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  1. Anyone leaving family reunions to defend a pixel port needs to revaluate their priorities. But let's help them with the tough choice and remove the option. Yes to truce!
  2. Entered the battle in pretty bad shape but managed to stay on his stern and eventually board.
  3. First they try gank me like 3 times in a row, didn't go too well. After 3rd attempt, they decide to take it out... well.. see for yourselves. I joined spanish side to wish them a good battle.. or something😂 They did manage to sink the pickle, i saw the whole battle... was intense. After this, they tag me again (maybe mistaking me for a pickle), I escape.. again. This time more spaniards have gathered outside Shroud. I decide it's time too dock, these guys obviously means business. Viva Espana☀️
  4. You are wrong, because you are more or less forced to sail either Endymion or Trincomalee. Unless you are out ganking or just hunting traders or small ships. Why?... because most 5th rates you encounter are Endymion/Trincomalee and if you engage it in anything less then an Endymion/Trincomalee you are going to get smashed so hard and so fast you hardly know what hit you. Yes, yes if you are Captain Amazing and engage Mr Noob you can win anyway but that's not the point. You think balancing ships is waste of time, well I strongly disagree i would even call it top priority to be honest. (Loki Rune, Ships log book bla bla are what I would call a waste of time, or less priority at least). And if not going to balance ships then no reason to even add more ships, because ships that are crap, are not used and just waste. Just look at LGV refit... a complete waste of ship that was more or less left unused when it was in game. Not saying every ship needs to be perfectly balanced, but the gap between the two top dogs and the rest is so wide that we have no variation. That's all. That's it and that's the way it is.
  5. Singh

    Captain's Log

    Love this idea.
  6. Understanding Underperformance "the fact of performing worse than others" We may be on to something here...?😉 ...
  7. There should be at least 5 "TOP NOTCH" 5th rate ships. To have variety. Right now we have 2, and one is permit. That leaves us with 1 craftable ship that is best of 5th rates. Our beloved Trincomalee. How do we do that?, 3 ways: 1. Nerf Trinco/Endy or 2. Buff other ships or 3. Introduce more ships that are strong as Trinco/Endy (in my opinion best solution) Right now in shallow water we have several ships that can take on eachother. 1. Surprise 2. Hercules 3. Pandora 4. Renomee These 4 are very competitive to eachother. There is a reason I see all of them in shallows.
  8. That's what I mean, wouldn't matter if there were 2000 ships to choose from if only 1 or 2 out of those 2000 are unmatched. Only reason you don't see Endys everywhere is because of permit. Trinco no permit needed thus it will remain the ship of choice for anyone who want to be competitive in 5th class range. And since neither ship balance or rvr mechanics seem to be heading towards improvement anytime soon, my suggestion would help bring some variety at least. Only reason to sail other ships would be to hunt small targets or be part of gank groups really. But if you want to sail and encounter same ships over and over, then by all means let's not change a thing..😉
  9. Of course, but that is not relevant. I'm comparing ship vs ship regardless of captain.
  10. yes, armament abit weak I tried against npc belle poule really close and just broadside to broadside, took long time to sink and without repairs I'm not sure who would sink first. Also, slightest angle 24 pdr carro seem to bounce.
  11. I suggest making Trincomalee a permit ship. Ship is too strong compared to other 5th rates that I don't see why she is not behind permit like the Endymion is. Only the strongest ships of each class should be behind permit. To make ship rarer. As it is now, Trinco is the strongest and the most commonly used pvp 5th rate. Makes little sense in terms of variation of ships in use.
  12. We were given a beautiful ship, yet only time I see it is when players are trying to get rid of it. Comments?, ideas and suggestions?.
  13. It is great for those who want rvr pve, problem is the way it's forced upon those who don't want.
  14. Some of us working part of community want to do something we enjoy on week-ends. Anyway I leave you guys to discuss this I will get involved when devs decide to throw attacking ai all over😂😂
  15. So, players only forced on week-ends.😂
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