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  1. They say that on ts or discord you are sometimes a likeable person bernadotte, i think they are just trolling.
  2. as long russia is in another alliance im fine
  3. reverse wasnt the first to do it. Cornelis made a post and a F11, than reverse saw it and use it
  4. so only alts are the problem wow, so friendly player WTF guy doing hosti, joinend by BF to raise a port is fair play, nice catch admin
  5. This exploit was mentioned by cornelis, he decided not to use (fairplay). reverse took advantage of it, he didnt know before, It was already a F11 and a post, Everyone who is doing after this post is in my eyes not testing but using a exploit, You can discuss whatever you want or make all kind of bs post, defs should act lets see what they do. All this post clouding the core issue.
  6. well it seems a response that works well, stop crying, wake up earlier, we nee more drama etc, i love the oneliners. The only influencer that actually can change something is anolytic.
  7. yeah why would you do it straight away in a proper manner, because this one you didnt see coming right........
  8. I can understand your way of thinking for a bit, but screening at puerto looked silly to me. Russians, french and dutch screening. Was there even a fight outside the pb? Alliances with a server population of average 400 people. For me personaly alliances are not written in stone, if one side gets to much dominance its no fun for all of us at the end.
  9. well thats what you get when you go for complicated alliances. What i found hilarious one day after prug3 gave a port to the dutch to get vicmarks, the dutch screen against sweden. Just fight for once instead of being on the diplo stuff just fight. If we dont have the numbers to screen but we see a chance to get a good fight with a other group from another nation against other bigger numbers we take it.
  10. dont know if a screenshot is made, what matters we had fun and i think both parties fought in a respectful way.
  11. i heard he found a new job, he is doing diplomacy for havoc clan,
  12. mess? the weather is beautiful at port morant, clean beaches and fresh air.
  13. damn daniel maybe you need to update your banner, gives good memories but you are cabal now, at least put a cute kitten in it, it will only give more tears to tonys he doenst know what clan that is, it was before his time when dutch where awesome.
  14. damn that are some cute kittens, maybe they where watching the fishing fleet returning to gustavia to get some fresh fish with dutch tears
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