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  1. l`ocean classic white
  2. christian Hvide striber paint
  3. from what i remember reverse one guy was low on hp the others of your group where all full health and were all repping when they were damaged so you are not fully true in what you said here
  4. i just joined so i could see if their was a mission underneath it no intention of doing that shit, if you thought it was like that chirstendom it was not. silentwraith
  5. not against the rules but its rlly shitty what they did.
  6. exchanging ports to eachother is not cheating otherwise there would have been alot of people already banned for that
  7. you see by this post that you dont play at the moment cus we decided not to go so what you just said is full bullshit
  8. too be honest i think every clan is a pve clan right now
  9. hope there is alot of pvp at santo domingo
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