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  1. Dear @admin I love the game own multiple copy’s and love to support the game have bought most of the dlc on my main and will buy more. I will be leaving positive reviews on all of my accounts throughout the next day. The issue people have are the best ships in the game are becoming dlc. Having dlc is great and I am going to pick up the last couple ships as soon as the patch hits. I am worried about the best first rate being dlc as it devalues the other ones. I love crafting ships I think it would be balanced if you could buy the permit for combat medals equivalent to br for other ships. Buy the dlc and get seasoned woods for you ships and a random bunch of port bonuses but if people could build them as well it would be a game changer. It would make crafting ships significantly more attractive while still letting people that have cash get seasoned wooded ships for the money. People feel left out of the ships. I love this game and am bringing in people. Please let us build dlc ships with combat medal permits. Thank you for everything, Squeekydoor
  2. Is there any way we can get a DLC that adds two ports to be available. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  3. Can we talk about just harvesting seasoned woods from forests then.
  4. I understand I use dlc but the rest of the community also matters and they are upset about them being seasoned. They are not upset that there in game there just upset there seasoned. The issue is that seasoned woods are as good as port bonuses so you can get away with just using them. I love the amount in game and I sail my redoubtable a lot I’m just speaking up for the little man.
  5. Is this so you could break it down as I don’t think this was intended.
  6. It’s not that I don’t have most of the dlc I just think the outcry from people is because of it.
  7. I feel the issue people are having with dlc ships is that you can get seasoned wooded ships And logs everyday without having to grind. I feel the community would feel better about these ships if they weren’t seasoned. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  8. Great Britain is also us based I am in pure and we have a decent amount of people on in us time zone
  9. When did this happen because if so that thing is gonna be the pb ship and the pavel is now worthless
  10. The port menu is amazing compared to what it used to be the battles seem about the same as 2017 which is a good thing but I’ve still seen fights take the full 90 min the big thing is I haven’t been seeing fights passed that really which is great. I just got back into it and am loving it. Good luck and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  11. I think the real issue with some of the ships is just the br value; which, is at the heart of this there are ships that are just not useable br wise. Like the Vic and the Buc. So if you balanced the br of these to be closer to the Christian it would be a lot better. The best way to balance the ships is just to do it with br. So if the redoubtable had a br near 540 it would be good but not as oppressive and this would go lore wise as tech got better and the british went away from the class system. This would put the irredeemable around 570 br on the same note lowering the buc and victory by 40 points would make them very viable in port battles. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  12. Like its not hard once youve figured out how to play. The point of this post is it is very difficult until youve started to manually sail angle aim such things but your first mission agaisnt a brig or snow is hard, almost prohibitive for new bros. Im just saying thief missions should be against a single rank 7 not vrs 2 or vrs rank 6. And the 4th to top rank should have 470 crew while the previous one should be 350 and the one before that 250. The progression doesnt make sense otherwise. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  13. like ive progressed really well im 20k xp from the top level (curse) but the issue still stands that the beginning missions are too difficult to do when you first walk into the game. The 1st 2nd 3rd 4th rank missions are easy. But the beginner missions are actually kinda hard especially comparatively. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
  14. I started this game 3 weeks ago played like 150 hours(absolutely love it) but if i did not join a clan willing to help me at every turn(KOTO) right away this game is impossible. The lower level missions put you up against multiple ships of your tier or a single ship of a higher tier. And then you get into a inde and your missions now pay nothing because they haven't changed since the beginning. You cant run 4th rate missions because you dont have enough crew to use a 4th rate till the third to top rank(makes no sense why there is virtually 3 5th ranks) and then once your at 3rd rate with a decent ship grinding is in the right place. But as a new player its hard to get to that point you know. TLDR early missions too hard, no rank for 4th rate, then leveling gets easier. Thanks and sail safe, Squeekydoor
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