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  1. The only one I hear whining here is you.
  2. Still an option for quick/casual pvp, plenty of players do it. Permit you can get and I wrote how. Maybe not at Charlestown, make outpost at LT, plenty of pvp worthy ships all the time, and they don't cost millions. You do not pay millions for pvp ships. (Unless you have to roll with purple/gold ones).
  3. Yes, for some nations things aren't in the Capitals. But you don't need outpost all over the map, only need 1 at a frequently visited port, like La Tortue (which is trade center of the entire map). Teleporting to one of those "outposts" to do some exchange of reals/dubloons, combat medals etc doesn't take that long. But if you are going to "lock" yourself in a corner of the map and then cry you can't get any ship anytime you want is just silly and OP (and others) are completely exaggerating the difficulty in aquiring ships and devs "hatred" towards the casual player.
  4. If someone says you can't, and I know you can... then I say you can. If someone says it's not fun to do that. Then I say nothing because it's his/her opinion. P.s Thanks for clarifying that this neither is work or a sport, a game you say?... how could I have missed.
  5. This whole thread is just an insult to everyone who actually put in an effort. Just a bunch of whining - I can't do this, i can't do that. Casual or non-casual, - Yes. You. Can, and it ain't that frigging hard. / Fair winds
  6. I play spanish. And I look for shit I need at LT. Try it guys. And in the passed I always found pvp marks, LT.. aves.. Tumbado .. you name it. Don't expect find everything you need in your capital.
  7. I don't remember the other topic mate, so pls keep them seperated. Why even discuss it here. You made leaderboard?, BRAVO.
  8. Ah yeah, Different topic so was confused. And I stand by my statement.
  9. I agree with you, the gap in skill between hardcore pvp'er and causal is very big and expensive mods like elite french reg etc just makes the gap even wider. And I am totally against this. 4/5, 5/5 ships with special trims is also bad, also giving upper hand to those who already are blessed with superior skills. In fact anything rare and difficult to obtain should be just cosmetic or other things that do not directly impact the outcome of a battle.
  10. And when exactly did I do that?. That part is true. Why?, you don't need to pvp to get combat medals, they are for sale ALWAYS. And price will keep dropping as pvp'ers stock up with them.
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