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  1. Doesn't work for me, first ever try, it launches from Steam, I see the icon pop up on the bar, black screen in game mouse curor, and that's it. It works, just had to close the Steam, and start it again.
  2. Does anyone have something like that? I'm in 1st Winchester now, I though I'll do it slowly, but then it ends at 13:15, and I'm left with 4908/167. I have 20 saves from this battle alone, so it's a matter of changing tactics and I'll be good, but it would be good to know the end hours for each. I could of course play, and see by myself, but that's time saving.
  3. Done, but not exactly. I'm close to finish, just need to arrange the last part even better, so I played just to win, and take a screen, check the stats, see how it went. That's day 1, the very first thing I wanted to achieve, I still might do the 2nd day, especially since I can farm Union now. From today, better results. That's it. I'm calling it a victory, and heading out to camp.
  4. I'm currently here, trying to as always find the best method possible to dominate. 1. Top area red marker. 2 inf units, 1 artillery. At 01:54 +2 infantry units appears, +1 artillery unit. At 01:27 +3 infantry units appear, +1 artillery unit. Which means I have 00:27 whatever that is, to use the advantage in my favor and attack with 6 infantry units +2 artillery units. It's impossible to break anything in such a short amount of time, I might only lower their numbers. That's the 1st option, attack, and fall back to take cover, or 2nd just full attack, attack to the end of the right flank part. 2. Middle area red marker, that bother's me, but there's nothing I can do about it because focusing on this part, means the whole top is impossible to be done the way I want, the way it's best to be done, pushing from left to right. I've already started surrounding the left flank, that creates some sort of wedge in between the Union Armies, which prevents them from getting together, running in these directions. Left flank is meant to be reinforcements, right flight does it's part, and later stays in position. Left flank moves in and creates a horseshoe, which leads to victory at day 2. That's the plan, now all I want is to do it the best possible way. I didn't bother with the gunboat even once, during any play through on Shiloh, it's not worth it, though cannon placement surely is important, as well places guns can get XXX numbers. That's my raport from the battlefield. I'm not afraid about the 2nd part of the left flank, because I already did that and I know that Union will evaporate, it's the 1st part of the right flank, and 2nd part of the right flank, that's troublesome. Update, that's what I want to achieve, but better, surround them, and lower their numbers.
  5. Doable, but with the results close to what I was expecting +10k casulties inflicted, +10k casulties suffered. I was on the landing, already captured it, +/- 10 seconds and I would've won. Now, need to decide, if i want to do it the 1st day, or the 2nd. Out of all casulties sustained 9460 are from my army. That was 2nd test fast run, on max speed. 121k $ after draw, 12k recruits, 3k left after unit replenishment.
  6. Oh, hi there pandakraut, I just happen to watch your YT videos about Shiloh today . nice to see you here. This is my save pre Shiloh, and I think this is what I went to battle with, I didnt play from this moment, but some in progress 1st part, left flank. The only thing that I can think of that could change is my supply, other than that, everything is the same as on the screen.
  7. Are there any advantages to play day 2? Other than to farm kills, which Im after, and capture more armament. Did a test run on major general, 28k vs 11k. It was I think almost a year ago, since I last played, need to remind myself a lot. More runs will be made, which will mean more casulties inflicted, and less suffered, but I need to know whats better, do the 1st run, or 2nd, because that will mean some things are going to change during the play through.
  8. Siloh is the first challenge, doable, but as for me, the very first time when higher difficulty is noticeable. 2k against 2.9k, 9 hundrets makes a difference. I thought weather I should do it on 1.5k units, but it's the highest time to finaly increase infantry in size up to 2k [I guess]. 15 units this time. [INF] 4 x Springfield M1842, [INF] 2 x Rebored Farmer, [INF] 5 x Farmer, 2 x [ART] 8 6PDR, [CAV] 2 x Palmetto M1842. No fancy equipment, no high ranked leaders, I like to keep it real, even though the outcome of the battles never is... It does bother me, when it comes to casulties, and it's even worse knowing, that CSA is in a huge disadvantage here. I feel attached to my soldiers. Your army almost shrinked in half. I might spent a lot of time here, but I'm quite certain, it's not a place for miracles, even Hari Pota won't help. Later it will only get worse.
