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  1. And dutch. But yes, why the hell do we have 11 nations with this low playerbase?
  2. Wie komme ich an die Daten zum Nation TS oder Discord?
  3. Didn't play for a while but i still want to contribute to this topic. There should be some kind of a learning curve. Thing is, the game is beeing tested right now from ppl that have 1000+ hours playing time, with the release closing in there will hopefully be an influx of new players. If they constantly get hammered by npcs they will won't stay for long. As it was suggested by some other ppl on this topic i would like to see different skill levels of NPCs for example more low skilled npcs around the starting areas. The skill level has to be visible to players and could be done with ranks (ensign,commander,admiral...) Rewards should be dependant on the enemy skill level.
  4. Yeah i agree this game has to be much more realistic, crew should die randomly from diseases, Ships should sink in heavy weather and navigation should only work through sextant and the stars. I am sure the last 3 ppl that play this game will enjoy it.
  5. Well they already removed aiming in last patch, now you have to sail within 100 meters of your enemy to penetrate, even my 87 old grandmother could hit at this distance, even with her hands tied to her back (no i don't usually do that).
  6. Imho its such patches that lead to a downward spiral like in potbs. Why changing mechanics that where absolutely fine? I don't care if its realistic if a frigate can penetrate a first rate, give the first rate more hp if you have to, but nothing is more annoying than shooting a broadside and nothing happens.
  7. Yesterday we had some constitution vs. constitution-fights and it felt like Slightest change in angle lets bounce 90% of the broadside, sometimes i did more dmg to my own broadside cause all the cannonballs came back to me.
  8. Was Dick dir in vielen Worten klar machen will ist folgendes: Wenn man aufs Maul bekommt sollte man mal checken woran das liegt. Spielt für uns als o keine Rolle
  9. Ok sinking ships now is nearly impossible, you can board 5 ships in the same time you sink 1.
  10. Even if i don't like some of the changes but this line makes it the best patch ever.
  11. Stimmt, grosses Lob an die User für die anständigen Reaktionen. Meist kommt man aus den Shallows raus indem man in die Richtung fährt aus der man gekommen ist.
  12. Maybe we can find a compromise in 1.5 rule, maybe make it 1.8 and increase battle entry timer to 3 mins. I don't have problem with unfair fights, i just don't like boring ganks.
  13. Guys can we please stop to reinforce statements by comparing this game with real wars or realism in general. It is a game and it should be still enjoyable for the majority of the players. Its like those guys that argued with realism in PotBS, a game with Zombies, Ghosts and Voodoo.
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