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    Please Help Ink

    thank you very much for your consideration
  2. =gRiJ=Toro

    Please Help Ink

    First sorry if my inglish isn´t good. Good afternoon, I would like to complain about repeated incidents in the game. The first is that you never get a response when you send an F11. (you have a few F11 reports from me) The looting works very badly, and when you loot something bad, well, it does not happen much, but when you loot two Cooper plating, one appears and you can not drag it, and the other one gets it and disappears when you get to port, you get very angry. Today I just sold Cotton sails in Havana, and surprise, my contract that was just finished, is not on my list of contracts, 6 cottons x 239,000, have disappeared. Please, you should solve this type of problems as soon as possible, it will be more pleasant to play Naval Action. And all these actions I have reported to the F11, and never an answer, I only lose things, money, and my time. But today I could not take it anymore, and someone told me to talk in the forum with Ink, that he could help me.
  3. Bueno, es un hecho que la teak log es bastante escasa, de Español, y cuesta mucho pillar. Es por eso que busque un punto cercano donde montar un Outpost y poder conseguirla. Lo que se me escapa un poco es si en el ultimo parche han cambiado eso, porque en William´s Bay habia teak log y ahora no se le ve ni por asomo. Esa es mi pregunta. Y si se ha cambiado, porque sigue apareciendo como que el puerto produce, y si estos cambios los hacen muy a menudo con los parches. Muchas gracias de antemano por las posibles respuestas.