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  1. Managing to retreat from a battle that for whatever reason went wrong (outskilled, outnumbered, having a bad day), it not that easy, your sails may be wrecked, you may have several opponents you have to dodge while making your retreat etc etc. It's part of combat, also part off combat preventing an opponent that is loosing to be able to retreat. That sometimes require just as much (if not more) skill then sinking your opponent. Calling it "fake" combat is just silly. Again good combat mechanics is not measured in pvp kills / hour.
  2. Yes it sounds like a good one, but why was it removed?
  3. I disagree tho, even if battle timer is 1 hour 30 min i can probably sail from Havana and join with 30 left of battle. That's unrealistic and not needed.
  4. Some sort of timer to is needed tho, otherwise I could sail from Havana to La Tortue and still join a fight and would just be weird.
  5. Wasn't around for that but sounds like a good mechanic, why was it changed?
  6. No it doesn't. Pvp per in game hour does not reflect the quality of pvp or how good the game is. High quality pvp will increase the pvp per hour, ... there are other ways to increase it but at the cost of quality which is not good. I would rather have 3 good fights on one afternoon then 20 shitty ones.
  7. This is the worst idea since DLC and I don't even know where to begin explaing why. I will edit with a more thorough explanation later on. (Actually @Licinio Chiavaribeat me to it., and coverered pretty much my thoughts)
  8. Castañon del Rey

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    In a realistic point of view I don't see the problem. I like the tactic to tag as purpose to assisting a friendly ship to escape but at the same time, in a game like this, which is already highly time-consuming, if everyone would sail around tagging big ships with no intentions of fighting then what game would we have?. If i am in a small ship and I find an opponent 1st rate for example, far out at sea. I could keep him there for many hours if I wanted. Literally. Gameplay over realism.
  9. Castañon del Rey

    Pirate on Pirate action

    Ever crazier, pirates cannot attack other pirates... what a world.
  10. Castañon del Rey

    Include Ranks, Ships And Nations In Combat News

    Good idea. As long as the defeated captains name is not displayed.
  11. A mechanic that I don't understand why it's even in the game.
  12. They might have been hiding behind island or so and using free cam mode to "scout", or they just arrived within "visual" range right after he engaged.
  13. Castañon del Rey

    wildfang loot steeling

    LOL, Whatever makes you feel better mate.😉
  14. Castañon del Rey

    wildfang loot steeling

    What about scamming someone for 300k, is that productive for the pve player?. You post tribunal about someone "stealing" loot, but you have no problem with scamming other players in game. Gotta love double-standards.
  15. Castañon del Rey

    Next patch?

    Well he did just fine before the "broken" mods so my guess he will have no trouble sleeping.😏