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  1. I would like to push back on the second bullet point "Remove the gear fear (with all its negatives)." This was one of my biggest disappointments in NAL. I felt that the offered options limited my ability to shape the character of my ship. I also felt that removing them was an over simplification. I would have been happier with the ships as they were from NA, dropped directly into NAL. I like to fiddle with the aspects of my ship, the wood types, the crew, the sailing characteristics and I believe most feel the same. NAL was a very good game as it was, I hope it comes back soon, even in its original form. As for the limited reception of the game, you really didn't offer it to many to begin with. People I had played over 400 hours with on NA didn't even know it was available. You couldn't have expected more people who play the NA to play NAL. This was fine for testing, but popularity conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. I believe NAL should be looked at as a "loss leader." A product that introduces customers into NA. It will not generate the numbers that WoWS currently commands. But as a free to play title more people would be willing to give it a try. The hope is that they either stay and pay for premium time and or ships, or they become interested enough to pay the $40 to play NA. I've played both for some time (two accounts, 1000 hours plus NA and a Victory in NAL) I prefer NAL even with the BoT's. Frankly I just can't stare at the back of a ship, sailing for 30 minutes on an empty sea, for another second.
  3. It was fun while it lasted, thanks for letting us participate and I look foreword to its new iteration. It was already great, you guys did a good job...thanks.
  4. Good, now we're getting somewhere. So modules are a sudo-name for any hit on these three parts of your ship (rudder, pumps, magazine.) So when you add resistance to these modules in the form of upgrades, these parts of your ship become less likely to become damaged. I am assuming the effects of modules getting hit are not cumulative like guns, but more in the line of what happens when sails are damaged, which can be repaired back to 100%. In the case of your magazine taking a "module" hit, during the period of time it is highlighted (as damaged) on your screen, you will experience a reload reduction. Is this about right? Thank you gentlemen, this old fool feels far more enlightened about the subject of modules, due to your generous patience with me.
  5. I do not mean any offense here and I do appreciate your taking the time to answer my question. Right now I am still clueless as to how their loss effects my ship. Are they rudder, pump, magazine (which I can repair) or just open magazine access? Does their loss decrease reload ability and increase the fire hazard to my ship (permanently?) Could someone please direct me to the information that explains what these modules are in detail?
  6. Ok...what does that mean? More likely to explode or catch fire? Slower reload? It's like pulling teeth here.
  7. When I hit an enemy ship with a broadside I can see at the top of the picture the damage I've done. Crew, guns, sails, ect. and modules...what's a module? I can purchase items that enhance the defensive strength of these modules, does that matter? There is a general vagueness about so much. Staysails are explained by saying "additional staysails for your ship" same with stunsails. If brevity is the problem, how about this for an explanation, "Enhanced tacking ability" or "Better upwind and tacking performance." There really is no need for players to investigate a wiki page and scourer through the forum to ascertain what could be stated in five words or less.
  8. You received 76 views on this and not one person knew or if they did, bothered to respond. Not a player or moderator knows the answer...that is a real problem. I'm answering, not because I know the answer (I don't) but more because I hate to see a question just floating here for three days without a response...makes the forum look pathetically empty (which of course it is.) They need to do a much better job explaining what things do. Along with the surgeon, I wonder what exactly stunsails and staysails do, honestly what the hell do they really do? There isn't a description or explanation. So I'm sorry I can not answer your query as to what exactly the surgeon does and its a real problem that no one else can either.
  9. Thank you, upon a re-read from that perspective you are correct.
  10. All good advice, I clearly need to put some more work into my boarding and rethink some of my stratagems. Thank you all for your assistance in this matter.
  11. I boarded an enemy ship (NPC) with roughly the same amount of crew as I have (480.) The NPC has more marines, but I have more muskets (100 marines 120 muskets vs 0 marines 260 muskets.) The boarding goes as follows. Round what I do/kills what he does/kills 1 Brace / 4 Fires guns /15 2 Attack /59 grenades /98 3 Defend /67 Attack /72 4 Muskets fire /19 Musket fire /29 5 Defend /55 Attack /58 6 Fire guns /30 Attack /130 NPC wins and I still have 150 crew left. Here are my questions; A ) How come I have to finish every single crewman from an NPC when I face them, (I have fought with 150 to 1 odds and that brave NPC survivor refuses to yield) yet I surrender with 150 crewmen left? B ) Rounds 2/3/5 were the perfect responses to the NPC's choice, yet on each occasion I received more losses then he did, how? C ) Round 4 was musket fire vs musket fire, I had twice as many muskets and faired worse, how? D ) Round 2 is literally the reverse of round 6 and yet in each case the NPC did far better, how? Does it make a shred of difference if I do the right move at the right time. Why bother hitting Defend against Attack, if this is the outcome. If you are going to have boarding and a system that is supposed to reward the proper reply to the chosen attack, then how does this happen? The real problem is that this happens all the time. The reason that it happens all the time is that the NPC have to be given special powers so that they aren't pushovers. If the system for boarding requires that unfair results be programed into the actions involving the NPC's, then that system is flawed. If the system is flawed, then it is flawed not only for battles involving NPC's, but for battles involving players as well.
