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  1. The only one offended here seems to be you, but go ahead. In pvp avoiding boarding is far easier then getting boarded. And against AI you need to be boarding fit with muskets for it to be faster then a straight sink, I agree. This is irrelevant. And I have previously stated that I think reward system should scale the challenge (thus ganking should be much less rewarding). Yes either way we get rewarded. Some of us just don't see a problem with capturing a ship will count as a kill in regards to missions. Thanks for clearing that out for me, I was confused for awhile.
  2. I don't have trouble grasping that concept. And don't think OP has any trouble with that either. Capturing a ship, especially in pvp is usually way more complicated then just sinking it. Unless skill gap between the two too wide of course. So being rewarded with the "kill" aswell as the ship is not unreasonable, on the contrary more realistic. Now, which part about all this do you not grasp?. P.S As Liq mentioned, possible exploits,... I'll buy that, .. and I am fine the way things are too.
  3. What's wrong with capturing the ship and gain reward towards mission?. Capturing a ship is not going to be the choice every time, since you have to sail it back to a friendly port, plus.. capturing a ship tends to be more of a hassle then just straight out sinking it. Unless you are boarding specced with muskets.
  4. Pretty sure the idea is removing it from the hands of the enemy. Also pretty sure any admirality would prefer having another ship in their fleet instead of at the bottom of the ocean. Just change description to sink or capture.
  5. Not devs fault you trying to fly yer ships, and upside down too!.
  6. Just noticed that on pvp mission count is says 9.0 instead of just 9. Only for pvp missions maybe devs made assist kills worth 0.5 after all. Or was it always like this?.
  7. Of course it's smart move, both in real life and in a war game. What's your point?, because clearly you missed mine.
  8. What you meant to say was, it encourages earnings by ganking. Ganking is encouraged enough already. Let the ones who want challenge at least be rewarded higher then those who do not.
  9. I think more important to get more "competitive" pvp, not just more pvp.
  10. Vets will love this, more sharkfood.:)
  11. Why should ganking 2 v 1 be rewarded as if it was actually a challenge?. For example I'm in a trinco and defeat another trinco I get 1 count. (challenging) 2 Trincos defeat my trinco they get 1 count each. (not even remotely challenging). Why?. As Licinio proposed make them count as half then. (Either that or double the reward for un-assisted kills).
  12. If some players feel the need to use alts to make this game less challenging I would say let them. As long as it's by devs point of view legal.
  13. That captain always cries when things don't go his way, he's renown in the swedish nation for that. But I don't believe the level of insult from his side is worth a tribunal, let alone to be adressed on forum. (But that will be up to the devs to decide). I agree with Black list in fight though, this has been on topic before, hope it will get implemented.
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