  9. Videos are easy to make, you want to see them coming? I might be wrong on some, they might be engine limitations, and other things that are unable to be changed, due to the way the game is made, but plenty of work to be done, still an early release, far from being called finished game, with missing features, and options. ...I remember you, you're that midget squeeker kid, YouTube star wanna be, that keeps on spawning his gameplays. You got a link to my topic, provide better score [only K/D ratio matters, nothing else], you have as much time as you like, I will ignore your failplays on YouTube. Challenge accepted? Major General, Confederate campaign. 08.08.2018 Seeing I just did 4 missions, you don't have that much to work on.
  10. You are still -3k casulties, but thank you for the screenshot. Downloaded version 1.09 from the internet, loaded my saves, reinforcements appeared at 3.07~ minute mark. I will finish this mission this way, then just load the save on Steam. Yes, I do. I have been here since an early release. Purchased the game, saw that forum is mostly ignored by everyone responsible for the game, made a refund, got it. Patches started to appear, bought it again, and... Déjà vu, just as everything was ignored, it still was. As I have wrote before, I would not be so salty if Nick admitted he is a fool, and this project was more than he was capable of doing. Just say it, make a topic where he apologize his customers. This game had a potential. Another problem is that it was not tested, and seeing you are of these so called "testers" you are responsible for the poor state of the game. What did Nick tell you to do? What kind of test have you done? Click an icon on the desktop, and see if it works? It launches, so ya, it works, test completed.
  11. I am not expecting Nick to answer, because he does not even give a fck about this forum, or the Steam one, bugs, or anything at all. Have I asked for this? No. Did anyone else? I hardly doubt. This game has a lot of flaws, this change is just another one, that needs to be added to the list. Topic will remain unedited, by me. Dropping so called patches, that only fck with the players, insteading of making them enjoy the game more, is ridiculous.
  12. I took a break, skipped 1.10 & 1.11, got back, and as the topic name says, no reinforcements came. I was close to 1 minute left, but got defeated. Is that timer an indicator, to when they arrive? I found out, this > Player reinforcements in Battle "Stay Alert" delay more to make the battle more challenging. To whoever thought that was a good updated, are you sick in your head? Do you have tumor of some kind, that prevent you from logically thinking? Maybe on the easiest difficulty, it is easy, but on higher, just as the whole Confederate campaign, no. 12,500 enemy infantry Vs 6000 mine, not to mention 4 x 400~ size cavalry units, and 2 x 300~ size skirmisher units. I have 1 cannon unit as a support. They just rush, no wonder. An advantage, attack from three sides, forests to hide in. It was already challenging, and difficult enough, there was completely no need to make it even more frustrating. I tried it couple times on Major Difficulty, no suprise, only defeats. My army gets overrun, and broken. Is there any point in playing this crap anymore, or just skip it? You get a bit of cash, and soldiers, 4500 to be exact. Since I am losing nearly 2000 at the beginning, I am afraid that it would look exactly as in this topic, Ambush Convoy, where the trade off is not worth it. You can also see a screen from a test run on the 1.09 from Stay Alert, and my outcome... So... anyone, anything? Sonner, or later, I will figure this out anyway, but I must say, I am more than unhappy to see something like that.
  13. It has been reported, just as so many other things. Were they adressed? Mostly not, plenty of issues, and bugs still exist. Early access might be over, and game had its official release, but it is far from it. I assume it did not sell well, and Nick the Developer, decided it was just not worth patching it, over, and over again, he gave up.
  14. As I dont have access to Perkon account, I had to register again. I already wrote about issue while naming saves 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 etc., they simply do not work at all [or just some of them], and instead of starting in the game at the last saved position, you end up in a camp. I have not been playing for months, just installed, and I will not say it is a suprise. Fix the game.
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