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  1. "because uh umm...this is not..." Arthur Dayne 2018 Sorry for hijacking your vid staun x'D had to put the timestamp in
  2. surrender verb sur·ren·der | \ sə-ˈren-dər \ surrendered; surrendering\sə-ˈren-d(ə-)riŋ \ Definition of Surrender (Entry 1 of 2) transitive verb 1a: to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand
  3. You offered a 1v1 to a (38) Pirate frigate in your (50) Trincomalee, but refused to 1v1 a (44) Indefatigable
  4. So...Here is the math as it stands. You tagged an AI fleet about 11k NE of La Mona in hopes of evading the danes chasing you. You promptly left that battle and got tagged by Seraphis in a pirate frigate. That battle ended with you outrunning all of us, and leaving the battle. After which, you sailed NW by W to Macao and got tagged before you could reach the port and in that battle you were killed. I was on TS with the fleet the whole time, so if I'm missing anything please illuminate me.
  5. Twice... We tagged you twice... and we ended up catching you so it wasn't exactly griefing. If you had other responsibilities you can always yield the ship.
  6. We ended up tracking him down and sinking him He had no books, no upgrades, and no repairs... fishy is the right word. P.S laul had that amount of repairs entering the battle xD dont ask me why
  7. Temp got wasa kill on second EDIT: Temp also didnt say the great manhunt xD so it is now irrelevant, but he will leave these here anyway
  8. Other players are welcome to bring their hercs and sink our fleet. I encourage it, in fact.
  9. RIP me. Defends admin about pay to win, goes to read new patch notes and sees "pay to win" in Hercules and Xebec notes... No words @Intrepido , you were right about that, it will indeed become a pay to win scenario. My apologies 😕
  10. Show me the quote by admin saying that "in the future you will have to pay real money to receive a hercules note" and I will rest my case. Until then, you assumptions and petty insults merely show a resound lack of maturity, the likes of which I'm done placating. Forums are used for constructive debates and I will waste no more time having an extremity contest measuring to stroke an ego. Good Day
  11. Because I choose to save my money IN-GAME, stock up marks IN-GAME, and use those earnings to purchase notes instead of pvp rewards, new ships, new books, and upgrades?You have missed the point entirely good sir, this has nothing to do with pay to win, you simply picked one part of the statement to use to suit your point. I would never spend REAL money on "elite content" in a game, and refuse to play games that implement that facet. In-game earnings, gained through TIME and DEDICATION, are not the same as a "pay to win mentality."
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