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  1. Nice video on final exam but its a bit dated. Since I noticed the ships are larger in the lates exam and the battle interface is the old one. Just saying.
  2. Sir Baptiste Gallouédec, I do see experience as a factor but not entirely as you suggest First I see it used as an overall factor for your entire cadre. So if you have an available crew of 1400 it would be factored in slowly utilizing and gaining experience for a crew up to some maximum amount. First the easiest way to do this as I see it is to have a factor which combines at least 2 separate factors. lets say "sail_time + "battle_ survival". My idea is to make it a long tedious but valuable factor to increase. This makes a well trained crew valuable. Here is my perception. As an example I have 1400 sailors under my command of those I have a ship which goes out to sea with a crew of 200. (Theses numbers are for explanation only so you can get an idea from where I am coming from'). Sailors gain experience from sailing. Those 200 onboard are out for 10 game days so that crew would gain something like 10* 1. for every day the crew gains 1 factor value. So they each have a factor of 10 as long as THEY remain on the ship. So lets assume for argument that for ever 10 points they gain .01 speed increase open word up to some max and some sort of ship handling benefit in combat such as sails, turning for instance.. So far so good. Now when you enter port as long as that crew/ship remains the same we can assume its the same crew. That is simple enough but what if you change ships. Then we don't know where all those guys shacked up or with whom.... but we do know they are part of the 1400. So that crew was 200 we use the 10 for the days out to sea we get a factor of 2000. So 2000 /1400 gives you a crew average factor of 1.4. So when you load a Vic the crew members for those 800 are each worth 1.4 to start and every day at sea those 800 are increased and remain with the ship and crew being diluted when the crew is relieved in port or with new crew additions due to losses. Obviously a crew of 20 in trader lynx adds almost nothing to your entire cadre of 1400 but as long as they stay onboard those 20 gain experience. The other factor that comes into play is essentially the same math. Crew gain experience by being in battles and surviving. If they win, sink or assist they could gain an additional increase if they loose the still gain experience but lets say at half rate. So sailing and time at sea help your crew and a blue water ship obviously gain more experience than a "green water" one that always returns to port. With more battles that a crew survives it experience also increases. Possibly giving a better reload experience etc. This makes training your crew a value you may consider keeping. Now what about purchasing new sailors. Well they enter your sailor cadre diluting its average crew value. Before we had a value of 1.4 per sailor for our 1400. Now lets say we lost a Vic and all onboard.... 800 digital souls. Now I replenish with 800 chagrined new land lovers, fishmongers, and scallywags Well I have 600 remaining at 1.4 crew average + 800 at zero. Well that gives me with a little math , simple multiplication addition and division [ (600 x 1.4) /1400] {purchased crew and those remaining 1400} giving us an average value of only .6 crew. Greatly diminishing their effectiveness. I believe something like this is already done in this developers game Ultimate General: Civil War when it comes to unit qualities. Unlike in that game I personally believe a captain should not be able to purchase higher quality crews. As this removes the incentive of wealthy players to put much stock in saving crews. The process of training/ experience should be slowly earned and husbanded. Don't get your men killed if it can be helped. Obviously if you purchase your crew back from a player at whatever price is negotiated then those crew average remain the same. You should be able to negotiate a purchase of all or any part of your surviving crew with the other player. If a ship is sunk prior to surrender all hands are presumed lost. Captured surrendered vessels should also be allowed to be negotiated. soon after the finally of a battle. A time limit should be set for these negotiations. If a new crew is purchased crew negotiations are considered ended. The real questions is how much benefit you give to these values. Well like perks their needs to be a limit but valuable enough to create incentives to survive at sea and a player trying to ransom back its crew and maybe even its ships. Pirates were in the business if making loot. Not of sinking ships for no real reason. I see this as an incentive to keep your ships out to sea for training as in real navies. Better trained sailors always had a distinct advantage and not just a minor impact in battles. It could also effect things like the compass in the game a less trained crew may have a more general idea of its location while a better one could be more exact. Look at history the crew of the Java was well treated when it was defeated by the Constitution. So much so that the British Officers and men whence paroled gave captain Bainbridge a gift for fair treatment when paroled. This could add a very life giving force to your crew and game. It sounds complicated but it really isn't and I am open to ideas and modifications. I believe that the developers could add this without too much of a problem. The hard issues are what benefits at what levels etc. keeping a decent balance in mechanics.. Any positive and negative thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also having others see these post would be beneficial. Thanks for your post. aka The Virginian
  3. Sounds great devs… Looking forward to the wipes so we can get past the never ending uncertainties. Lets get going.
  4. I've had people remark that the crew quality issue would be hard to accomplish. To that end I would mention that these are the same developers of Ultimate General Civil War and interestingly enough they use pretty much the system I describe but for each and every regiment for moral, training and experience levels so the coding already exists with very minor alterations and purchasing replacements.
  5. Most ships were boarded and not sunk. especially traders.. What we need is some way to have crew quality increase as you keep them alive then their is an incentive to surrender. Let's say you've gotten your crew to an elite status giving X amount of bonuses. If you loose half of your 1400 crew in a battle the average quality would maybe go down do a good crew. But if you surrender those crew members are actually saved so you keep an elite status (if you pay the ransom amount... see last paragraph). I'm talking in general terms here the math and mechanics would have to be figured out. Also a captured merchantman is MUCH more valuable as a prize than this game makes it out. So the capturer should still probably get some PvP for its surrender and sold at port. If it is sunk after a surrender no PvP should be received What do you guys think....?. My point is that crew members are much more valuable than this game makes them. And a crew that survives grow with experience making them much better at doing all things... you guys get my point.... there would be a vested interest in improving and keeping your crew alive.... Also a mechanism to the surrendered crew would be that the money that normally is used to purchase a new crew is now paid in ransom to the capturing captain... Also lets say your captured crew is elite then the ransom paid is 5 time that of buying a new green crew. Obviously the numbers I throw out are for example purposes so you can see my point. It would change the game so you have two main goals in battle save the ship and your crew... Kind of like real life. Lastly to avoid massive easy surrenders if the surrendering player has PvP some of his personal PvP would go to the capturing captain in addition to normal PvP he would get. Another incentive for the capturer to take the prize. The victorious captain wins all the way around. The loosing captain looses yet has an incentive to live. Comments please... Q& A 1. What happens if a captain cannot afford the ransom for all his lost crew? He would receive that portion that he can afford. If he chooses not pay the ransom he would be buying new crew members as new inexperience crew. 2. Can a surrendering ship escape Historically yes. If the winning captain travels away from the surrendering ship. This should be time and distance dependent. But the ship can only escape and not re-enter the battle nor continue to fight. 3. Shooting into a ship being boarded should effect both crews since they are in a melee status regardless which side the ships are on. 4. How do crews accrue experience? Both by time at sea and by battles survived. 5.I Giving the problem on coding some thought. Crew experience would work on average crew as a whole. No individual member would be elite or any level but some sort of numerical average. Much simpler to code. Your available crew with( time at sea experience # + battle survival #) would give you a threshold for your crew so on average your crew would be a good crew.... something along those lines. 6. One more thing the rum. I do believe that about 10% of your crew losses should not be able to return regardless of the rum. Someone generally gets hit with a cannon ball in the head.
  6. What uses are their if any for Longleaf pine in the game?
  7. To solve the exploit limit the missions and limit the time they are active.
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