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  1. Ban for that?, might aswell ban whole server... that was nothing😉 Don't get me wrong, the guy is obviously an idiot, but.. this community's standards are far lower.
  2. I could post a screenshot of my ignore list, then you add HMS in front of those names and you will see why this is bad idea. Possibly if can choose between a list of names..., but.. not really very optimal solution either. I would just leave as it is.
  3. Thanks for time in posting this, will try myself and see any difference. Does it affect something else negatively?.
  4. I had port bonuses 2. So the only difference was that he had port bonus 4 vs mine 2... but I was teak/teak vs fi/fir... , of course there is possibility that he was simply shooting better but as our ships were completely clashed together broadside to broadside I don't think it was matter of aim. But i didn't really bother me that much, i was abit suprised that he was fir/fir but.. didn't think much of it. Until I saw this thread and thought maybe there's an issue after all. Also a possiblity that he was using any of them new guns that drop with elite ships. I don't know about them. And since ship was sunk I don't know what guns he had, apart from that it looked like carros.
  5. I actually have similar event 2 days ago. I was in teak/teak endymion with port bonuses 2. Broadside to broadside with a Trinco. (Both carros, both point blank). We did roughly same damage, he might actually have done slightly more then me. In the end he got sunk (was more players and AI involved but that doesn't matter). What matters is when i sailed up to his ship to check it out i was shocked. FIR/FIR???. Sure he had port bonuses, but no special upgrades.. and again.. FIR/FIR. I haven't bothered mention it before I read that others have similar experiences. If this is because he got hull port bonus 4, and I only 2 then something is really messed up. Being fir/fir he should have been smashed to pieces, and definately not going broadside to broadside with me at point blank range.
  6. But why should only traders not be attackable by dlc?. What about the gold 5/5 ships I crafted that is worth millions, and 4 hercs gank me?. They risc nothing. I'm sorry but there is just no way of limiting which targets to attack without causing other issues. I am against DLC ships and have been since start, but now they are here.
  7. But attacking trader's with a captured ship the outcome would be the same, and I don't see "the risc" with the captured ship. Takes 5 min to cap a ship that can be used to attack traders. Hence there is not really any risc involved in loosing it. It would be the same thing as saying DLC ship's shouldn't be able to attack any non-dlc player ship period. Because of "no risc" in loosing it. Then why would anyone want a dlc ship in the first place?.
  8. He says he practising to see how close he can come. That he can practice against AI so not really a valid reason.
  9. You can unite against Russia or you can be conquered by Russia. It's all in the hands of players really. No nation can stand against all. And once Russia is starting to struggle against the wind, turncoaters will leave.
  10. It should be fixed, but not the way he described.
  11. Problem is this can be abused. Let's say two captains of different nations team up and hunt. Soon as they get chased they can just tag eachother and both use option - no reinforcement. And personally I am against adding restrictions unless absolutely necessary, and this case the problem is with the current BR mechanic.
  12. Or just tell players to go downwind. If Requin is the ship responsible for 90% of seal clubbing then players need to take 5 minutes and studie the sailing profile of the ship of doom. https://sites.google.com/view/speedtrials, at 180 degrees from the wind (straight into the wind) the only ships slower then a Requin are Yacht and Trader's cutter. Requin can take down trade ships and maybe pandora (even skill I doubt it). Even a herc will destroy a Requin. And certainly no deep-water ship has anything to fear from a Requin.
  13. This kind of rvr drama is exactly what Naval Action needs, hope it's just the beginning.:)
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