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  1. ok so I suspected that taking more damage was resulting in requiring more repair crew so I took significantly more and did a repair: https://gyazo.com/c65f211554f84426a70ab7c395e9016a] this post may be redundant given that it appears the more damage you take the more sailing crew required.
  2. Another repair WITHOUT survival books: https://gyazo.com/3a196e71618406400f5e841d79320835 1 crew was killed here.
  3. Just to show: crew is 155 but the total numbers on the right is 154 (noticed this with the prince sometimes also) https://gyazo.com/bae44e3898efc638c205e101de189612
  4. Ok, I just did another text with the same ship with survival books: https://gyazo.com/151c1511e0866dcae7ddbcfdee685d8d This time it is taking 13/13 crew, which was less than both previous tests. Maybe I have misunderstood how the crew requirement for a repair is calculated and survival books is in fact working correctly. Please enlighten us 2 crew were possibly dead during this test. 2 were dead, and total crew was 152 probably because of marine math.
  5. TLDR: Survival books seems to increase the number of crew required to repair
  6. Ok so I set out to understand what the last line of text means in survival books. Upon reading my initial interpretation was that when using this skill-book the amount of crew required to repair the hull/sails would be reduced by 1%. (I have already been informed this is a text error artefact and is intended to say -0.1 which would be 10%) https://gyazo.com/9d60b79e82243f148febe3ebb4e42862 Naturally, I was wondering how powerful this effect was due to the ambiguity in ship knowledge text and set out to test it. I placed it on my usual Niagara set up and went out to tag an AI trader snow. After he fired upon me once I hit the hull repair. It read as 27/27 crew to repair. I disengaged from the battle and docked up, removed the skill book, changed nothing else, then sailed out and re-tagged the same snow. I let him fire on me once again and hit my repair. This time my repair showed as 15/15. I found this quite odd, as the total number of crew required had decreased significantly. So I thought maybe the bottom line on survival books was intended to be a malus and just poorly worded to look like a benefit; however, I dont believe this to be the case because in the pvp store there is another book with the same effect called Boatswain Combat Reports which gives me same effect of -0.01 repair crew requirement. So unless this is a bonus only worded the same, or intended as a handicap for elite pvpers at the cost of 150 pvp I would assume there is a negative error somewhere in the coding causing this mod to increase repair crew required. https://gyazo.com/8ed7383b09b671c689ff840a5d655e35 Perhaps I have misunderstood the calculation used for how much crew is required to repair, perhaps it is based on how much damage has been sustained at the time of hitting "repair hull" ? In all tests the ship had enough repairs for a full repair. I will run more tests now and post the results. Whilst on the topic of this effect I would like to make a further comment: boatswain combat reports is objectively inferior to survival handbook; therefore, the only rational reason to run it would be to stack the effect on top of survival handbook to achieve -0.02 sailing crew required (or -20% if text is incorrect). I would argue that given survival books is already considered pretty useless (out of meta) that having another book to exclusively stack with it is probably a little redundant. That said, I also appreciate on larger ships/over gunned vessels it is a niche pick to help reduce the strain of splitting an already overworked crew.
  7. -Edit, got you mixed up with someone else scratch that comment
  8. @admin Your players value fun/balanced gameplay over historical accuracy.
  9. I think you have some serious design problems when trying to juggle fun/balanced gameplay with historical accuracy.
  10. Lets watch Prussia lose their grasp on US coast then undo the changes :^)
  11. I agree with Banished about reasons to swap nation. I actually quit playing NA for a couple of months when they removed outlaw battles as this was a huge part of pirate nation. I come back and play with my friends in Prussia and now they're making changes to RvR that will possibly create a huge problem for us there also. We're only using our forged papers as a result of development changes - I will 100% quit before I pay for a forged paper to move nation as a result of dev changes.
  12. Ow speed is double instance speed. Unless you are talking to relative position on the globe.. then I have no idea
  13. Changes to forged papers are just a cash grab. Speed changes are just going to make the game more tedious. RvR changes completely screw over small nations - It's already hard enough to defend multiple ports being attacked simultaneously. Interestingly, this will mean a bunch of players will need forged papers to switch nation to a "winning side" #moneyacquired Why are Forged papers becoming a paid service when the game is still in early access and constantly being changed? My suggestion: if you want to grow the playerbase (and sell more copies of the game) you should work on the UI. I know for a fact the UI was my main hesitation when buying the game, my partner would play if it werent for the placeholder UI and Im sure there are hundreds of potential players that also haven't bought into NA as a result of the UI. I would argue that slowing down travel time makes everything take even longer without enhancing the gameplay in anyway; thus creating more reason to AFK/tab out and stop engaging with the game - this won't improve the playerbase. Creating a paid DLC for ingame consumables will not attract new players, it will only discourage existing ones. Making RvR advantage the majority will discourage small clans/gangs from even considering it (which I thought the new port system had done a great job encouraging) - I completely agree with timer from exiting battle, but undocking from a port to defend? you just kill small nations I've played your game for 860 hours and enjoyed lots of them thanks for developing Naval action sorry I've not been more vocal on the forums. There's some cool stuff for players to get excited about in this patch, shame it is basking in the shade of some shit.
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