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  1. Please... Fix this goddamn Homefleets It could not been possible that you get tagged from a danish Homefleet while sailing an Indiaman near Fort Bai....
  2. @admin That would really help ! yea in streams it's not allways a Problem... but in streams you not often see peoples that goes to sink a 25er fleet AI. And i think too in dangerous PvP action you will not see the guys looting. aslong they dont fight against noobs where you anyway got enough time to what ever you want
  3. @admin Youre right... the time is probably in a good relation and it could be realistic.... but it is no fun -> and i dont think your argument works at all. i mean you say 1 min real time are 72 mins in game. with this logic my boat should sail in fight also 72x faster -> shoot 72x faster etc. I mean it works for open world -> there you've got this time buff but in combat zone your back in realtime... so a boat should be longer loootable not only because that should be realistic because it's realtime it's also no fun with this frustration situation now. Do you know what i mean ?
  4. Nope. you can easily demast or kill any surprise that is in battle against "for example" your bellona. if you get a control perk with distance like the tagg you have no chance. Today this surprise have to hit you all 2 minutes that you cant leave, after he only have to stay in tag circle range which is much bigger then cannons can shoot
  5. So you will never have a chance to leave a battle if only 1 boat is in battle that are faster then you... yea for sure F11 should get rid... something that highers your chance after the battle to get more distance between is also okay -> rediii's idea But kicking out people that sunk??? Nowaaaaaay Buddy... thats after the fight the best moment ingame, you can watch the fight then thats perfect
  6. Something like that is an idea... but definetly not login off after every battle to escape... also no teleports... nothing more to add
  7. I am probably the faster ship... i tag /or get defensive taged.. so prob i am not able to hold him in battle.. how should it been possible for him to get away if i am faster. Other example, long battles are during on... other guys are waiting outside because they cant join because it's limited to 25 Players or 3 minutes. why they should not getting the possibility to get a fight after you coming out the battle and are exactly at this position where you are waiting for him... my solution to weak this or getting better chances to get away are: get away the F11 Coords and make the positio
  8. if you think you have to sail with 25 people to an hotspot where 45 Frenchs are waiting for you it is for sure that you get 2 or more battles.... if you want to win both you Need at least 3 hours... if you dont have the time for it just surrender or sail alone away after battle, so some of the guys follow you and kill you finaly -> then youre home -> and your mates have to fight some guys less because they followed you
  9. your funny... i am on the other side... i am also going huntig and getting fucked up in 10v1 but that's life... i know that before... if i dont take a ship with me that is incredibly fast.... for sure i get killed if i think i have to kill traders near captitals but thats good... i try it anyway
  10. and what is triggered at this post ?? what is not sensibel ? this is my opinion share it or not... i only try to show you that all this function if it's log out or TP back home doenst work because it get "abused"...
  11. Other example... the swedish fleet a puerto espana could log of directly after they got their fight or run out of repair...
  12. But thats definetly not work... Whats that for a punishment ?? I loose my repairs ? I think most of the time if you have the Problems with more then one battle you anyway run out of repairs... or at least close to run out of repair.... If you really think you can implement this function as you describe i can explain you whaat happens... I sail to reinforced zone or other hotspot ... looking for a "easy" target... jump in and kill him... and after, if sb try to get renvenge by waiting outside for example i simply teleport home... thats definetly not work
  13. rubish... we can talk about mechanism that make revenge more dificult yea... but definetly no teleport... 1. You should been able to leave the battle at this position you sailed inside the battle. 2. F11 Coordinates Needs do go away... (will anyway with release) But sorry guys again, teleport isnt a oppertunity for a competetive open world pvp game... TP is nothing else then an avoid battle function...
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