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  1. so what you are saying graf means that donjuan also was punished for what he did weeks ago. but from what i saw he didn`t get punished like they would do with bumbsebiene?
  2. i was the commander for the pb king of crowns. gg was a good fight. sam (silentwraith)
  3. its funny cus from what i remember is that we tagged 4 russians infront of la orchila that were in the russian pb fleet, kil;ed a 3rth in there then left and attacked a russian connie and killed him and after that we left from that port back to our hometown and about the port later it was not our fault that gooser didnt tell us that there was a agreement of giving the port over to you guys. silentwraith
  4. gg brits nice job on battle, and just to make sure we had nothing to do with it cus we lost ships because of it also.😉😉
  5. same problem with gibraltar cheers silentwraith swedish navy
  6. most ORCA players are ex US players CSA clan like IKA shogun was named warlordsquid before he changed to this name
  7. its convenient this post is made after the russians losing port de paix
  8. how is bossanova still diplo for us when he is swedish ingame
  9. nice to see you again anolytic, missed you
  10. why this sudden change of nation what is the reason behind the changing
  11. so now it`s full war or just a little quarrel?
  12. oh because he is nightflipping bensalem right?
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