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  1. As far as I know it's just a visual impact and doesn't accurately represent numbers. Would like to point out if you have an infantry brigade of about 1850 and above they are likely to suffer hundreds of casualties on first volley opposed to a brigade of 1000 for example. More men in a brigade, the greater the cost of first volley.
  2. Noted, thanks for reporting this. Cheers, Sanny (UG Tester).
  3. Definitely getting to Gettysburg is a great milestone in the game, the campaign battles do increase in difficulty from that point. The next major battle following Gettysburg, Chickamauga is arguably the most challenging battle of the game. I played the hell out of UG: Gettysburg so I know every trick in the book when it comes to the battle in UG: Civil War (even though it's more condensed, the three days are still a challenge). If you need any help/advice at any point, feel free to ask. All I would say for now, in the early Confederate Campaign, try not to lose too many troops,
  4. You will always have more success every time you start a new campaign, the second one especially, it's a learning experience. Glad you're enjoying the game by the way.
  5. Not necessarily you can harass artillery and fortified or well-covered infantry by moving your skirmishers back and forth behind enemy lines. Some may find it more effective to use Skirmisher Cavalry instead though. You can use standard skirmishers as "pickets" to cover your army's flanks as well or to use for scouting ahead. Most players will use skirmishers as sharpshooters and that's perfectly fine, however you can get a lot of use out of them by sending them on side-missions to help your main effort on an objective.
  6. I wouldn't even call it an exploit, it's more of an oversight, there should have been a required minimum to allow a Corps to be battle-ready, like filling a single Division with at least 3 brigades or units for it to be available for the battle and you'd still get that extra supply wagon. It's just the way the Army Management is designed for its command structure.
  7. Yup the Hotfix should have fixed this. If you have any further issues always remember to remove the Mod to isolate the issue. Be wary that if any unexpected patches and hotfixes are released (and unnoticed) this could conflict with the mod files, and therefore cause issues leading you to believe there is an issue with the game when in fact it's just an incompatibility/conflict issue caused by a mod.
  8. At this moment in time, there are no plans to add further content to Civil War as the game was considered "complete" by the Developers when it received the v1.09 patch.
  9. Lee wasn't on the battlefield as a commander until right before Antietam to replace Johnston it's not that far off, I think the game represents his introduction pretty well. All prior workings with Longstreet and Jackson were done from behind a desk in Richmond and he wasn't even supposed to be doing it.
  10. I've always went for single elite divisions. One to hold back and defend the rear and flanks which works excellent. Historically speaking Napoleon always did this in his wars, and it works for me. Because y'know one should always strive to be like Napoleon. At West Point, officers that would fight in the Civil War later were taught how to lead, command and fight like Napoleon. The result would be ridiculous casualties on either sides and some of the most frightening artillery barrages the world would ever see to that point. Also always keep them small to reduce costs, 750-1000 men per bri
  11. This is incorrect. I'll enquire about another patch to address these issues if it's possible. But there are understandable reasons as to why development has been currently finalised on UG: Civil War.
  12. As the game is now released and had its final patch issued, presumably means that the game is now finished. I don't believe there is any plans to improve Civil War in the future (though I'm not at liberty to rule this out). Having a button in-game that takes you to the historical battle page on wikipedia would have been interesting and useful, or even a "real results" screen at the end of the battle with researched information available. I will pass this idea on though for future reference. Thanks for contributing!
  13. Ah that's very interesting to know! Thanks for sharing. Stephan Lang really is an underrated actor, the transition between George Pickett and then Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson within 10 years is astonishing, like two completely different people, but I suppose that's an actor's job. Even with James Cameron's Avatar, Lang playing the Colonel, absolutely amazing.
  14. The 1993 Gettysburg isn't perfection but it's a pretty good TV movie (of which is the longest ever made), it deserved a theatrical release because the quality was there. It's probably the closest you will get to the real Civil War experience other than participating in reenactments yourself. Even the 150th Gettysburg reenactment was nothing like the film, and if you look at how they made the film it is incredible. Thousands of extras and all that organisation, make-up and wigs, constant effects, authentic uniforms and weaponry, filming cameras on rails going up and down the real national park.
  15. Any such game will have to be bigger and better than before. I remember launching Civil War for the first time, I was blown away by how improved and expanded the gameplay was from Gettysburg (a title I played through countless times before). The first CSA and Union missions caught me off-guard with stuff I wasn't expecting, the forts, the ironclads, the armoured trains... Any such sequel will have to take a risk and delve into uncharted waters too. If it's anything though, I've heard a lot of my friends say they wished Civil War had an actual campaign map, at least something you could mov
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