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  1. No, repairs should get lootable, and should take up space in hold.
  2. And rage boarding is bad?. How do you suggest boarding should be done then?, demast, decrew.. and then board?, I do that too, but it shouldn't be the only option, if enemy is clumsy and allows his ship to go below 3.5 knots and you have same speed you should be able to board. You have to understand that you don't have time to mess around with a warship too long because it will sink you. His ship is stronger, his knowledge slots are for combat, not boarding, and then take into account that you can actually fire point blank broadsides now during boarding you need to be boarding with a ship that is not half-sunk. There are two ways of boarding now, snipe down mast asap and then you can do whatever you want, or you have to shred his sails some and try push him into the wind. P.s Rage boarding is not difficult to avoid, only clumsy captains get "rage" boarded. I can understand @rediiieven though I do not agree that it's valid reason to keep determined defender. But I do not agree with you that it is needed because of rage boarding.
  3. Given this some thought @rediiiand what you are saying is more or less that: You should be able to allow yourself to get straight into the wind with a boarding enemy ship right next you?. Determined defender allows you to do just that, but why should you be able to?. If a enemy boarding ship too close to you to perform a tack w/o getting boarded, then don't tack.
  4. Thank you @rediii, I see your point, still not sure if I think determined defender should remain, but a valid point.
  5. Maybe if only repairs, and only a limited stack. TOW should not be used as means of transporting goods safely.
  6. And one more thing, you calling removing determined defender "easy" mode for boarders?. I then actually challenge anyone to prove that you are right. Only somone good at mast sniping can board me (again, unless I make a big mistake), and if he takes down my mast then it doesn't really matter if i have determined defender now does it. He can do whatever he wants because I will be a sitting duck at his mercy.
  7. And you are entitled to an opinion, but if you don't know what you are talking about then I am not interested in your opinion. Now rest of you who are going to comment on this, ask yourself first if you have a clue about what I am talking about. If you do, pls go ahead and comment.
  8. The only one talking easy mode here is you, and clearly you have no idea wtf you are talking about. You have absolutely no experience in boarding combat against a good ship sailed by a good captain. Just because you find it easy to occasinally board a trade ship or so, doesn't make it easy overall to board. Why you even reply with so little knowledge of what I am talking about is beyond me. Let me tell you something Vizzini, you can take any ship you want, fit it for boarding however you want with best mods etc. And try board me in a 5th rate. I can assure you that you will 100% fail... 10 ten out of 10. You are not boarding me unless I want you to, or unless I make big mistake. (With or without determined defender). Only chance of boarding me is if you are better at taking down mast. Then you might have a chance. Sweet, someone who has no clue about boarding instruct someone who has how to do it..:)
  9. Currently, we can open an outpost at an enemy port that is "open". And we can tow ships FROM that town, but we cannot tow TO that town. Is there any reason behind this?, for me it makes no sense at all.
  10. Is the perk really needed nowdays?, if you manage to get yourself boarded still have option have barricades, wich most likely allow you to disengage before it's over. If we need to keep it, can we please have determined attacker?, my crew like fighting against the odds. Boarding a captain who knows what he is doing is very hard in the first place, add determined defender to that and it's more or less impossible unless I manage to demast him before he demast me. I don't mind hard, I don't like impossible. I have been full boarding setup fighting enemies with no boarding, more or less equal crew and they usually have time to disengage once. Even with good musket mods. So it's not completely out of line to ask for determined defender to be removed. But if it needs to stay, should only be able to be on defense if getting boarded, they too determined to defend to do anything else... right?. (Joke).
  11. The only one I hear whining here is you.
  12. Still an option for quick/casual pvp, plenty of players do it. Permit you can get and I wrote how. Maybe not at Charlestown, make outpost at LT, plenty of pvp worthy ships all the time, and they don't cost millions. You do not pay millions for pvp ships. (Unless you have to roll with purple/gold ones).
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