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  1. Molder169

    Port Battle Risk vs Rewards

    This is simple. Fix the post battle rewards in Port battles. Add a longboat perk, where players can opt to use one of their perk slots to loot nearby ships without having to be directly next to them. But that would require coding....
  2. ohhhh i am in. I missed the last testbed
  3. Molder169

    Two computers simultaniously booted/cannot log in

    @admin I have never had this issue before. i have played on multiple accounts on the same computer for well over a year now. This problem began with two computers on the same network and continued for about 5-6 hours before I logged off for the night. I did all the mandatory requirements. Reboot steam Verify the integrity of game files Re-install the game I also did check to see if steam was having issues or if i did have an authentication problem Eventually I found that after about 5 minutes-10 minutes I was receiving packets from your servers and was able to log back in. I wish I was able to give you log's or submit a bug report as this is all the information I can find. As I mentioned, Everything was green on my end.
  4. Molder169

    Two computers simultaniously booted/cannot log in

    Same time for me
  5. Molder169

    Two computers simultaniously booted/cannot log in

    I am adding edits with screenshots at the top, unfortunately keeps happening.
  6. So I was not able to log in to Naval action. Had been playing for multiple hours with my friend. Twice we got booted and were not allowed to log back in. First boot took 3-4 minutes to allow us back in, and the second boot occurred 15 minutes later, again to both of us. closer inspection reveals that the shards screen reveals no ping. Internet, software, and hardware are all checking out. Did I get a ban or something? No one else is having this issue at the moment. Has anyone encountered this issue? https://gyazo.com/d2406e087c743df2f5d911504c2cd7b1 https://gyazo.com/f8624c4a8c44a963f71c45094027d036 https://gyazo.com/8662f16a1d64a62fd717b1140a5a2d8b
  7. Actually the Train that originally rolled over the U.S. coastline was prussian, then french sometime last year. A few clans even tried to join the US to try and help them, but they would rather bicker and argue and hold senate meetings and talk instead of playing the game. During that time before WO came in and wiped the U.S., i practically begged for us to attack spain, but their 'leadership' wouldn't budge on the U.S./Spanish alliance for anything, even though they never came to a single port battle.
  8. I have a question for the devs. I have returned to the game for the better part of December and lately I have been feeling the lack of ship wrath. It is so hard to get rss to craft ships and the amount of doubloons required is insane. I have heard many players say the same thing. It is nearly impossible to craft ships and supply myself with plenty of decent boats of all rates. My question to the devs is will this balance out with the new upcoming trade patch? Or will cost for blueprints be adjusted? My question to the players: what are your thoughts? Personally I would rather have the ability to always go into battle with the mindset of not caring if I lose my ship, and most of the time i don't. However lately it's begun to get complicated replacing them.
  9. Molder169

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    bout time gents.
  10. I request we keep this drama free. Please state opinions do not respond to others opinions. If needed Open a separate discussion please While I understand the want by @admin team to implement new currency mechanic. I believe it would be beneficial to the game and community to quickly provide more Activities to get me to sail out of port, and believe the new currency to be a waste of time at this current stage of the game.
  11. @admin just making sure that with the removal of gold coins. Will bottles be updated with an item to replace the coins we get in said bottle?
  12. Molder169

    Slow loading time of game windows

    It happens across the board. The fix is hit refresh button in the shop and wait for the game to "refresh" this takes anywhere from 30-60 seconds. This has been an issue since installation in December.
  13. Molder169

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    The game lacks content in general. Your 4 choices are pvp, pvp or pvp with the option to trade. Clearly by the numbers of last nights patch the content delivered in way of training was legitimately eaten up. Content is content regardless of it's category.
  14. Molder169

    Prussian Ports For Sale

    No kidding. But the whole point was to warn others of what we have already tried doing lol