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  1. What was the hotfix/update for today? I did see we had a 6.7mb download at reset.
  2. title and video states most of it. I can see the boat but no damage appears numerically.
  3. I have read quite a bit of these threads and believe it's time to say my piece. A few points/thoughts I would like to make. Player retention is at an all time low. You must address this before you can address anything else regarding release. We see this same thing every Christmas. Interested players enter the game and then fall off within the first 30 days. Retaining maybe 10 percent of new players. Yes you will have an influx of new players upon release, but what will be any different from any other time the game has gone on sale? Those same players will leave once the current state of the game content is known. It disappoints and nearly angers me that we have spent years testing, and then told we have to buy dlc TO TEST, only to get told we as testers will lose everything. I don't mind a wipe, but do and ship XP? Sounds like you told me to run up a mountain just to run down and back up again. I've only been playing this game knowing my exp would not get wiped for boats I have to re-earn and grind to build. A lot of players are not saying until the wipe happens. A lot of players continued to do so. Will the players who come back post wipe even out with the number of players who do not come back? Please do not release until you have fleshed out major issues in gameplay and player retention. Otherwise you are going to see a community project pop up soon and chalk NA to the private servers and open source codes.
  4. This will not work. it's going to take one person (or outside players not involved in the fight) to just end up screening this out once before it dies. good concept, but will never work i am afraid
  5. So i was moving up to this boat to loot it after it had sunk. I just barely touched it and suddenly my ship got tossed to the right, flipped on its port side and then proceeded to capsize. I have never before seen this bug. It is a major one. It was F11 reported. As you can see i have nearly full structure and no leaks. I sincerely hope the devs/ @admin see fit to give me my purple santisma and the poods back. I could care less about the upgrades. That was my RNG baby :(
  6. got it, however as i stated, this would have to be explained in the tutorial somehow, which adds more work imo. o7
  7. Currently the test bed is down. This is the first test bed I have been privy to (I missed the last one). Should the test bed come back online at any point within the next few days I will be sure to add more to this. These are thoughts/bugs encountered in a short time of playing (two combat missions). Bugs: When looting, confirm is greyed out. While moving loot does get confirmed. Players must press escape to close the window as per usual. Feedback: Gun control: What is water and parallel suppose to mean exactly? I have been playing for well over a year and I do not even know what this means. Switching between these two does not appear to reveal a difference in cannons where as the old (current) options describe exactly what I need to know both from a new player perspective. If it is kept that means you must provide a way for players to learn what these are in tutorials and I think you may be just making yourself more work with this edit. Boarding: Looks fantastic, I love the way it sits on the screen now. However I must say that now, Boarding is, instead of being almost rock paper scissors, IT IS rock paper scissors. I can see what the enemy uses for preparation and when/what their firepower is and such, which still gives me opportunities for outplay. However this now tells me I must learn the exact math of every option in boarding, and calculate for possible mods, and good luck on new players learning boarding at all before the perma-log off. Already I hear of too many new players getting insta-boarded by A.I. and quitting. But I digress. The Battle UI: You may not like me for this but here it goes. The UI looks good, but it is very underwhelming. The icons have changed and it looks a bit smoother which is nice. Wind power on the compass was a nice touch. Wind inclination was a nice touch. The mini map still looks like dev tools status. Throw a boarder or something around it. while you are at it do the same around the compass. (maybe you kept it so it can be seen through?) Icons: It is not clearly obvious where my crew is allotted. Please make it clear at a glance. Maybe a red border around the icon's when crew is turned off for that particular slot. My wind direction still does nothing to alert me of a wind change. Make it wave in aspect change or something. Realistically if i was on a boat I would feel the wind change, only thing i can do through the game is feel the cannons through sound. I hope the test bed comes back up soon so i can stretch the limits a little. I really hope @admintakes the time to read this and understand that this is just feedback an attempt to der'mo na nikh. o7
  8. This is simple. Fix the post battle rewards in Port battles. Add a longboat perk, where players can opt to use one of their perk slots to loot nearby ships without having to be directly next to them. But that would require coding....
  9. @admin I have never had this issue before. i have played on multiple accounts on the same computer for well over a year now. This problem began with two computers on the same network and continued for about 5-6 hours before I logged off for the night. I did all the mandatory requirements. Reboot steam Verify the integrity of game files Re-install the game I also did check to see if steam was having issues or if i did have an authentication problem Eventually I found that after about 5 minutes-10 minutes I was receiving packets from your servers and was able to log back in. I wish I was able to give you log's or submit a bug report as this is all the information I can find. As I mentioned, Everything was green on my end.
  10. I am adding edits with screenshots at the top, unfortunately keeps happening.
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