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  1. Por mi parte Frank1706(Razorback)queda zanjado ya que no veo que mi reclamcion lleve a ningun sitio. Mensaje a Badajo, gracias por el apoyo ,si tienes mas aportaciones o comentarios por favor crea tu propio hilo ya que no quiero tener mas problemas con la gente implicada que piensa que soy yo con una doble. Doy permiso a los DEV's para que investiguen mi cuenta y que en caso que descubran que BADAJO es una doble cuenta mia ,lo publiquen y recibir las sanciones que correspondan. Cosa que se es imposible, ya que no soy Badajo.Y si tengo algo mas que decir lo dire siempre a la cara tal y como abri este hilo.
  2. Hi All I just want to prevent the guys of the forum and the Dev's of the game that some people in Spain Nation is playing Dirty...You can check my video about this matter and make your own opinion about what people is doing in order to get PVP and at the same time make some fun about other players that they hate. Here in the video you will see two Spanish Players of the GOE Clan (Depredador del Mar and Juanma675) attacking a pirate(Charles Vane Clan Wolf) in a protection area (Port of Veracruz) in order to let the pirate sunk my ship and the same time leaving me without the protection of the fleet of reinforcement...All to get some PVP and at the same time take revenge from me for some false accusation about scamming them. These guys have actually one of the biggest clan in Spain and they have been bullying me for weeks.....Threating, insulting, etc....As these guys have double accounts (Spain & Pirates) They have been sinking, other Spanish players....Well that is part of the game I can 't blaming them, for that...But using Spanish accounts and combine a "weakness" of the game to sink me in a protection area...for me is just cheating The Depredador del mar the guy whom start all this vendetta story has been already pointed by other players for suspected Farming here is the link. .http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24222-suspected-farming/?tab=comments#comment-505747 Well the good point of this, is that some of the people of the Spanish nation have been giving me their support and helping to me trying to avoid these bully’s and their hope and support, let me continues to play to Naval Action...They could be 20 against me but I won't surrender ever to them. I will continues to fight for my nation in virtual games and in the real live. Please check my video and help to banish this kind of people out of Naval Action
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