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  1. Or why don't you see if you can actually do what people are suggesting, you are completely ignoring everything people are advising you. Instead of going out looking you asking devs to place the ships at your feet.
  2. John, you are not listening to what people are saying. If you are out at sea for 4 days still not a single target, then YOU are in the WRONG place. Can't you understand that?.
  3. By the way I lost two ships today, one was dlc (with outfits worth far more then most brit ships I encounter) and pirate frigate. Both times outnumbered in reinf zone, now I can blame reinf zone. But both times if i acted differently i would have gotten away. So in the end, i can only blame myself.
  4. How you get it has nothing to do with this tho. OP main issue is that dlc ships overpowered. And that is why he lost his 2 endys. I simply stated he is wrong. Not saying I am a fan of dlc, never been. But I like the ships.
  5. I am casual nowdays, difference is i learned the game. I think issue is that you are all used to just finding all you need right outside capital?, the ships are out there. You just to learn where to find them. And don't go look for them in areas that have a frequent player activity, like outside capital waters, near patrol zones or free towns. Rather big map out there i'm sure you will find a good spot for your hunting if you give it some time and effort.
  6. Maybe you missed them while you were watching a movie and eating your pizza?.
  7. The game mechanic is what it is, and if more people bothered to actually learn how to sail/fight less people would be frustrated with it. You can thank DLC ships that actually have any sort of pvp action in reinforcement whatsoever. And there is the main problem, people don't learn. Because majority of the players never do fight, their only pvp experience comes from completely outnumbering their opponent, the only thing they learn is that if opponent don't manage to escape you win. You learn to use chains maybe. So, when you don't have the numbers and have to fight on your own you have no chance and won't matter what ship you are in you will loose. You think that hercules beat those two endymions because it was a hercules?. If he was in a belle poule he would have lost?. No. The outcome would have been the same. People don't use hercules because hercs are overpowered, they use it to have a chance to escape the group of players who can only fight when in numbers. Maybe if people weren't such cowards dlc ships wouldn't be needed. But when I have to come right outside enemy capital to drag some players out of port you can't expect me to be in a regular frigate. I can sail around KPR see basic cutters and buccentaurs. When the basic cutters are the ships that trying to get you to tag them, and the buccentaur are the ones running for their lives into port you know something is wrong. The absolute only time I get someone to attack me is when they are 4-5 ships. And when I at least try and drag them out of reinforcement zone usually they won't follow. Even when outnumbered most of the times they turn back, back to safety. Time to stop blaming DLC ships for everything. They are here to stay, now get over it and learn the game instead.
  8. If herc hugging you, slow down, he has to sail passed or at least maneuver away or you can board him. Order other endymion to shoot herc sail. You got outplayed don't blame game mechanic.
  9. Ra Mhotep

    reinforcement zone havy bug

    Probably a bug, doubt they would make such patch without informing, patch notes are there for a reason.:)
  10. Ra Mhotep

    Ship tow request

  11. Ra Mhotep

    The Definitive Suggestion on Repairs

    The thing about limited repairs that I find interesting is the strategic aspect that it brings. Right now, using repairs wisely is already important, using right repair at the right time can determine the outcome of the battle. With limited repairs it's taking it to another level. However, on a negative point it might make the gap between new players and experienced ones even wider, the more complex the more difficult to compete with the "vets", and I would be cautious not to make that "gap" too wide. A new player is already completely and utterly defenseless against a veteran no matter how hard he will try to win a fight he will not. Becoming "competitive" against other players takes long time of training. It's not like CoD where a new player can get lucky with his shots and kill a very skilled opponent. Luck only comes into account when players are about the same skill level, if I meet an inexperienced player I can make 10 mistakes and still I won't loose. If i meet a veteran i probably can't afford making a single one.
  12. Ra Mhotep

    The Definitive Suggestion on Repairs

    I'm all for it, you have good ideas there. Just highlighting another issue that will arise if implementing what you suggested. But, just another problem to solve. I like the ideas, thumbs up.
  13. Ra Mhotep

    The Definitive Suggestion on Repairs

    Well since 90% of the times I hit someone in reinforcement zone more enemies show up, then it would make almost impossible to hunt there and we might aswell just make those zones pvp free instead. But if make them pvp free zones then we kill off 90% of the open sea pvp activity in the game, and be left with either port battles or patrol zones.
  14. Ra Mhotep

    More Outposts, More Dockspace

    Yes, jumping to a port to buy 20 oak logs might not be worth it. Young captain should do something else.:), like sink a trader o so and get dubloons.
  15. Ra Mhotep

    The Definitive Suggestion on Repairs

    Not bad idea but.. would make battles in reinforcement zones even more punishing for the attacker. If that is what we want then fine. Let's say I attack an enemy in his reinforcement zone, an even battle and after long fight I am finally about to win, but we all used up our repairs. Now suddenly 5 more enemy players enter... My enemy is sinking but sails are down to 50%, hull damaged... low on crew... I'm done, the moment they enter the battle it's over.