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  1. I think problem is that some ships were given 32 pounders, that shouldn't have them.
  2. That video kind of confirms what I just wrote...., there's a reason Casanova got away..
  3. How many battles do you see Lynxes?, and how many stern shots with chain would it take to destroy lynx sails.. same with privateer, if Requin already has advantage of being upwind neither lynx or privateer will stop it from escaping. Specially if Requin is 15.5 upwind... Requins always were and still is uncatchable unless mistakes are made. Snow and prince might be more dangerous but that doesn't make Requin "barely usable".
  4. I seen Requin used frequently in pb's in shallow group battles hunting trade ships in the open sea For a ship that can leave a battle at any given time her performance seem ok.
  5. NOT Welcome to Mantua (Mantua city flag) The towers symbolized the determination of the town to defend itself. The open closed doors no Hospitality, Free licensed trade and no Open mindedness.
  6. Djakary


    Also mast thickness displayed is the thickest point aka low section. (or so i was told) So mid and top section can still be demasted.
  7. Djakary

    The purge!!!!

    Or just make pirates outlaws like should be.
  8. I know, i know.. tis why i referred to it as a love story. ❤️ Just thought it deserves it's own "spot", so people like me don't have to accidently read about irrelevant caribbean invasion news, and jump straight to the juicy part😍
  9. I think this danmark-sverige love story deserve own topic, yer not really invading eachother anyway🤣
  10. Even when it's screenshot from a game?...😯
  11. Djakary


    Who says i didn't like it?...😉, ... but ok i don't have very much respect for that playstyle, but does it bother me?, it used to but not much anymore. But i do take a certain pleasure in making fun of them. Not sure what lopsided gank means, if you are referring to the 3rd picture, i joined to see how gank fail from the opposite side. If you are commenting the last picture i didn't join at all, but started it. But then again even if i didn't start it i would have joined the gank, you know eye for an eye and all that😉☠️ Have a 🍌,.. oops nevermind i'm not monkey anymore.
  12. Djakary


    Yes, but capital waters always extreme ganking. But at Shroud, when no patrol zone.. never happened to me before. Sure sometimes 2 v 1 and so but i don't consider that ganking, that's just being outnumbered. I could have entered port between the gank attempts but i was curious how much effort they would put in... before realising that i wasn't worth it, but.. that never happened😉.
  13. Djakary


    Thanks TFS, good show🤣, and sorry Giantar... Earlier on they did manage to sink my herc, so it guess it wasn't all that bad.😉
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