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  2. its like you joining the winning side
  3. tbh danish nation was dead without havoc not san juan
  4. the only thing i see happening is you guys bending the truth to your side, thats all
  5. this thread is so much bullshit its amazing, or atleast the people that say stuff in here(exception of all the swedes they know what happend). silentwraith
  6. yeah the british player chieftain called us cancer fuks and said we should have the corona virus
  7. smoothie if you check battle chat brits are the best at it, we just counter it
  8. jesus people go rlly overboard on this shit lol
  9. this is so good nice job greg
  10. there is no rarity of explosions once you are on fire and put off survival you will explode thats why its so OP right now
  11. nice try russians lost 11 ships to fireships killed 3 of ours and we had one fireship and you lost like 10-15 people gg lol silentwraith
  12. it felt like gank this fight, just hiting one good fireship wins you the fight
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