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  1. Jack Wheeler

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    In my opinion, darkness, storms, moon cycles, etc would all be great additions as it adds something i find lacking in the game currently - variety. Pretty much every battle feels the same, and i think that those additions would atleast change things up a little bit.
  2. Jack Wheeler

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    The nights feel wayyy too short. Both in OW and in battle. I know that OW and battle is sped up, but it would be cool if you engaged at night, that the actual battle was at night. And vice versa
  3. Jack Wheeler

    Thickness and crew damage

    Yeah, i know, but i also noticed crew numbers decreasing even when cannonballs were bouncing off. Could see it clearly when the opposing ship fired one and one cannonball. It totaled to about 600, somewhere around there. Im perfectly fine with loosing crew etc., In fact, in a 1v25 battle i would expect to lose even more crew than a mere 600. What i was curious about though, was mainly why my crew dropped even when shots werent actually penetrating my hull. As i stated above, i noticed this when ships were firing single cannons at my side, and you clearly saw the shots bounce off.
  4. Maybe already been posted, but cannons on the Santísima Trinidad (maybe on other ships as well, have not tested) sometimes won't damage the enemy structure at all. Long and Medium 9 pounders, 12 pounders and even 24 pounders often hit the enemy ship's structure - after all the armor on that side is stripped - for zero damage. Very annoying when you're trying to sink a ship, but have to wait 71 seconds for your bottom deck cannons to load, because they're the only ones that actually damage structure. Also; This is a weird bug, and doesn't seem to affect all ships. Sometimes all cannons work as intended and do damage, other times only the 9 pounders don't do damage, and sometimes only the 42 pounders work. I don't know if this is a bug connected to different ships, the Santísima, or if its some sort of lag issue. P.S. It's hard for me to show any evidence of this occurring, as i don't have a recording program. Can test it yourself though, by going into battle and trying to sink enemy ships using the 9 and 12 pounders exclusively.
  5. Jack Wheeler

    Thickness and crew damage

    So i recently went into a 1vs25 battle with a Live Oak /White Oak Santísima, with a Cartagena Caulking Refit, Navy Structure Refit, and a Reinforced Stern, the total thickness amounted to 104, and Stern thickness 89.6. Throughout the battle my ship lost very little health or armor, because the vast majority of shots bounced off. However, even when shots bounced off the sides, my crew still dropped quickly. So my question is: How come crew is dying when cannonballs aren't even penetrating the armor? How does that work?
  6. There is a bug with the Santísima. When the top decks are equipped with medium cannons (9 and 12 pounders), they do zero or extremely limited damage to any enemy ships hull(central health bar) even after all the armor is stripped away. Have tried this at 50m range, with double charge and double shot, from bow, stern and sides. Some people from chat, and some people on the forums have reported experiencing the same issue.