  12. Let me begin by saying this is a good game as is. If the only thing that changed were the player base, many of my following comment would be moot. There are however some small changes that I believe would help make it better. 1) Start closer to the enemy and your own team. Currently if you start at the back of the pack it takes you 5 minutes just to get close enough to fire a broadside. Add this to the long wait to start a combat mission and you have a player waiting 10 minutes. This may not seem like a long time, but in gaming minutes it's an eternity. 2) Lack of choices in both modules and officers. I am not disappointed with the current system, as much as wondering why it can't be more like the NA system? I just feel it could use some more or better choices. Once I crew my ship with an Gunnery, Turning and Marine officer the remaining slots are all pretty much worthless. As for modules they fall into the same category, as many are not worth having. This would change if sail damage became a greater concern. 3) Premium ships need to come fully ground. At present a premium ship differs from a regular ship so slightly that the extra hoop the player has to jump through to get it is silly. Just put them on the regular list, don't make me play for three weekends to find out I have to unlock the slots. If you're going to have special ships, I say make them special. 4) Bow and stern chaser aiming. For the life of me I can't figure out where the chaser shot is going. It would seem that there is a glitch that forces you to aim as if your firing a broadside, when the game has placed the guns on a different plain. This is true of both NA and NAL games. 5) Boarding Sadly still not there. I know this is an area you have been looking at and I anticipate your solution. There are some fine ideas that have already been forwarded. It is a very important part of the game, it was a game breaker for POTBS. 6) More maps. I know this will be rectified, I just had to add it as it is currently quite dull playing the same map with the same wind, game after game. 7) BOTS If they remain, could they stop; 1) Running broadside to broadside with another BOT off the map? 2) Firing through me? 3) Avoiding combat? 4) Making every collision worse by dropping they sails? 5) Activating the circle? 6) Being 90% prepared and loaded with marines seconds before they would even know a boarding situation will arise? I understand that certain gifts must be imparted upon the NPC's so that they can be competitive. I would like to see some variety though. Some should be heavily armed, some better at turning, some set up to grapple. If their going to stay and I believe they will, they require some real work.
  13. I guess I was under the mistaken impression that having gone through the grind of getting a premium ship, I wouldn't have to continue that grind once I had it. I doesn't make much sense to work through three or four weekends doing missions, to receive a ship that isn't that much different from the one you ground to get it. Then to find out that the premium one has to be ground up as well makes me think, WTF did I bother in the first place? Premium ships need to come with their slots already open. Their guns already mastered. Otherwise they just aren't worth the effort, in my opinion.
  14. I have often wondered just what the conversation on the quarterdecks of the NPC would sound like... 1st Mate; Captain, the enemy approaches.. Captain; Aye, bring her to windward and let loose a volley. 1st mate; But captain we are out of range. Captain; Damn you, just do as I order. 1st Mate; Aya aye...Captain the human ship is coming up our starboard side. Captain; Well then turn into him, he'll never expect that. 1st mate; No, I imagine he wouldn't being on our team and all. I would like to point out, that maneuver will place his ship between our cannons and the enemy. Captain; Then our gunnery should be tip top as I expect them to shoot through the humans ship and hit the enemy ship on the other side. 1st Mate; Ahhhh, I'm thinking that isn't going to be possible... Captain; Damn you, you insolent dog, whos the captain here? 1st Mate; (sigh) You are Captain. Fire! Captain; Good, now T bone the humans ship, then bring her into the wind and drop sails. 1st Mate; Ahhh...aye aye Captain. Captain; Can we board him? 1st Mate; He's on our team sir. Captain; He is? 1st Mate; Yes, he's flying the same colors as we are...look. Captain; By God your right...that changes everything. Fire another broadside into him, then find an enemy ship we can sail next to, that will take us as far away from his assistance as possible. 1st Mate; Up-wind? Captain; Aye and make sure we present our weakest side to him. I don't want another victory like the one we had in the last battle. 1st mate; Got it...up-wind...as far away as possible...assure being sunk... Just a fine point sir, we do want to do just enough damage so the human won't get credit for the kill, right? Captain; My God man don't state the obvious...Oh and signal one of the other allied NPC's to get in that bloody circle.
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