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  1. not to sound unkind but the US NA team already needs more than a few of these
  2. *eats popcorn* US is easy we know that everyone is an enemy...with the exception of Spain an a few Russians but we don't get butthurt (most of us) when we get sank
  3. White paint scheme Bellona is the defacto flag ship for the elite few While its just a Bellona as any other Bellona its white paint marks it as a perfect aggro... Enemies far and wide will rush out of port when news crosses their respective nation chat a that a rare sighting of the elusive white is spotted off the coast of some damned place...r0/o7
  4. Should Drax do the same to VCO as u guys don't wish to be apart of the Senate, which is the only reason anyones allowd on the TS? while i agree rax and his new found frenchman shouldnt be on and applaud u with the tag removal pls give Drax a reason not to delete the VCO lobby
  5. alott fun in Nassua yesterday wish I had a screen shot...only one 'gank' every other battle was fair 7v6 ish
  6. Nonsense, Arguably it goes to the Surviving indigenous peoples in which it was stolen....
  7. so whos ur real ally as 2 of these are at war with the other, cant have a military alliance with both France and US, makes you a very poor Ally to both as you can't assist one without attacking the other
  8. US refuses to fight? idk what your talking about KoC but my clan tries to take a French port 1 a week we haven't "stopped" fighting
  9. Aye Mo but ur goofs are "our " goofs as we've all been there before
  10. What you speak of is Buggery, ill have no ear for it! to give the rabble in my nation the ability to condemn a man in more then just speech is absurd (of course with the exception of outlaw mechs...) To think, a man can be thrust from his home at the behest of the court of public opinion.
  11. I'm not sure why but of all the clips of this guy ive seen this one hits home....
  12. Kjartan

    random fire

    ive found that random fire is best suited to grape shot
  13. Use edinorog poods its the perfect in between for a 24 L or 18 l substitute especially if u don't mix calibre
  14. that Same tactic in the Hostility missions is a legit tactic for winning tho as the enemy , assuming u set a window for Host has to complete the host in a narrow timed window, whilst this is just trolling and wasting everyones time, his complaints aren't Hypocritical at least in this post
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