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  1. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    Ah alright so i will record the next encounter then. Sorry for posting this without evidence. Not to mention ill be going through that list of rules you just posted. I apologize for wasting your time although i will record and post a video as soon as this problem happens again Thanks again for your help and for informing of of this the ""Forum and Sea Trials Rules"" thanks again tho honestly. Also not going to lie i didn't even notice the rules thread/post its 5:58am right now where i live and i am tired as all hell "laughs"
  2. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    Although he wasn't in a prince. So you aren't making much of a valid point here. Listen i didn't sign up to the forums to cause a trouble or argue i am simply making a report about a possible bug or issue happening that not only i have recently noticed but multiple other users have actually said something about in Nation and Help chat. If this is the response i am going to get from a users/member then i will clearly not visit the forums again. I've got enough stress and drama in my life i don't need more of it. I am just simply coming here to report a recent issue/problem that has been effective not only myself but some other players it seems. If video evidence is required to have this even looked into then fine i have no problem doing so. Simple as that other wise please let the admins and devs deal with this.
  3. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    The last encounter when this problem happened i was also in a Rattlesnake Heavy and i had a fleet with me which was a Mercury. Oh i would also like to add that in the last encounter when this happened i was at 98% Sails and he was at 88% Sails.
  4. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    Yeah the ships i've been noticing that this encounter has been happening the most in is the Rattlesnake Heavy. Sorry about the whole not having evidence thing im new to the forums honestly just figured id say something about this now so at least someone can maybe look into this. Again i've been an active member since Feb 2016 and i have seen a lot of odd things but this one just kinda made me think hell with this happening to multiple other users perhaps i should say something about it. Although i've only really noticed it happening when they are using the Rattlesnake Heavy. No clue what other members were facing/versing although for me yeah Rattlesnake Heavy lol. No i am 100% Sure it was Rattlesnake Heavy when i hold down tab it says Rattlesnake Heavy.
  5. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    Well i don't have any evidence to be honest other then word of mouth for now although if that's what it will take to just take a look into this i mean ill record it the next time i come across this although if you are a Pirate and you watch nation chat you can see some other people complain about the issue sometimes also i've noticed an other person complain about it today in Help Chat. Although again i mean if a recording is what it will take then next time it happens ill record and upload although again i am not pointing out any names im just saying something weird has been going on recently.
  6. IamCrayola

    Weird Encounter

    Hello everyone! I would like to report this issue / problem i have been noticing lately. Note: This problem has happened more then once over the past couple of days. Lately i've been PvPing a lot more and such and not all my encounters have been good and not all encounters have been bad. I am but a simple average every day players and have been actively playing Naval Action since Feb of 2016 so i know there are bugs i know there are problems. Although! Lately the Prussian's have been attacking pirates more then normal which of course i have no problem with that. But... I've been encountering a lot of Prussian's that seem to be able to go against the wind in battles and by that i mean.. it seems like they can go 10kn in a rattlesnake going directly into the wind to run away from players. I've been fighting the British and other nations although for some odd reason some of these Prussian's seem to be able to run against the wind and manage to run away going 10kn and such. I find this very very strange and i have lost a few ships due to this issue where these players again not pointing out all Prussian's i've faced some that seem to be playing legit and such but i've been noticing that out of every nation lately that only the Prussian's seem to be able to run away into the wind without any delays (aka) they aren't getting slowed down by the wind what so ever. I would like it if someone could look into this because it is getting slightly annoying.