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  1. CRED has some places open for new members. All levels of experience considered but only fast learners accepted. If you want to be in a clan that really looks after its own, ask us for a sea-trial and you may be one of the lucky few! Just mail me (Rufus Swipe) in-game if you are interested and we can fix up a time to chat on TS or Discord.
  2. Perhaps the answer is to make the fireship related mods only available to 6th and 7th rates which were the size of ship historically used in this role. And that role was generally to harass and create confusion, not destroy. Non-fireship explosions could still happen but should not be battle winning.
  3. War Server/Great Britain/English speaking [CRED] Caribbean Red Squadron We are a small friendly clan with a strong focus on PvP and RvR (i.e. port battles and related stuff). We do not look down on players who prefer only to PvE (you bought the game - you are entitled to play it whatever way you want). But if that is your thing, this clan is probably not for you. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26727-cred-caribbean-red-squadron/
  4. The problem with doing a ship wipe as well is that it will mean a long delay before the features of this patch can be properly tested. Surely we do not want to delay release of this game any longer than necessary? I would suggest moving the temporary forests though. I think most RvR clans know where they all are now. So leaving them where they are may distort the strategies nations adopt and so make the testing less useful.
  5. The clan owned ports will just go neutral so your outposts and ships will be safe until an enemy nation captures the port. And that will take some time if the port is a long way from a capital region or Freeport.
  6. Very interesting with some really good ideas. I very much look forward to testing this! As part of the map wipe will the formerly non-capturable ports in the defunct secondary reinforcement zones be given the improved crafting chance ( = better shipbuilding rng)? Currently they do not have it.
  7. None of the ports that were made capturable by this change have been given the improved crafting chance ( = better shipbuilding rng) enjoyed by the already capturable ports. Just a temporary oversight I guess.
  8. I personally don't have a problem with wiping rank xp. I never consciously tried to grind up my rank after M&C so this would not stop me playing. What would stop me playing is if ship knowledge xp was wiped while still retaining the existing system. If the devs do feel it necessary to reset ship knowledge xp in order to create a level playing field between vets and new players after release, isn't this also the time to accept that the ship knowledge grind was a bad idea and drop it altogether? In all the time I've been playing since ship knowledge was introduced (almost 2 years a
  9. Please don't worry about that any more mate - you repaid that debt when you saved me from Le Raf Boom outside Morro Chico. That was a really nice thing to do given that I had just fought a pb against you!
  10. If you think you have a genuine grievance against AusNorman, perhaps you could try discussing it with him in private. And if that won't work, I will be happy to talk to you about it in private. Sniping at AusNorman here and in nation chat just makes you look like a troll. I'm not saying you are a troll, but when you choose an in-game name of Baity Mcbait bait there's always a danger people might jump to that conclusion.
  11. Caribbean Red Squadron (CRED) CRED (pronounced "c-red", or "see red" if you prefer) is a band of private men of war operating under letters of marque and reprisal granted by His Britannic Majesty. In game terms, we are a small friendly GB clan with a strong focus on PvP and RvR (i.e. port battles and related stuff). We do not look down on players who prefer only to PvE (you bought the game - you are entitled to play it whatever way you want). But if that is your thing, this clan is probably not for you. This is a server that not only allows but actively prom
  12. This issue is the result of a test I did in response to the topic raised earlier by John Sheppard. If I sail to a port where I do not have an op, sell my current ship and buy a new one, and then open an op before I select my new ship. I lose my new ship. It is the act of opening an op that kills my ship, not closing an op. I do not see any logic in this. Is this also working as designed? Because if it is WAD for some reason I cannot understand, I think there should be an in-game warning?
  13. This all sounds really good with one exception:- PvE missions cancellations are now limited by 3 per day Currently, if I want to do a mission in a reinforcement zone (and gain the protection of instant closure), I sometimes have to request and cancel the mission 20-30 times before I get one inside the zone. This is when requesting the mission from a protected port (Belize in my case). Now it seems you only want to give us 6 chances per day to get a mission in the zone. If we fail I assume we have a choice to either take the risk or wait until the next day.
  14. I wasn't really speaking for myself but for the other players there. I've had the shit kicked out of me all over the Caribbean and am always richer for the experience. What annoyed me about getting dragged into Bensalem to replace a player who failed to show up on time was that there wasn't even one member of the attacking clan there to share my pain. I call that rude.
  15. 100% true in my experience. If it leads anywhere, it leads to players quitting the game either out of boredom or frustration. A lot of importance is attached to port battles in this game, but for the participants they are often as much fun as getting your dangly bits caught in a rat trap. That is why the true carebears don't do port battles as a rule - at least not if there is any danger of enemy players turning up. So the players who fought at Bensalem and Ambergrease may well have been noobs in your opinion, but calling them carebears is probably a bit unfair.
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