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  1. I had just won at cold harbor as the Union on easy difficulty when I had a HD failure and lost all my saves. I'd like to finish that campaign before trying CSA and/or higher difficulty, so I'm hoping maybe someone on this forum has a save laying around that's in a roughly similar position that I could mooch? It would be much appreciated. If you have one such save, just send me a message and I can give you an email that it can be sent to. Thanks!
  2. I can't speak to the tactical differences between US and EU armies at the time. On the first question, there have been lots of forum posts about this on other boards (a quick google search will reveal dozens) and the quick answer is....there's no way to really know. Numbers of army size from that time are general at best (the Union Army boasts over 600,000 soldiers at the end of the war, but how many of those were actual fighting men is anyone's guess - guessing various European army sizes might be even harder), looking at training vs experience in the various armies is going to be even h
  3. Man I'm still in 1862! I need more free time lol.
  4. Ehhhh, not sure we really need a game about the US massacring native people except for a couple times where US troops were vastly outnumbered. That wouldn't make a fun game, IMO, and it would feel a little scummy to me. If you want a war that involves native american units, I think 1812 would be a lot more interesting.
  5. Playing as Union, whenever I try and move a unit into an earthworks fortification (by clicking and dragging the move arrow until the shield is highlighted and the blue dots showing where the unit will go in the earthwork appears), the unit never actually moves into the earthwork and instead just sort of moves to a random position and direction near the earthwork. Am I doing something wrong? How on earth am I supposed to move units into earthworks?
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