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    too hard for new players

    Like its not hard once youve figured out how to play. The point of this post is it is very difficult until youve started to manually sail angle aim such things but your first mission agaisnt a brig or snow is hard, almost prohibitive for new bros. Im just saying thief missions should be against a single rank 7 not vrs 2 or vrs rank 6. And the 4th to top rank should have 470 crew while the previous one should be 350 and the one before that 250. The progression doesnt make sense otherwise. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  2. squeekydoor

    too hard for new players

    like ive progressed really well im 20k xp from the top level (curse) but the issue still stands that the beginning missions are too difficult to do when you first walk into the game. The 1st 2nd 3rd 4th rank missions are easy. But the beginner missions are actually kinda hard especially comparatively. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  3. I started this game 3 weeks ago played like 150 hours(absolutely love it) but if i did not join a clan willing to help me at every turn(KOTO) right away this game is impossible. The lower level missions put you up against multiple ships of your tier or a single ship of a higher tier. And then you get into a inde and your missions now pay nothing because they haven't changed since the beginning. You cant run 4th rate missions because you dont have enough crew to use a 4th rate till the third to top rank(makes no sense why there is virtually 3 5th ranks) and then once your at 3rd rate with a decent ship grinding is in the right place. But as a new player its hard to get to that point you know. TLDR early missions too hard, no rank for 4th rate, then leveling gets easier. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
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    How long is downtime on 2/8/18? I said 0 minutes its been doing that all week.