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  1. A frigate would be preffered. Something like the HMS cumberland or the Foudroyant? (If those are frigates?) If they arent then a ship class in their size & period would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi ned, I would like to build this beautiful ship in 3d. Do you have the plans and could share them with me perhaps? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone, I stumbled on this forum thread by chance and im amazed by all the work & plans everyone is posting here. Im a game design student and we are creating a small gaming environment for the current module. Thats why I am looking for plans for the captains quarter/cabin. Were plans like these ever made or was the cabin derived from the general ship plans? What Im looking for would be cross sections and floorplan of just the captains quarters but so far ive only found build plans for whole ships Thanks in advance!
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