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  1. Lo Mona is enogh for you , or Fort Bai .
  2. We have enough PVE ports , don't worry about us .
  3. Hula , i think you should be quiet becouse in Bermudas we see enemy players hunting for russian traders and stuff . Making Flatts a free port will be a bad move becouse we Russians don't have even a single reinforcements zone or capital zone . Yesterday i saw a Pirate Agamemnon (player).
  4. Some Ocean , Agamemnon paints ? 3rd Rate.
  5. Just press TAB+SHIFT and open Browser and type www.youtube.com and listen music as long you want . Or upload music in the music steam foulder and play it .
  6. Rare and Special Books ---Gunnery Encyclopedia--- Means of Directing the Fire L'Horizon Balistique Sur le Canonnage a Board Table of Parts of Ships of War ---Books of Five Rings--- The Water Book The Fire Book The Wind Book The Ground Book The Book of the Void ---Art of Ship Handling--- Art of Stearing by Rudder Art of Cargo Distribution ------------------------------------------ Resources needed for crafting upgrades ☆Guacata Superior Gunpowder Blueprint - 0/1x Tretise on Making Salpeter - 0/5x Guacata Salpeter - 0/10x Coal ☆Elite Spanish Rig Refit Blueprint - 2/1x A Treatise on Square Sail Trim - 0/5x Spanish Square Sails - 0/32x Fir Log ☆Elite French Rig Refit Blueprint - 0/1x Service Histique de la Marine - 0/5x French Sail Cloth - 0/32x Fir Log ☆Crooked Hull Refit Blueprint - 0/5x Crooked Cedar - 0/25x Iron Ore - 0/19x Coal ☆British Gunnery Sergeant Blueprint - 0/1x The Old Flag Officer - 0/5x Royal Naval Collage Graduate ☆French Gunnery Sergeant Blueprint - 0/1x Instructions aux Canonniers - 0/5x Diplome de L'ecole D'artillerie ☆Northern Master Carpenters Blueprint - 0/1x Expert Carpentery Handbook - 0/5x Swedish Carpenter
  7. The basic cutter can't enter in enemy port . Only with trader ships .
  8. It's possible , all u have to do is to press TAB+ SHIFT and in steam window u can see a music player.
  9. Possibility to record battles and after watch it with Free Cam and choose to save it or not , like in World of Tank/World of Warship/Warthunder.
  10. It was useless to chase , they are keeping put the sail and get speed with 0 crew and white flag . I tryed to damage him but it wasn't working . Nice bug (no ship for nobody). Want to mention that i didn't captured the ship i did nothing . I want that ship on my docks anyway .
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