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  1. there is no rarity of explosions once you are on fire and put off survival you will explode thats why its so OP right now
  2. nice try russians lost 11 ships to fireships killed 3 of ours and we had one fireship and you lost like 10-15 people gg lol silentwraith
  3. it felt like gank this fight, just hiting one good fireship wins you the fight
  4. Its not silentwraith aka goldenship its silentwraith aka better than you xd, the only thing you are good at is thrashtalking people.
  5. havent you done the same maculosa you joined russia so everything would be easier for you
  6. good fight russians and raxius pls stop trashtalking everyone, you better than that i hope. you could have just enjoyed the pb but instead you needed to be a dickhead in livestreamchat. silentwraith
  7. thonys what the hello kitty are you saying silentwraith
  8. l`ocean classic white
  9. christian Hvide striber paint
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