and messy. Both styles of fighting were used and to good effect historically in a few situations each. Fighting a kitting player would be frustrating... but it is only a wear down tactic... eventually after about half an hour of long range engagement, the players will grapple and their will be a boarding, I know because this is how I used to play... most other players just weren't as patient as I was... I got called boring and after 15 minutes of long range fighting, in my experience... most players bow out and leave. Of course it is evident to note that the last player that bowed out of a game attacked me in a Pandora, I was far away at the start of the battle in my Diana, I maneuvered around through the wind and forced the player to follow me beating the wind... their ship was far more maneuverable than mine, I felt I had no choice but to destroy their advantages.... I planned to deliver a crippling blow of double shot once I gained the wind advantage, but the player got impatient and left... but I am telling myself that they counted the better part of valor and realized they bit a bit more off than they could chew. Any way this is what happens to me regularly, no complaints here though, I use these mechanics to stay alive in a world full of team hunters. The solo player cant be too careful. Good luck and have fun!
  15. Assuredly... this is how it should be... after all, in many naval fights a ship after being severely shelled well enough would be ordered to strike her colors... some battles only lasted a few minutes. Others went on and on, from morning to the next day... to the next day.
  16. I understand you to a point mate... but lets make one thing very clear... the DLC ships are inferior to the craftable ships in most cases... the only one that is over powered is the Hercules right now... but it is very fragile and is considered a bit of a glass cannon. If a player understands the Hercules' weaknesses... she is easily defeated. And the Rattvissan, is just a inferior version of a WASA in my book... the WASA has a good advantage over the Rattvissan. For a short time I could see the DLC ships being predominant, but good players will run the meta, what ever that is. If the meta is a DLC ship, then the DLC ship will be seen always, if the meta is a craftable ship, then you will always see that craftable ship. Welcome to the world of battle gaming and the world of wargaming. In my opinion, the DLC ships are weaker in general to most craftable counterparts. The Hercules is the only one that needs adjustment in my opinion... just make her incapable of having that one deck of big guns... people love putting Poods on her... make it so it cant take them says I... but then there would probably be an uproar regarding how useless the ship is without the five extra Poods on each side. Honestly it would not hurt my feelings to see Hercules get a nerf on her lower and upper gun decks. Top deck 6 pounders... lower deck 12 pounders... can take 32 pounders on all decks... and no Poods, this would fix the Hercules for me. I am sure many other players would not use the Hercules as much though if this was done as she would lose her competitive edge. I know though that I could still use her to good effect, she would still be a good trader hunter. Of which I use her for most of the time... great little pirate ship says I. Best of wishes and fair seas mate. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains!
  17. Bad analogy... I know... me and Davy Jones be friends, trust me thar be majics in the workings in these waters. Aharr.
  18. I am really quite sure this was intended in the long run... the clans will be the professional navies and we loners will run what we can afford to. Small and light privateering vessels... it will be a beautiful historical mess, and I look forward to it... just need to know how to solo. Very hard, but can be done at a profit. Mind me now mate … I get your frustration but... if we are just in this for ourselves, like I am for instance... then we will have to be Corsairs, managers of our own little destiny.
  19. I disagree mate, we Prussians like to open world hunt and will do so regardless of the Russian stature, we are cut throat and vigorous hunter, beware, once the wolves hunt, the oceans seem to flee.
  20. Yay! Map wipe! I look forward to redeveloping my economy... Will resources be wiped also? I haven't read the entire thread... but, this is great news too. I look forward to seeing how putting the power of the ports in the players hands works... very cool idea.
  21. Please see my post above... also remember … that while moving through a turn and if moving the guns, at the same time, accuracy is hurt... musts steady before releasing broadsides...depending on how the fight is going and how close range the fight is… this becomes a bit less important, mast sniping is key to many victories in PVP as well, and can be applied any where if the Commander is patient enough for a long game. Good video, reflects the game well. I hope you do more videos later as some newer players will find these videos helpful. And as far as narrating goes... yer just fine mate. Three cheers for the frigates and their gallant Captains! P.S. I have been waiting for the HMS Pandora to come available... the developers have not disappointed on delivery, very good little ship and in the right hands is capable of taking on any 5th rate. Her masts are fragile... so I would recommend a mast refit that bolsters thickness and hit points if intending PVP. Teak/Teak plus speed mods and maneuvering enhancers and … behold the beast!
  22. The Pandora fire high because you are leaving the 2 pound swivels active, gotta deactivate them... then she shoots as fine as the Surprise. Have to be picky with when to engage that 2 pound swivel gun deck, it throws aiming off a bit otherwise. Especially in regards to mediums or longs.
  23. Are you familiar with Tempest? This Pirate action RPG has an interesting skill building model for your own personal character... but you have to make choices to unlock certain things, once having done so, certain other perks are locked, and can not be used. Skill points are earned by sinking or capturing enemy ships. Once a said amount of experience is earned another perk may be purchased for that specific character. This could be applied to the "Officers" or "Captains" controlling the ships in a players fleet or on a players ship. As the player runs his/her ship and fights combat, the "Officers" on board the ship would would gain experience for being their. Win or lose.. if the "Officers" were their they would accrue points to eventually put twards special perks... The "Gunnery Sergeant" may have a perk that buffs reload speed. The "First Officer" boosts moral and boosts crew transfer speeds. The "Officer of the Watch" could bolster the readiness speed at the onset of combat. The "Captains" for in the fleet could have a skill set model similar to the players... but is upgraded according to experience points. And one more thing... make it so that if a player choses to surrender his ship before losing all his crew and such from a failed boarding, or from sinking to a worthy opponent, that the player that surrendered would not lose their officers. Otherwise the officers would be wounded and you would have to wait to use those specific officers for 24 hours. We would need to have several of each officer type available to us as players to use in combat and upgrade with experience points earned in game by the "Officer" NPC being used. These were my thoughts, I hope they are helpful. Three cheers to the frigates and their gallant Captains!
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