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  1. Looks like the answer to this is Sweden... and barely two days after your prophecy.
  2. The only reason you would have for looking me up in game is to attempt to sling insults based on the nation or clan I sail for, which is completely irrelevant to what VCO is doing. (Again). But since you are clearly so curious, I have played for one clan and one nation for the entire duration of my stay in NA, so unfortunately you'll find no ammunition there.
  3. It's almost as if I believe suggestions and discussions in the forum should be weighed on the value of their content, untainted by perceptions formed in combat in game. I have two forum accounts, one for items of national relevance where my in game name is relevant, and this one, used when my in game identity does not matter because anyone can judge the veracity of my words without preconceived notions formed in game. But please, do continue to make obvious deflections from the truth.
  4. RUBLI wiped your fleet while being outnumbered 2.5 to 1. This nonsense about it taking 5 nations is preposterous. It's also humorous to watch you run from a fight because the odds are stacked. It's an open admission you can't take the heat. There are several nations in this game that at one time or another were getting hammered by 3, 4, 5 nations all at once with almost no allies, losing ports nearly daily and they weathered those storms without their largest clans rolling over and running away to a new nation. VCO just handed all of them the biggest moral victory they could imagine and it's beautiful.
  5. Too late now but the Mediterranean + west coast of France during the Napoleonic wars would have made a much better back drop for the game play mechanics we have. There's no exploration or adventure gameplay so why not focus all the players into three major nations +pirates in a war setting since that's what we have now.
  6. Clan based is a horrible idea for a game like naval action. Many players greatly enjoy sailing for their nation or favorite nation from history and it helps bring the age of sail to life. If you don't care about nations (we already know VCO has 0 loyalty) go play NA:L. Endless mindless PBs await you there. Furthermore, a clan based game will ruin the game for the many players that enjoy playing as part of a small clan of their friends. Right now, many small clans receive assistance for PB's because there is a shared interest in keeping national ports. A clan based game means all small clans are forced to assimilate or be wiped off the map. How about the devs just make some changes to fix the nation mechanics instead of giving in to your tom foolery and ruining the game because you are incapable of facing adversity?
  7. Here we go again. VCO jumping nations in order to achieve ez mode every time they run into some difficulty. Seems to me they are having trouble coping with RUBLI spanking them despite being wildly out numbered in 1st rates. Watching VCO reap what they sow brings a tear of joy to the eye of every honorable captain.
  8. I really like the ideas here and couldn't agree more with wanting limited ammunition (maybe people won't fire 15 broadsides at max range looking for dismast anymore). I worry though, that what others said is true, people will find it tedious given the current state of the game. Ships get blown through pretty quickly in the PvP community because everyone is always at war and the whole game revolves around trying to get people to PvP. I think the limited ammo/special powders would be great, but not accepted by the majority until core game play changes (if it does). I think NA would benefit from more adventure driven gameplay where you are sailing around doing different tasks and exploring with occasional battles. It would be fun to have to plan your journey and factor in where you would be able to stop in to purchase more shot and powder as well as provisions for your crew. All out war between nations would be more rare. Anyways you get the point. With the speed ships are rolled out and lost, having to provision them with consumables many people will find tedious.
  9. I can vouch that you can dismast the mizzen via stern rake even if the opponent still has armor/structure. So there must be at least a hit box set up for that. Never seen main or fore be taken down by anything other than direct hits above the hull. I have, however, heard from one player that he dismasted a fore-mast via bow rake. I've never seen it so I can't verify however it might be true seeing as how stern rakes are capable. Perhaps the devs wanted rakes to be more lethal and so the hit boxes are directional?
  10. I have demasted other players in PvP whose ships still had over 50% armor on both sides and between 80 and 90% structure, by raking the stern (through the gallery as I was going for cannons and crew at the time).
  11. Just so everyone is clear, when he says this he means a player who hadn't logged into the game for over a month. You were worried about them abusing the clan warehouse of a clan that you were leaving behind to go to another nation? A clan whose port you immediately turned around and attacked to take for yourself after deleting all other clans off of the friends list so they could have no help? Yes, your worry for old clan just radiates through your actions. And the players you do not trust are those previously entrusted as officers? Your lies are painfully easy to see through with the slightest modicum of intelligence. Troll elsewhere. This thread was started to discuss a game mechanic. Your personal role in a specific event is irrelevant.
  12. Yes. Very much this! Arena games lose flavor pretty quickly with no context behind the battles that give the game meaning. I posted a suggestion earlier in January of a way to make OW more meaningful and give players a reason to be out and about all the time. I'll warn you its a little long winded. It's not perfect by any means but I think with some changes/tuning/tweaking, we need something like it or else OW will be obsolete.
  13. Can anyone tell me how the Firepower line in boarding actions is calculated? And also, does the ammo type you're loaded with while boarding determine the efficacy of the Fire Deck Guns choice? I tried switch from ball to grape mid boarding but didn't seem to change much, but perhaps it only uses what you had loaded when it started? Any info about this would be great.
  14. I used to think that the stopping on a dime was an AI thing to avoid looting too but having just recently had the misfortune of being in a sinking ship I believe it might actually be the new structure vs. speed mechanic that was added a few patches ago.
  15. I'll try it out when I get home tonight, never done a 3rd rate fleeter.
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