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  1. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Admiralty Connection DLC Suggestion

    Then a possibility to chose from outposts and buildings .
  2. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Admiralty Connection DLC Suggestion

    How we know we pay 19,99€ for Admiralty Connection and we get only this: 1: Warehouse slots +16 2: Docks for you vessels +10 3: Building permits +5 What I am suggesting is to put another valuable think in this DLC what can be Outpost +2 or +4 Discus!
  3. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Naval Action Meme collection

  4. You can sell them to players . Why "NO".
  5. Here we go again with line ships . More doubloons means more reals , more ships in craft and more realistic combats (action).
  6. The language of that file is including the crew speaks language ?
  7. That's why a little part of ships are full with doubloons. (not all)
  8. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    No Names During Battle

    Nation flags on masts too and it will be great by hiding the names .
  9. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    It's all about Requin . If you are pro you can beat a herc.
  10. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Damn this random fire...
  11. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Identify your enemy

    Maybe if you have that enemy player in friends you have not to attack him . When you click on him you will be able to see him name and nation just because he is in your friend list . The rank is no need because you will understand if he is sailing a 1st rate with under crew limit and all players will capture him .
  12. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    Profanity usage in game.

    Nice laguages :))).
  13. Captan Thomas Fremantle

    He buys salt to help other players

    What about salt farms ?