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  1. that screen shot is the top meme of 2020 and i cant even talk shit in global....but then again US nation chat is basically global with the amount of alts
  2. Fair winds, twas ever a pleasure WO
  3. Thank you Dev team for the 6yrs of hard work, ive thoroughly enjoyed the product thus far, and will most likely continue to do so.
  4. is it possible to submit clans that dont get deleted then do away with the rest?
  5. also regarding a pve section of the map within pvp server is bad cuz i would just build my ships in pve section. the most dangerous part of building a ship is getting resources back to the port in which u wish to build in
  6. its good that player names stay, i think texas or someone already pointd out that a troll with excess amount of alts could snake known player names....then there are players that have passed away and i dont wish to see a noob or ALT sailing as Cornelius Cornflower or Captn Jack. but there are dead clans that need to wiped theres only so many acronyms in the english language...
  7. nice fight with the prussians the other day while the rats complain about no activity. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/786354729800709520/1999B2C171BE7E91BFA2944B47E7FFE5651C0F8B/
  8. Only thing ill miss is this yacht ill never be able to get again unless admin wants to hook a brother up
  9. not to sound unkind but the US NA team already needs more than a few of these
  10. *eats popcorn* US is easy we know that everyone is an enemy...with the exception of Spain an a few Russians but we don't get butthurt (most of us) when we get sank
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