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  1. This isn't a problem with the game itself, but as all Civil War buffs we are a little picky. When you click on custom battle for Dunker Church, the map location shows it in Western Pennsylvania. Antietam was fought in Western Maryland. Just thought I should point that out.
  2. The Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars are your strongest options with the game system you have created. Though it is true Napoleon has been covered extensively, never has it been done with a game of your caliber with RTS gameplay. All the modern games lean toward management of empires rather than battles. Napoleon Total War was the last good RTS for the Napoleonic Era and that came out 8 years ago. I think the entire gaming community would be impressed by a Napoleon with your gameplay. It's new, it's fresh, the battles are a work of art. I'm no marketer, but I would also assume you would attract more people from across the globe (particularly Europe) should you do a Napoleon. This leads me into the American Revolution as previously mentioned by other commenters it is rather small scale, not a lot of battles, and frankly no one out side of the US cares about it. That being said, I would still love to see Alexander Hamilton lead a charge of 400 rebels straight into Redoubt 10. A Revolutionary War game is possible and I would fit in well with your system, but I believe more people would destroying the Austrian army at the Battle of Austerlitz, or commanding brigades of redcoats desperately trying to hold Hougoumont, or charging Prussian Hussars across the field to rout the enemy. That sounds like a much more enjoyable game which fit better into the grandness of your game system.